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By | May 6, 2014

**This is PART 4 of the Blog series called “MKUltra Mind Control Government Shutdown: Re-Claim Your Galactic Citizenship”**

PERHAPS YOU’VE HEARD the rhetoric: “Don’t let the inmates run the asylum.” This is exactly what happened to America. I’m not making any distinction between the media-touted “nations and states,” because everywhere that the landmass is one piece, those countries are linked by ancients codes laid by the “the sun/son” and stories that never stopped being told, and traditions… carefully tested by time, logic, and meter to support a human being who does get hurt emotionally and physically, but gets back up again, and never stops pushing, traveling, believing, and hoping. Other than that land connection, realize that the lines obscured by the oceans indicates that these other ties go deeper than the last hundred or even thousands and thousands of years. This is the very gentle spirit of Mother Earth, made smooth and subtle by children’s laughter and watching the children grow. Our most recent ancestors were trained to train the listening for her complex and perfect song out of us. And the mentally ill have become content endlessly projecting the songs of war, the confused followers dazzled by the disharmonic composition (“de-composition,” you might say) of the sounds of bombing on one side of the world, drowned out by the shouts of Wall Street and commodities traders with their generous, and gratuitous “little” hobbies… all for the good of the “little people, of course!”… Forgiveness now. If you want to be free, there is no one to blame. There is only something to do…

For the purpose of determining whether you should ever listen to a word I say, I will give you WAY MORE INFORMATION THAN YOU THINK YOU NEED. If you are someone who says… “Learning is hard. I can’t/don’t need to/don’t want to/etc.”…

Well, stop reading and lose the advantage of saving:

1. Not just a life, but livelihood* itself… and yes, good to start with saving one life (hint: your own). Start now by asking yourself if your lifestyle supports your happiness and good body-feelings/emotions? If not, you are not a jerk or stupid or lazy, you just require more information and a good ol’ fashioned plan of action. May I humbly beseech thee and say: “I hope to offer thee what thou seekest (seeks most) by a most gentle rhetoric and seductive melody.” and, Pleased to be at the service of a great Warrior/Scientist/Artist/Sooth-er (“Truth tracker”)/Orator as you must be if you’ve kept reading…
* live·li·hood [lahyv-lee-hood], noun
a means of supporting one’s existence, especially financially or vocationally; living: to earn a livelihood as a tenant farmer. –> from http://dictionary.reference.com/

2. Your self/body; which has it’s own gender-less consciousness separate what who(m)/what you’ve  come to tell yourself that you are… in other words, everyone is a phenomenal athlete once they find their sport, and it might be something only they’ve ever thought of and can actually do properly. We must live in a world that allows for these types of discoveries moment by moment, and be allowed to democratically elect officials who present a cultural identity of benevolent valor, not just honesty but transparency (like yes, please share Facebook selfies of you and the contracts you’re signing, Mr. President, for example), and a healthy and fully mentally functional government* that supports the chorus of the members of society who vibrate most high (yes, often the softer voice… and often, most beautiful because they are the survivors and the “new comers”) and together, we follow in the resonant footsteps of the messiahs and saints. We no longer look to history books. Honor is a song and the heart is the tuner… You are the “speaker”, but a two-way device.
* govern (v.)
late 13c., from Old French governer (11c., Modern French gouverner) “govern,” from Latin gubernare “to direct, rule, guide, govern” (source also of Spanish gobernar, Italian governare), originally “to steer,” a nautical borrowing from Greek kybernan “to steer or pilot a ship, direct” (the root of cybernetics). The -k- to -g- sound shift is perhaps via the medium of Etruscan. Related: Governed; governing. See http://www.etymonline.com/–> It’s been said that governments were most commonly established during times of scarcity.

3. Your family. I mean your earth family. Not the “family” you’ve been parceled with, like the meat at the grocery store… only difference is one still has their legs attached and is allowed to breathe, generally speaking. Let me explain. You have two families(romance languages)/sometimes called “groups”(germanic languages): blood and/or soul. Your soul group or family helps you create and cultivate your livelihood and your blood family keeps you well and secure within a community, or a group who communicates with each other. I don’t have to name the opposite, especially these days. The term “Family” was used by the mafia, while group is used by financial institutions, involving many Germans/folks who speak German, often “white people.”


My agency calls those who live by the programming that essentially makes you feel like time is always ‘running out’ a “tick-talker.”

The reason many of us don’t relate to our families is that’s we’ve been systematically thrown together and/or torn apart by wars (over land/space and resources, attention from the masses, money/survival, and/or any “conceivable convenience” those with the influence, but little science/spiritual education can think up)… the spiral continues, but we’ll stop there for now. So here we all too commonly find ourselves: Forced to do some things, not enough freedom to do others… are we now curious about the true consequences of slavery, a knowledge which will leave you unable to tolerate it any longer… especially now that we’ve all experienced it firsthand? And if so, are we ready to accept those who enslave as the only real slaves, and it all starts with rigid thinking and misguided charisma, which is an innocent evil we all must strive to keep facing and surpassing. Well, maybe not the entire we, but that’s just the current reality as The Golden Age is receiving it’s final polishing…

So, our number one goal is to make the human mind pliable and follow the musings of Charisma with purity of effort and benevolence for all living creatures, even plants and the earth herself. As for Charisma, our most favorite muse has fondled humanity’s birth canal to the cosmic and true for a long time… Let’s remove the garter belt from the lady and the dollar bill from the man and throw those distractions away as soon as we decide we’re no longer afraid of the darkness… like a child who finally lays his toys to rest once he’s ready to live out all of the alter egos he has brought forth throughout his days of learning and laughter. Finally… the differences are no longer appearances like ugly or pretty, sex or skin color; but how much crazy, cosmic-like chaos do we balance, as we’ve all heard God has done since the gong of the big bang.


Big data tracks the people’s relationship to God ie. “the Mighty Provider.”

When you express a desire, the thing you are desiring will eventually respond to you… especially if the subject is so compelling that generations after generations relay the tales. What could be so compelling? Here’s an easy answer: Science. And, here’s two specific answers: Astronomy and nutrition… “Above and below”. Take a moment here… would the initial thinkers have considered the ground beneath their feet before the sparkling night sky? That’s an easy one I’d say… Everyone knows that the night sky is one of the most seductive sets in the universe. Now take the mind of a child without tv or distractions… might he believe that the “below” is perhaps, himself?

Now, remember being a child for a bit… do you remember believing that everything you encountered somehow belonged to you, or was invented by, maybe the parent who showed it to you? I remember that when it came to my father’s tools: I literally thought he had invented and built every tool he took the time to explain to me. But, I also remember my reaction as soon as I realized there was a “Home Depot.” I said…

“So, that’s not the only way to do it.”

Early on I had a strong sense (but, no more than a sense) of how money controlled everything, and that the government had more money than anyone else to spend on the latest technologies developed by the most [persistent and obedient] scientists. When my father relayed to me that the military needs, for example, hammers that cost $300 as opposed to the ones the consumers buy, which costs about $25… because the expensive hammers include a special coating that prevents sparks from flying off machinery, for precision jobs around bombs and missiles, I said “sure, the military is protecting us. Without them, we could all die at the hands of the enemies we hear about in the media.”

Who remembers the campaign “Kill one and save a thousand.” May I propose that this might be an alarming misinterpretation of “Helen of Troy, who launched a thousand ships.” But who’s to blame in the modern day? Wolfgang Petersen or Brad Pitt or a screenwriter?

Okay, I’ll just break open the head… How would Greek mythology and entertainment meet? And who’s been getting at least one commercial into every Hollywood movie screening in America since 9/11. Here is the graph that reveals it all. Movies are real, and we are living in the rise of the machines (Terminator) and “big data” (The Matrix), as prophesied in the early 1980’s by Sophia Stewart. Although I haven’t been able to follow up on Sophia’s work yet (her new book is so popular that I proudly admit she apologized to me personally when I was unable to buy a copy online). Anyway, here’s the data on who’s behind the “grand illusion”…


**Please take not of how large the “Universities” section is! We’ll discuss this chart again as this series continues.

Technology used to just slip by without the civilians’ understanding* of who made it or where it came from. Thank goodness that, at the very time that technology has taken a turn for as bad as it gets, communications and sharing is as expanded as ever.
*civilian: anyone who isn’t military/”professional”

After talking with Sophia, I realize that, if she had been properly credited and asked to collaborate she would have been able to share the great secret of her work, The Third Eye, which is this:

Each every single person on planet earth is here to ASCEND.


Our ancestors suffered endlessly to compete with the machinery and technologies commissioned by aristocrats and other “elites”… and, unfortunately many of these historical figures were made wealthy and powerful by conquering and exploiting the gifts of God and Goddess. Once transportation made its unprecedented leap into the future, and developed far faster than social sciences, and free masons documented and taught how to create virtually indestructible architecture, which meant that resources/knowledge/communications could become coveted… or, made “covert.” So, what happened when free masons made that mythic deal with the devil to enclose government buildings and other institutions/”legal” arenas, all under the guise of God’s preferential protection? You might turn away if you’ve been force fed the singular reality that this hidden history only relates to really scary people involved in really scary circumstances. But, if we can quickly accept that the mind is actually the playground of life so yes, the devil can be any person, but never more the enemy than the rigidity of the mind itself (mindset or “set-mind”), that lives on indefinitely, unless it is replaced, and is designed to attach itself to any and all humans who experience life as the evidence to support the existence for these demons/mindsets.

Life is not data to be confined and tracked like evidence at a crime scene. Life is personal, and beautiful, and a gift from Mother. It is not our place to be the judge of the circumstances of life, and no one’s place to judge another. Judgment is only necessary to implement action, and ideally an action that supports natural laws and the community at large. The true gift of life is abundant love… a doing, a feeling, an experience, and a lifestyle if you practice regularly. On the other hand, war is the violent inability to accept a distinction, however big or small, or however blunt or vague. It’s that simple, which is why war is so difficult to stop once it has started… but, that same reason makes it easy to see why we should stop. Unification is a fantasy for anyone, but without the proper teachings practiced within a healthy family… hopes for unification can feed into schemes for domination.


I’ll now reveal why it is vitally important for all Americans to support a more playful and at the same time, serious relationship with science. This is not a paradox – consider what I’m saying. If you don’t, you are likely to believe/identify with distractions like this:



First and foremost: there is no power in the universe that is available only to some or a few.

As the most intelligent being ALIVE, and scientists like Einstein say is “intelligence” itself… God would most certainly be able to talk to everyone.

Look, we are generally pointing the finger in the wrong direction. Artists are actually the most generous people you’ll ever meet, unless they are enslaving themselves and/or others to make money off the craft… and that’s just because they haven’t been supported in the fun of performing for love and honor, over profit. You see, the muses’ and spirits’ relationship to the heavens takes care of the needs always, never the money (here’s a philosophical thought experience, as it’s called by Wiki: if you had a ten dollar bill, but no stores where you could buy anything, would you be a consumer? –> a variation on the tree falling in the forest). You see, money used to be something you could actually eat, like livestock or more recently in Mexico, cacao beans. Now, bankers have rounded up all resources and created his own mascot to squander man’s hard work and woman’s attention; and/or visa versa. Man loves money and will always love money because it mirrors his conversation with God ie. all that is possible. And a government does have the technology to support its people when times are tough: what’s ironic is… one of the primary tools they would use is… yes, money/currency.

Now that you know this truth, you can relate it to what Michael C. Ruppert tried to warn the world of over and over again. What Facebook does to your posts is what radio syndication has done to prophets like Mike. And now, he’s taken a break from our playground… and I’m on the Raw Path to resend his message. Yes, money is here, and we need to learn how to change it & work with it. You know that currency comes from the latin word for “flow”? Where does rigidity fit into that idea? Even the differing denominations like a five versus a hundred is counter-productive.

;”CURRENCY: 1650s, “condition of flowing,” from Latin currens, present participle of currere “to run”; the sense of a flow or course extended 1699 (by John Locke) to “circulation of money.”

If you truly want to be a part of the solution, it’s good form to come to understand the issue as thoroughly as possible. Here’s Mike Ruppert tracking that truth for us:

Let’s close with the understanding that the most terrifying position is not that of a victim, but to remain the passively powerful who perpetually confuses not knowing what to do with not really trying. The only cure for this affliction is an active, playful and serious relationship with that most beloved conversation with God… that thing we call “Science.”

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  1. michrose

    the inmates are running the asylum. kennedy called the neocons “the crazies” back in the 60’s now they run the entire show…. yikes

    of course it is far far more spiritual than that. we are dealing with a spiritual infection.

    awesome writing! thank you

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