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Name: Cat Moon


Bio: Can you take control of your thoughts, your health, and your actions to create the life you truly want to live in the body that you are proud to let carry you? I say that you can and I'm ready to help you prove it to yourself. Take that step into the unknown and come to know the real YOU - you won't be disappointed. You are the Greatest, the most perfect creation of which you could ever conceive. Harness that Power NOW, the only time that anything is ever possible, and Become Who You Really Are. My name is Cat Erickson and after accomplishing the impossible a few times over I'd say that you could certainly do it, too. Enjoy! Visit the Basics and Essentials page to get started and/or continue your fantastic journey!

Posts by Cat:

    I am #boycottHollywood . Are you? (ADULTS ONLY)

    June 23rd, 2014

    Why am I #boycottHollywood ? Because I am sick of exploitation. Hollywood is the demon responsible for this horrible and perpetual condition. We work for them, we idolize them, we fear them, we please them… but, what do they really do for us?


    Now, I’m using the word “They”, but this time I WILL TELL YOU WHO THEY IS (a short list): J.P. Morgan bankers and medical affiliates, the “University” system, leaders of the Teamsters and other Unions that don’t give a shit how long their workers even live, AP Machinery LTD…. could say many others but I’ll end with Georgia Tech : the school that teaches you how to get mind fucked by military video simulations that invoke evil spirits from “beyond the veil.” Ever feel like Lucifer is fucking you in the ass? YOU CAN THANK HOLLYWOOD FOR THAT. Not the president, not G-W what-the-fuck… I am talking about the people who control the image. The people who control WHAT YOU SEE, WHERE YOU SEE, and HOW MUCH YOU SEE.

    Well, on that note… I am making a positive movie incorporating all of the source field teachings and cosmology from the vastest sample of information on youTube available. If you want to start learning something new.. you must start trusting ONLY the individuals that fit the archetype of the Avatar, and QUESTION EVERYTHING ELSE. Satan “thinks” he runs the world, but he himself is only a thought-form, so the only thing he ACTUALLY runs is himself and those like him.

    from wiki:

    Greed (Latin, avaritia), also known as avarice, cupidity or covetousness, is the inordinate desire to possess wealth, goods, or objects of abstract value with the intention to keep it for one’s self, far beyond the dictates of basic survival and comfort. It is applied to a markedly high desire for and pursuit of wealth, status, and power.

    WOW… I just uploaded the video teaser for my short film called Earthbound and I see “kkk” in the address. Does that mean that “they” are after me? Or, do they want people to think I AM affiliated with “them”….

    WELL GUESS WHAT. THAT IS AN EASY ONE BECAUSE I WORK ALOVE… HAAHA! Freudian slip… I work ALONE. No studios, or at least not the way they’ve been run since the 1940’s up until yesterday when I HAD to walk by a location for shooting the nightmare film series of my life. I’m an investigative blogger, yes, this is what I do. Then, you might see me at the top of the Sundial for a drink. But make no mistake: I DO NOT LIKE BARS.

    THE MOVIE – CODE NAME: MINERAL. THE TRILOGY OF YOUR NIGHTMARES IS CALLED “DIVERGENT” (next Collegiant & Allegiant -Fuck it if I spelled them wrong) FOR THE PUBLIC AT LARGE. (I will define “divergents” and the type of people who qualify in a later article. Thank you.)

    The new program for the next leaders is called LIFE IS A VIDEO GAME. There are soul-compromised and “sleepwalkers” perpetuating the DAWKINS PARADIGM under the name of SCIENCE SET FREE. NO! It is not the entire organization… It is but one among them, and others, as well as youTube at large joining rapidly. I actually quite like SSF and hope they thrive by the light of a noble God, one I know we share. But we must not have ANY NEGATIVE FEELINGS TOWARD ANYONE ELSE WHO CHOOSES A RELIGION. FUCK WHAT RICHARD DAWKINS SAYS. RELIGION HAS IT’S PLACE IF WE RECOGNIZE IT’S ABOUT PRACTICE AND PERSISTENCE… meaning that will leave you with no time to judge what anyone else is doing. YOU JUST ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE LIGHT. RICHARD DAWKINS IS A TV CELEBRITY and traumatized Vietnam protester. His wife was scared, he treats BADLY anyone not ANGLO or somewhat lame like him (in the head, I mean), and DOES NOT KNOW SHIT ABOUT SCIENCE! God doesn’t share the science with ASSHOLES… sorry mang.

    LISTEN TO RUPERT SHELDRAKE! HE IS THE ONE WHO IS MEANT TO BRING US THE TRUE MEANING OF SETTING SCIENCE FREE. LEARN HIS WORK NOW… Rupert Sheldrake Science Set Free Full Interview (FAIR USE: Non-profit Educational) (Find #theRinokarchives on FACEBOOK, for lack of a better place to make a connection. I LOVE MAKING THE MOST OF WHAT I GOT 🙂


    DO NOT TRUST THE BRITISH. As much as it seems like one or many of them are talking about the same complaints as you… if you are an American, they believe it is your fault for continuing their profitable warring mind control paradigm. In fact, most radio celebrities (ESPECIALLY the alternative shows like COasttoCoast & Alex Jones) are MIND CONTROLLED. Do y’all happen to remember that Coast to Coast AM was first put out the public as a cartoon, and an intergalactic space hero sort of seemed to be sitting like a newscaster and talking about “weird stuff” – I was a kid so that’s the only recollection I can muster. Well, that was US being hypnotized while Mr. Noory was getting primed. Don’t get me wrong, HE’S AWESOME… but he just happens to miss interviewing for the shows that would reveal the entire issue of the “death cult.” Who is doing that? PRN or Noory? We ARE going to get some answers.


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    (Monsanto and Money) Do You Know Who Controls You?

    June 22nd, 2014

    (coming soon)

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    Teachings for Initiation

    June 16th, 2014

    (Hello and thank you for reading. The final chapter will be posted this week 6.16.14. It is about LOVE…)


    When he was a boy Alcyone (J. Krishnamurti) wrote down the precepts for right living contained in this small book. Since then the work has appeared in many editions and has been a source of inspiration and guidance for thousands of people in many lands.


    THE privilege is given to me, as an elder, to pen a word of introduction to this little book, the first written by a younger Brother, young in body verily, but not in Soul. The teaching contained in it were given to him by his Master in preparing him for Initiation, and were written down by him from memory — slowly and laboriously, for his English last year was far less fluent than it is now. The greatest part is a reproduction of the Master’s own words; that which is not such a verbal reproduction is the Master’s thought clothed in His pupil’s words. Two omitted sentences were supplied by the Master. In two other cases an omitted word has been added. Beyond this, it is entirely Alcyone’s own, his first gift to the world.

    May it help others as the spoken teachings have helped him — such is the hope with which he gives it. But the teaching can only be fruitful if it is lived, as he has lived it, since it fell from the Master’s lips. If the example be followed as well as the precept, then for the reader, as for the writer, shall the great Portal swing open, and his feet be set on the Path.
    (Annie Besant, December 1910)


    THESE are not my words; they are the words of the Master who taught me. Without Him I could have done nothing, but through His help I have set my feet upon the Path.

    You also desire to enter the same Path, so the words which He spoke to me will help you also, if you will obey them. It is not enough to say that they are truth and beautiful; a man who wishes to succeed must do exactly what is said. To look at food and say that it is good will not satisfy a starving man; he must put forth his hand and eat. So to hear the Master’s words is not enough, you must do what He says, attending to every word, taking every hint. If a hint is not taken, if a word is missed, it is lost forever; for He does not speak twice.

    Four qualifications there are for this pathway:



    Good conduct


    What the Master has said to me on each of these I will try to tell you.


    THE first of these Qualifications is Discrimination; and this is usually taken as descrimination between the real and the unreal which lead men to enter the Path. It is this, but it is also much more; and it is to be practiced, not only at the beginning of the Path, but at every step of it every day until the end. You enter the Path because you have learnt that on it alone can be found those things which are worth gaining. Men who do not know, work to gain wealth and power, but these are at most for one life only, and therefore unreal. There are greater things than these — things which are real and lasting; when you have once seen these, you desire those others no more. In all the world there are only two kinds of people — those who know, and those who do not know, and this knowledge is the thing which matters. What religion a man holds, to what race he belongs — these things are not important; the really important thing is this knowledge — the knowledge of God’s plan for men. For God has a plan and that plan is evolution. When once a man has seen that and really knows it, he cannot help working for it and making himself one with it, because it is so glorious, so beautiful. So, because he knows, he is on God’s side, standing for good and resisting evil, working for evolution and not for selfishness.

    If he is on God’s side he is one of us, and it does not matter in the least whether he calls himself a Hindu, or a Buddhist, a Christian or a Muhammadan, whether he is an Indian or an Englishman, a Chinaman or a Russian. Those who are on His side know why they are here and what they should do, and they are trying to do it; all the others do not yet know what they should do, and so they often act foolishly, and try to invent ways for themselves which they think will be pleasant for themselves, not understanding that all are one, and that therefore only what the One wills can ever be really pleasant for any one. They are following the unreal instead of the real. Until they learn to distinguish between these two, they have not ranged themselves on God’s side, and so this discrimination is the first step.

    But even when the choice is made, you must still remember that of the real and the unreal there are many varieties; and discrimination must still be made between the right and the wrong, the important and the unimportant, the usefull and the useless, the true and the false, the selfish and the unselfish.

    Between the right and wrong it should not difficult to choose, for those who wish to follow the Master have already decided to take the right at all costs. But the body and the man are two, and the man’s will is not always what the body wishes. When your body wishes something, stop and think whether you really wish it. For you are God, and you will only what God wills; but you must dig deep down into yourself to find the God within you, and listen to His voice, which is your voice. Do not mistake your bodies for yourself — neither the physical body, nor the astral, nor the mental. Each one of them will pretend to be the Self, in order to gain what it wants. But you must know them all, and know yourself as their master.

    When there is work that must be done, the physical body wants to rest, to go out walking, to eat and drink; and the man who does not know says to himself: “I want to do these things and I must do them.” But the man who knows says: “This that wants it not I, and it must wait awhile.” Often when there is an opportunity to help some one, the body feels: “How must trouble it will be for me; let some one else do it.” But the man replies to his body: “You shall not hinder me in doing good work.”

    The body is your animal — the horse upon which you ride. Therefore you must treat it well, and take good care of it; you must not overwork it, you must feed it properly on pure food and drink only, and keep it strictly clean always, even from the minutest speck of dirt. For without a perfectly clean and healthy body you cannot do the arduous work of preparation, you cannot bear its ceaseless strain. But it must always be you who control that body, not it that controls you.

    The astral body has its desires — dozens of them; it wants you to be angry, to say sharp words, to feel jealous, to be greedy for money, to envy other people their possessions, to yield yourself to depression. All these things it wants, and many more, not because it wishes to harm you, but because it likes violent vibrations, and likes to change them constantly. But you want none of these things, and therefore you must discriminate between your wants and your body’s.

    Your mental body likes to think itself proudly separate, to think much of itself and little of others. Even when you have turned it away from worldly things, it still tries to calculate for self, to make you think of your own progress, instead of thinking of the Master’s work and of helping others. When you meditate, it will try to make you think of the many different things which it wants instead of the one thing which you want. You are not this mind, but it is yours to use; so here again discrimination is necessary. You must watch unceasingly, or you will fail.

    Between right and wrong, Occultism knows no compromise. At whatever apparent cost, that which is right you must do, that which is wrong you must not do, no matter what the ignorant may think or say. You must study deeply the hidden laws of Nature, and when you know them arrange your life according to them, using always reason and common-sense.

    You must discriminate between the important and the unimportant. Firm as a rock where right and wrong are concerned, yield always to others in things that do not matter. For you must always be gentle and kindly, reasonable and accomodating, leaving to others the same full liberty which you need for yourself.

    Try to see what is worth doing: and remember that you must not judge by the size of a thing. A small thing which is directly useful in the Master’s work is far better worth doing than a large thing which the world would call good. You must distinguish not only the useful from the useless, but the more useful from the less useful. To feed the poor is a good and noble and useful work; yet to feed their souls is nobler and more useful than to feed their bodies. Any rich man can feed the body, but only those who know can feed the soul. If you know, it is your duty to help others to know.

    However wise you may be already, on this Path you have much to learn; so much that here also there must be descrimination, and you must think carefully what is worth learning. All knowledge is useful, and one day you will have all knowledge; but while you have only part, take care that it is the most useful part. God is wisdom as well as love; and the more wisdom you have the more you can manifest Him. Study then, but study first that which will most help you to help others. Work patiently at your studies, not that men may think you wise, not even that you may have the happiness of being wise, but because only the wise man can be wisely helpful. However much you wish you help, if you are ignorant you may do more harm than good.

    You must distinguish between truth and falsehood; you must learn to be true all through, in thought and word and deed.

    In thought first; and that is not easy, for there are in the world many untrue thoughts, many foolish superstitions, and no one who is enslaved by them can make progress. Therefore you must not hold a thought just because many other people hold it, nor because it has been believed for centuries, nor becuase it is written in some book which men think sacred; you must think of the matter for yourself, and judge for yourself whether it is reasonable. Remember that though a thousand men agree upon a subject, if they nothing about that subject their opinion is of no value. He who would walk upon the Path must learn to think for himself, for superstition is one of the greatest evils in the world, one of the fetters from which you must utterly free yourself.

    Your thought about others must be true; you must not think of them what you do not know. Do not suppose that they are always thinking of you. If a man does something you think will harm you, or says something which you think applies to you, do not think at once: “He meant to injure me.” Most probably he never thought of you at all, for each soul has its own troubles and its thoughts turn chiefly around itself. If a man speak angrily to you, do not think: “He hates me, he wishes to wound me.” Probably someone or something else has made him angry, and because he happens to meet you he happens to turn his anger upon you. He is acting foolishly, for all anger is foolish, but you must not therefore think untruly of him.

    When you become a pupil of the Master, you may always try the truth of your thought by laying it beside His. For the pupil is one with his Master, and he needs only to put back his thought to see at once whether it agrees. If it does not, it is wrong, and he changes it instantly, for the Master’s thought is perfect, because He knows all. Those who are not yet accepted by Him cannot quite do this; but they may greatly help themselves by stopping often to think: “What would the Master think about this? What would the Master say or do under these circumstances?” For you must never do or say or think what you cannot imagine the Master as doing or thinking or saying.

    You must be true in speech too — accurate and without exaggeration. Never attribute motives to another; only his master knows his thoughts, and may be acting from reasons which have never entered your mind. If you a story against any one, do not repeat it; it may not be true, and even if it is, it is kinder to say nothing. Think well before speaking, lest you should fall into inaccuracy.

    Be true in action; never pretend to be other than you are, for all pretence is a hindrance to the pure light of truth, which should shine through you as sunlight shines through clear glass.

    You must descriminate between the selfish and the unselfish. For selfishness has many forms, and when you think you have finally killed it in one of them, it arises in another as strongly as ever. But by degrees you will become so full of thought for the helping of others that there will no room, no time, for any thought about yourself.

    You must discriminate in yet another way. Learn to distinguish the God in everyone and everything, no matter how evil he or it may appear on the surface. You can help your brother through that which you have in common with him, and that it is the Divine Life; learn how to arouse that in him, learn how to appeal to that in him; so shall you save your brother from wrong.


    THERE are many for whom the Qualification of Desirelessness is a difficult one, for they feel that they are their desires — that if their distinctive desires, their likings and dislikings, are taken away from them, there will be no self left. But these are only they who have not seen the Master; in the light of His holy Presence all desire dies, but the desire to be like Him. Yet before you have the happiness of meeting Him face to face, you may attain desirelessness if you will.

    Discrimination has already shown you that the things which most men desire, such as wealth and power, are not worth having; when this is really felt, not merely said, all desire for them ceases.

    Thus far all is simple; it needs only that you should understand. But there are some who forsake the pursuit of earthly aims only in order to gain heaven, or to attain personal liberation from rebirth; into this error you must not fall. If you have forgotten self altogether, you cannot be thinking when that self should be set free, or what kind of heaven it shall have. Remember that all selfish desire binds, however high may be its object, and until you have got rid of it you are not wholly free to devote yourself to the work of the Master.

    When all desires for self are gone, there may still be a desire to see the result of your work. If you help anybody, you want to see how much you have helped him; perhaps even you want him to see it too, and to be grateful. But this is still desire, and also want of trust. When you pour out your strength to help, there must be a result, whether you can see it or not; if you know the Law you know this must be so. So you must do right for the sake of the right, not in the hope of reward; you must give yourself to the service of the world because you love it, and cannot help giving yourself to it.

    Have no desire for psychic powers; they will come when the Master knows that it is best for you to have them. To force them too soon often brings in its train much trouble; often their possessor is misled by deceitful nature-spirits, or becomes conceited and thinks he cannot make a mistake; and in any case the time and strength that it takes to gain them might be spent in work for others. They will come in the course of development — they must come; and if the Master sees that it would be useful to have them sooner, He will tell you how to unfold them safely. Until then you are better without them.

    You must guard, too, against certain small desires which are common in daily life. Never wish to shine, or to appear clever; have no desire to speak. It is well to speak little; better still to say nothing, unless you are quite sure that what you wish to say is true, kind, and helpful. Before speaking think carefully whether what you are going to say has those qualities; if it has not, do not say it.

    It is well to get used even now to thinking carefully before speaking; for when you reach Initiation you must watch every word, lest you should tell what should not be told. Much common talk is unnecessary and foolish; when it is gossip, it is wicked. So be accustomed to listen rather than to talk; do not offer opinions unless directly asked for them. One statement of the Qualifications gives them thus; to know, to dare, to will, and to be silent; and the last of the four is hardest of them all.

    Another common desire which you must sternly repress is the wish to meddle in other men’s business. What another man says or does or believes is no affair of yours, and you must learn to let him absolutely alone. He has full right to free thought and speech and action, so long as he doesn’t interfere with anyone else. You yourself claim the freedom to do what you think proper; you must allow the same freedom to him, and when he exercises it you have no right to talk about him.

    If you think he is doing wrong, and you can contrive an opportunity of privately and very politely telling him why you think so, it is possible that you may convince him; but there are many cases in which even that would be an improper interference. On no account must you go gossip about the matter, for that is an extremely wicked action.

    If you see a case of cruelty to a child or an animal, it is your duty to interfere. If you see anyone breaking the law of the country, you should inform the authorities. If you are placed in charge of another person in order to teach him, it may become your duty gently to tell him his faults. Except in such cases, mind your own business, and learn the virtue of silence.


    THE Six points of Conduct which are specially required are given by the Master as:

    1. Self-control as to the Mind.
    2. Self-control in Action.
    3. Tolerance.
    4. Cheerfulness.
    5. One-pointedness.
    6. Confidence.

    [I know some of these are often translated differently, as are the names of the Qualifications; but in all cases I am using the names which the Master Himself employed when explaining them to me.]

    1. Self-control as to the Mind. The Qualification of Desirelessness shows that the astral body must be controlled; this shows the same thing as to the mental body. It means control of temper, so that you may feel no anger or impatience; Of the mind itself, so that the thought may always be calm and unruffled; and (through the mind) of the nerves, so that they may be as little irritable as possible. This last is difficult, because when you try to prepare yourself for the Path, you cannot help making your body more sensitive, so that its nerves are easily disturbed by a sound or a shock, and feel any pressure acutely; but you must do your best.
    The calm mind means also courage, so that you may face without fear the trials and difficulties of the Path; it means also steadiness, so that you may make light of the troubles which come into every one’s life, and avoid the incessant worry over little things in which many people spend most of their time. The Master teaches that it does not matter in the least what happens to a man from the outside; sorrows, troubles, sicknesses, losses — all these must be nothing to him, and must not be allowed to affect the calmness of the mind. They are the results of past actions, and when they come you must bear them cheerfully, remembering that all evil is transitory, and that your duty is to remain always joyous and serene. They belong to your previous lives, not to this; you cannot alter them, so it is useless to trouble about them. Think rather of what you are doing now, which will make the events of your next life, for that you can alter.

    Never allow yourself to feel sad or depressed. Depression is wrong, because it infects their lives and makes their lives harder, which you have no right to do. Therefore if it ever comes to you, throw it off at once.
    In yet another way you must control your thought; you must not let it wander. Whatever you are doing, fix your thought upon it, that it may be perfectly done; do not let your mind be idle, but keep good thoughts always in the background of it, ready to come forward the moment it is free.

    Use your thought-power every day for good purposes; be a force in the direction of evolution. Think each day of some one you know to be in sorrow, or suffering, or in need of help, and pour out living thought upon him.
    Hold back your mind from pride, for pride comes only from ignorance. The man who does not know thinks he is great, that he has done this or that great thing; the wise man knows that only God is great, that all good work is done by God alone.

    2. Self-control in Action. If your thought is what it should be, you will have little trouble with your action. Yet remember that, to be useful to mankind, thought must result in action. There must be no laziness, but constant activity in good work. But it must be your own duty that you do — not another man’s, unless with his permission and by way of helping him. Leave every many to do his own work in his own way; be always ready to offer help where it is needed, but never interfere. For many people the most difficult thing in the world to learn is to mind their own business; but that is exactly what you must do.
    Because you try to take up higher work, you must not forget your ordinary duties, for until they are done you are not free for other service. You should undertake no new worldly duties; but those which you have already taken upon you, you must perfectly fulfill — all clear and reasonable duties which you yourself recognize, that is, not imaginary duties which others try to impose on you. If you are to be His, you must do ordinary work better than others, not worse; because you must do that also for His sake.

    3. Tolerance. You must feel perfect tolerance for all, and a hearty interest in the beliefs of those of another religion, just as much as in your own. For their religion is a path to the highest, just as yours is. And to help all, you must understand all.
    But in order to gain this perfect tolerance, you must yourself first be free from bigotry and superstition. You must learn that no ceremonies are necessary; else you will think yourself somehow better than those who do not perform them. Yet you must not condemn others who still cling to ceremonies. Let them do as they will; only they must not interfere with you who know the truth — they must not try to force upon you that which you have outgrown. Make allowance for everything; be kindly towards everything.

    Now that your eyes are opened, some of your old beliefs, your old ceremonies, may seem to you absurd, perhaps, indeed, they really are so. Yet though you can no longer take part in them, respect them for the sake of those good souls to whom it is important. They have their place, they have their use; they are like those double lines which guided you as a child to write straight and evenly, until you learnt to write far better and more freely without them. There was a time when you needed them; but now that time is past.

    A great Teacher once wrote: “When I was a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man I put away childish things.” Yet he who has forgotten his childhood and lost sympathy with the children is not the man who can teach them or help them. So look kindly, gently, tolerantly upon all; but upon all alike, Buddhist or Hindu, Jain or Jew, Christian or Muhammadan.

    4. Cheerfulness. You must bear your karma cheerfully, whatever it may be, taking it as an honor that suffering comes to you, because it shows that the Lords of Karma find you worth helping. However hard it is, be thankful that it is no worse. Remember that you are of but little use to the Master until your evil karma is worked out, and you are free. By offering yourself to Him, you have asked that your karma may be hurried, and so now in one or two lives you work through what might have been spread over a hundred. But in order to make the best out of it, you must bear it cheerfully, gladly.
    Yet another point. You must give up all feeling of possession. Karma may take from you the things you like best — even the people whom you love most. Even then you must be cheerful — ready to part with anything and everything. Often the Master needs to pour out His strength upon others through His servant; He cannot do that if the servant yields to depression. So cheerfulness must be the rule.

    5. One-pointedness. The one thing that you must set before you is to do the Master’s work. Whatever else may come in your way to do, that at least you must never forget. Yet nothing else can come in your way, for all helpful, and unselfish work is the Master’s work, and you must do it for His sake. And you must give all your attention to each piece as you do it, so that it may be your very best. The same Teacher also wrote: “Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” Think how you would do a piece of work if you knew at once that the Master was coming to look at it; just in that way you must do all your work. Those who know most will know all that that verse means. And there is another like it, much older: “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.”
    One-pointedness means, too, that nothing shall ever turn you, even for a moment, from the Path from which you have entered. No temptations, no worldly pleasures, no worldly affections even, must ever draw you aside. For you yourself must become one with the Path; it must be so much part of your nature that you follow it without needing to think of it, and cannot turn aside. You, the Monad, have decided it; to break away from it would be to break away from yourself.

    6. Confidence. You must trust your Master; you must trust yourself. If you have seen the Master, you will trust Him to the uttermost, through many lives and deaths. If you have not seen Him, you must still try to realize Him and trust Him, because if you do not, even He cannot help you. Unless there is perfect trust, there cannot be the perfect flow of love and power.
    You must trust yourself. You say you know yourself too well? If you feel so, you do not know yourself; you know only the weak outer husk, which as fallen often into the mire. But you — the real you — you are a spark of God’s own fire, and God, who is Almighty, is in you, and because of that there is nothing that you cannot do if you will. Say to yourself: “What man has done, man can do. I am a man, yet also God in man; I can do this thing, and I will.” For your will must be like tempered steel, if you would tread the Path.

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    A Spy for Monsanto & Commodities Traders

    June 5th, 2014


    I have lost of all of my fear.

    Perhaps because I had done so much damage, especially to my own mind and heart, by the time I was 24. And for a while, I lost everything familiar and everyone I thought I loved. But, I was willing to repent and learn to be a better person. You must be alone to do this. With fewer distractions, you can realize what your abilities truly are, and start learning from the softer voices that our society and media doesn’t support. This type of freedom is what gives you the great opportunities in life, and all you have to do is trust where your heart leads you.

    But first… your heart must be broken, as they say. This is what it means to come to earth and develop a physical existence around a breath. That breath is your soul.


    b and me
    Here I am next to my boyfriend, leaving the office after working extra hours on the weekend.

    In 2005 I was living in Athens, GA and managing a group of employees for a b2b telemarketing “post.” I can finally call it that and not a job, now that I know: this wasn’t an independent business like I thought, but ultimately government approved and, although not government funded, we were providing market research data, personal statistics, and personal information that would be used for the most evil corporate schemes in our world today. For my own safety, I’ll say – I do not blame the system itself; and of course everything comes down to individuals. But genetically modified food and a worldwide embargo on, not just food crops, but the earth itself, AND the mind of humanity? Someone has got to take responsibility for this. Although I had no idea the evil I was contributing to and could totally take that road and forget about this: I refuse. I will take responsibility, and I will let you know what happened, along with what you can do. This is part one.

    At my job, I already took a lot of verbal abuse via telephone from the vice president who kept a comfortable distance at the fancy “headquarters” in Atlanta. I couldn’t get it at the time, but I do now. You see, I got great results from my employees and gave them great communications, sales, and customer service training. But, no matter what I did, I could never gain her approval. You might be surprised that I’m telling you she’s a woman, but yes, sadly… and she was one of a few female psychopaths I’ve met. In fact, I never use the term if I’m not serious, now that I’ve experienced a corporate psychopath this closely. She seemed to want to turn me into a psychopath, too. That would not happen at work or with my employees, because I am a naturally charismatic person, but it did affect my relationship with my boyfriend and to this day, he and I will never talk again. This boyfriend was the one who was lured to work for this company and that’s how I eventually was recruited, and then I worked my way up, from caller, to supervisor to “Operations Manager,” which I was for this office. But, when I got my business cards, and they only printed me about 20 (saying that was all they get at the time), I saw that my title read “project manager.” I didn’t have to ask, the president was ready with the lie: “oh yeah, the secretary got that wrong.” And naively I replied, “Good thing you didn’t get too many… we’ll just fix that on the next batch of cards.”

    I’ve only recently discovered I was nothing more than a project manager, and my days along with everyone else’s, were literally numbered… some of us, previous to our employment, as was the case for me and a couple of my employees who practiced a religion relating to ancient Egypt. I was chosen to ascend with the company because of my aptitude with the following… My ability as a caller. I was the lead caller for an almost impossible market research project to gain farmers’ knowledge and opinions of [GMO] seeds and pesticides… the names I remember off the top of my head are Syngenta, Gustafson, Round-up Ready, Corn borer pesticide/restistence… We were offering money because we knew no one would naturally want to talk to a stranger for 30 minutes about any product. And a few farmers said they were “organic” and hung up… (I still have trouble dealing with how I overlooked this!) As I realized that the survey was not going to be persuasive in itself, I began to add to the script “because you are such an experienced farmer…” or “we could really use your opinion, sir.” As I related to each farmer individually, they willingly answered every one of my questions, which provided the market research that CMEgroup used to market these GMOs through the commodities system (the game above the stock market). If they knew how farmers felt about the products, proper decisions on marketing and distribution could be made, and futures could be computed through the, now lighting-fast system, all traded and sold completely by machine… just numbers going up and down. The questions basically discussed what the farmer’s past habits were when it came to pesticides.. and had they ever heard of some these pest resistant seeds such as…. I guess they were trying to see if any of the farmers were getting the bad news about these new seeds. From what I can remember the answer was an overwhelming “no,” the scientists were being adequately suppressed, and about 95% of the farmers I spoke with did not have a negative opinion about the seeds. This is not to say they were jumping up to invest, but they seemed to think they would have a choice. This was not the only project that required speaking to farmers. We also called to update subscriptions for a very popular and longstanding farmer’s magazine called Progressive Farmer. Only a few of the farmers we spoke with really knew who was behind our calls, and would yell things “I know who you are! You’re going to give my information to the government! Don’t call me again!” We all decided these people were a little crazy, and now I totally understand: they were defending their homes and farms that had been in their families for generations.

    There was an underlying evil (or, unnatural… maybe supernatural. I will discuss the employees I met from Monsanto in another article about corporate personalities and psychopaths, coming this summer 2014) to the business, and the psychopathic vice president was literally driving the other managers crazy, which in turn caused them to act out on the employees. The turnover rate was high and there was no way that this office would be able to manage any more projects unless they got someone who could, not only handle the pressure and create the systems they were missing, but hire good people and make them want to work. That person was me. I rose to the call and typed up everything the other managers couldn’t teach us about the projects because they weren’t on the calls. I wrote scripts that programmed all doubt and lack of persuasion out of the listening for our leads and contacts. Sure, it was simple… I could just predict every negative response from the client, and with a script eliminate and manipulate the listener to believe, not in the company, but in the person they were talking to. I told the employees to truly listen, and actually smile as they spoke even though they could not be seen, because the person listening could hear a smile if it was real. I did a great job, but when it became apparent that I would not give up my personal identity for the company, the main office decided to send a handler.

    That’s when the VP decided to appoint someone to oversee our Athens office… and that’s when the most eerie part of the job started. It was the mind marker to tell me “one day, this is what all the blogs will be talking about… corporate conspiracy” (I’ve been a blogger since the year 2000). The programming began right away: “You are all afraid of losing your jobs, aren’t you?” our newly appointed ‘handler’ spoke…

    My employees and supervisor, along with myself, were all in the conference room sitting at the large polished table. Everyone looked around at each other, then to me as I was already shaking my head “no.” I had worked so hard to make this office successful, literally installing every work station with the help of a few employees: I knew we had nothing to fear. But, that was because I didn’t know that this was a temporary project… and once our “gods” received the data they needed there would be no need to carry the overhead of this extra office. And, if we all felt like it was our fault that the projects ended, we would never talk about what we did. We were always told that the business did run on a project by project basis. And it was explained me that they could literally close the office at any time, “if the work ran out.” –> How’s that for sustainability? But, I was still living as “Thomas Anderson,” under the thumb of agents, and only discovered all of these truths at exactly this time last year.

    Our handler was literally on the brink of death as he struggled with morbid obesity. He had almost died, or maybe actually died, but came back from a surgery that was one of, seemed like hundreds of procedures this man had to endure just to breathe and keep his heart beating. I was mostly vegan at the time, but I did have a deteriorating hip joint condition that I expected this job to help me with… but, they refused us all health insurance if we didn’t pay the company for it, while the employees at the office in Atlanta got health benefits. My handler was a testament to how abundant the health insurance could be. He also claimed to be a vegan, and I could see that he was trying as he heaped lettuce onto his plate when the president would take us all to a salad bar for lunch. But, it was the gobs of blue cheese dressing and nearly fistfuls of ham that he’d put atop the salad that left me questioning this man’s take on reality.

    Because my boyfriend during this time was an artist and musician, as was the Athens tradition, I often had the chance to imagine my life as an artist, living the way I truly wanted to live. Perhaps the main office knew that my position was temporary, and I knew it also… one day I was going to find myself and not need to rely on a budget to live life the way I knew I deserved… happily.

    And so, I snapped one day… I began to listen to the voice of God. I was already miserable, stressed, unable to sleep well, and rail thin living on cigarettes, alcohol, and far to few calories. It was a Friday, and I made a decision that changed my fate. Upon listening to an inspiration that was literally as clear as the voice of a human in front of me, but was clearly from the ether, I typed up a short memo, which I also sent to Atlanta stating that calling would begin an hour later the following week (and extend calling an hour later toward the western seaboard if they wished, but I allowed everyone to make their own schedule so, as always, that was their choice), and we would call the week “sleep in week.” It was the summer time and many of the employees tried to work especially hard while classes were out at the university. I was sure that everyone needed the break, and they assured me they did. I knew that if we were happier the next week, we wouldn’t lose productivity, and by changing things up I could let the employees know that we were not cogs in a machine.

    Well, that is not anywhere near how the main office wanted us to feel, but no one saw the message until that morning. The VP of the company rang and rang until she was blue in the face and by the time I got to the office, my handler was calling, feeling completely justified to yell at me like we were in boot camp and I was a soldier. If you read the The Dawkins Delusion then you’ve learned about the phenomenon that some people do not need evidence to make decisions in opposition. As I tried to make the claim that our productivity was always at least fifty percent higher after 9am anyway, since many administrators weren’t even available to talk until after 10 am, my handler yelled back things that amounted to “How could I think I had the authority? You do what Carol or I tell you to do!” And now the truth is plain as day: they didn’t care about productivity. They cared about predictability, and being able to tell a good story. Letting us make our own schedule would be actual proof of our freewill, something the main office could never afford. I didn’t know much about the company at that time, but I gradually discovered that they had elite multi-lingual callers who either worked at the Atlanta office, or remotely, and the office ran about 24 hours a day (depending on the project load and where in the world the projects were based). Back then, companies still largely outsourced to telemarketing companies to update client records and sell more products (although the trend was beginning to die out), and if you spoke to one of these companies and bought something, that is the day you began to contribute to your global consumer profile. Now most people just type this information directly into the computer for any and all kinds of things. And, there’s finally enough data on enough people from phone calls and records of ALL TYPES… you can expect that there’s an active profile for you, your family, and friends – corporations know the average person better than he knows himself. And, if you will add something to the workforce, it was decided you definitely must be controlled. Corporate leaders (until recently… about 5 years give or take) were taught to dominate their employees, primarily by keeping each level of the business unaware of what the other is doing. So you could be creating art or architecture for the military and not have a clue, especially if you are young, innocent, and eager… like a college student. Essentially, this is because, if each employee acquired ALL of the skills it took to run that business, the business would inevitably change and become unpredictable, or those employees could leave and start their own competitive businesses. If you’re offering something that people actually need, and it is sustainable, & that can be proven by evidence over marketing campaigns; you’ve got it made. If not, you have to trick people and that’s where market research comes in… so, as our media controls the public to think that a full range of emotions makes them crazy or disabled (psychology), corporations can soothe those emotions subliminally with entertainment of all kinds (including, and especially, commercials), and feed them whatever placebo the commodities traders want to gamble with that day, season, or what have you.

    “SO WHAT THE #@%$ DO WE DO??

    Okay, okay. The question is “how do I deal with a psychopath?” First off, figure out whether you are one or not. Do some research on this, but you should probably have a hunch just considering it. Chances are: you are one or you’ve been treated badly by at least a few and you’ve taken on some of their tendencies. Many times, people refer to their psychopathy as “defense mechanisms.” And let me go ahead and clear something up right now, too… children are not psychopaths. If they do seem overly aggressive they are dealing with a karmic issue and the parents need to address that characteristic with themselves and observe the child (without judgement) as a guide to their success with conquering the impediment or issue. Children are actually the opposite of psychopaths, especially when they are really young (two years old or younger). I mean, ask yourself, how many people burst into tears if you just look at them wrong? That is some serious empathy, which we know, psychopaths lack. Now, many people have been coaxed into thinking it is okay to condemn an emotional or doubting child. But, chances are you might be suppressing the child unnecessarily, and that is why they are acting that way. There’s a chance you’ve just gotten used to suppressing your own emotions, and unlike you, the child is not numb to being suppressed…

    So, I guess that’s part of the answer right there. We were all children once…. what experiences, perhaps so many we take for granted, might a psychopath, or dis-empath, have missed during those critical first years. What did you miss when you were very young? And naturally, you’ll remember some things that made you happy, too. Each of those memories ignites a spark in you, that will make you young once again.

    As each of us sets the example for tracing the origins of our anti-socialness, we might have a chance to tell the proper story… what could have been. This is the beginning of setting an example for our captors.

    Did you go to college? Do you now work for a corporation, or did you in the past? Do you remember any odd conversations or experiences? It is now time to put together the accurate picture of how we’ve been controlled. Admitting you were wrong feels so much better than you can imagine, and earth people have a great deal of damage to repair. Looking away only got us so far, but now we must reclaim our rights as residents of earth. This is not just a radio station for the elites – THIS IS A PLANET AND IT IS OUR HOME THAT WE ALL SHARE.

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    The Dawkins Delusion: shackles on scientific modes of inquiry

    June 4th, 2014

    As a man of science, I believe Sheldrake did accurately recall his mental state when he wondered whether Richard Dawkins would “be open-minded, and fun to talk to” upon receiving an invitation to participate in a videotaped discussion. You’ll be interested to read how this “discussion” went. This blog, for me, demonstrates EVERYTHING that is wrong with the media and television as we know it. I often make the case for how artists are treated, and I naturally started making the case for scientists because of situations like this.

    Richard Dawkins Comes to Call (a blog post from our beloved Rupert Sheldrake)

    A crusading atheist and author of The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins was Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. He is a Fellow of CSI (The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, formerly CSICOP) and a strong supporter of James Randi. His earlier books were on evolutionary biology, the best known being The Selfish Gene. In 2007, he visited Rupert to interview him for his TV series Enemies of Reason.

    By Rupert Sheldrake

    Richard Dawkins is a man with a mission — the eradication of religion and superstition, and their total replacement with science and reason. Channel 4 TV has repeatedly provided him with a pulpit. His two-part polemic in August 2007, called Enemies of Reason, was a sequel to his 2006 diatribe against religion, The Root of All Evil?

    Soon before Enemies of Reason was filmed, the production company, IWC Media, told me that Richard Dawkins wanted to visit me to discuss my research on unexplained abilities of people and animals. I was reluctant to take part, but the company’s representative assured me that “this documentary, at Channel 4’s insistence, will be an entirely more balanced affair than The Root of All Evil was.” She added, “We are very keen for it to be a discussion between two scientists, about scientific modes of enquiry”. So I agreed and we fixed a date. I was still not sure what to expect. Was Richard Dawkins going to be dogmatic, with a mental firewall that blocked out any evidence that went against his beliefs? Or would he be open-minded, and fun to talk to?

    The Director asked us to stand facing each other; we were filmed with a hand-held camera. Richard began by saying that he thought we probably agreed about many things, “But what worries me about you is that you are prepared to believe almost anything. Science should be based on the minimum number of beliefs.”

    I agreed that we had a lot in common, “But what worries me about you is that you come across as dogmatic, giving people a bad impression of science.”

    He then said that in a romantic spirit he himself would like to believe in telepathy, but there just wasn’t any evidence for it. He dismissed all research on the subject out of hand. He compared the lack of acceptance of telepathy by scientists such as himself with the way in which the echo-location system had been discovered in bats, followed by its rapid acceptance within the scientific community in the 1940s. In fact, as I later discovered, Lazzaro Spallanzani had shown in 1793 that bats rely on hearing to find their way around, but sceptical opponents dismissed his experiments as flawed, and helped set back research for well over a century. However, Richard recognized that telepathy posed a more radical challenge than echo-location. He said that if it really occurred, it would “turn the laws of physics upside down,” and added, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

    “This depends on what you regard as extraordinary”, I replied. “Most people say they have experienced telepathy, especially in connection with telephone calls. In that sense, telepathy is ordinary. The claim that most people are deluded about their own experience is extraordinary. Where is the extraordinary evidence for that?”

    He produced no evidence at all, apart from generic arguments about the fallibility of human judgment. He assumed that people want to believe in “the paranormal” because of wishful thinking.

    We then agreed that controlled experiments were necessary. I said that this was why I had actually been doing such experiments, including tests to find out if people really could tell who was calling them on the telephone when the caller was selected at random. The results were far above the chance level.

    The previous week I had sent Richard copies of some of my papers, published in peer-reviewed journals, so that he could look at the data.

    Richard seemed uneasy and said, “I don’t want to discuss evidence”. “Why not?” I asked. “There isn’t time. It’s too complicated. And that’s not what this programme is about.” The camera stopped.

    The Director, Russell Barnes, confirmed that he too was not interested in evidence. The film he was making was another Dawkins polemic.

    I said to Russell, “If you’re treating telepathy as an irrational belief, surely evidence about whether it exists or not is essential for the discussion. If telepathy occurs, it’s not irrational to believe in it. I thought that’s what we were going to talk about. I made it clear from the outset that I wasn’t interested in taking part in another low grade debunking exercise.”

    Richard said, “It’s not a low grade debunking exercise; it’s a high grade debunking exercise.”

    In that case, I replied, there had been a serious misunderstanding, because I had been led to believe that this was to be a balanced scientific discussion about evidence. Russell Barnes asked to see the emails I had received from his assistant. He read them with obvious dismay, and said the assurances she had given me were wrong. The team packed up and left.

    Richard Dawkins has long proclaimed his conviction that “The paranormal is bunk. Those who try to sell it to us are fakes and charlatans”. Enemies of Reason was intended to popularize this belief. But does his crusade really promote “the public understanding of science,” of which he is the professor at Oxford? Should science be a vehicle of prejudice, a kind of fundamentalist belief-system? Or should it be a method of enquiry into the unknown?

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    Diet, Destiny & The Case for Vegetarianism

    May 30th, 2014

    This entire blog post is chapter 26 from the book Creating Health by Deepak Chopra, M.D. (1987, Houghton Mifflin Company). Click HERE to skip to “The Case for Vegetarianism”. I do believe that diet has evolved since this was initially published, and modern gurus are easy to follow on YouTube. It’s his way of teaching us to look at diet that is so compelling.


    Diet and Destiny

    Food is Brahman. –Rig Veda

    From food are born all creatures, which live upon food and after death return to food. Food is the chief of all things. It is therefore said to be medicine for all diseases of the body. Those who worship food as Brahman gain all material objects. From food are born all beings, which being born, grow by food. All beings feed upon food, and when they die, food feeds upon them. –Taittiraya Upanishad

    Diet and Destiny: Deepak Chopra

    A LIFE BEGINS as desire. Impulses of intelligence that we call love and desire are transformed through our parents into the fusion of minute amounts of genetic material that we call an embryo. So we are conceived out of love and desire, and start life as a genetic material. However minute, the DNA that composes this genetic material contains within it the entire blueprint of our destiny. The raw material of DNA is sugar and a complex chemical called nucleic acid. The complexity of nucleic acid is enough, when built up into DNA, to encode the complete intelligence that out of love and desire our parents bestowed upon the first conceived cell.

    We are nurtured by the sum total of love, desire, and intelligence, all infused into one raw material whose common name is — food. Food transformed, given consciousness, is us. If we want a potato or a grain of buckwheat to become as conscious as we ourselves are, we eat it. The intelligence that permeates every cell of the body then sets to work on that bit of food. Nothing dramatic really happens to it. The chemical constituents of its nutrients are simply shifted so that they can enter our cells. The material of food becomes every part of us — eyes, hair, brain, bowel. Here is creation, and the act of eating and assimilating food involves the infinite intelligence of the universe playing itself out through this specific act of creation. Nature began the universe by creating itself in the form of titanic explosions of mass-energy that led to unimaginably huge galaxies and nebulae. But when it evolved sufficiently to create something really complex, nature learned to eat.

    Consider this: I drink a glass of orange juice. Every single cell in my body (which contains billions and billions of cells) encounters every molecule of glucose from that juice. Every cell in my body partakes of the share of the orange juice it needs, and out of simple need it converts the juice into itself. The intricacies of what the cell has done, insofar as science now understands it, are enough to fill large spaces in the libraries of the world. When you are aware of the complexity and at the same time of the simplicity, innocence, and elegance with which the organizing power of intelligence transforms food into human beings and all creatures of the earth, then you are ready to participate in your destiny. You can sit down and eat.

    People who do not feel sufficient respect for eating are showing no awareness of the flow of organizing power that it represents. Eating indiscriminately or eating unconsciously, eating on the run, habitually overeating or not eating at all — these are all violations of natural law, that is, of the biological processes that must work in their preordained channels in order for food to be converted into us. Innumberable disorders are linked to diet and eating habits. For example, it is estimated that more than 90 percent of the cases of gastrointestinal cancer, including major killers like cancer of the colon, are directly related to nutrition. The high blood pressure, elevated blood cholesterol, and serious heart disease that is epidemic in Western societies, not to mention diabetes, hypoglycemia, ulcers, and gouty arthritis, demonstrate obvious connections to bad eating habits and wrong food.

    I do not believe that it is necessary for us to become nutritionists in order to eat right. I want to give very little detailed dietary advice in this book just to point up the more important truth: the intelligence of our bodies knows what is good for it. Once that intelligence is channeled through correct habits — and this involves making conscious decisions at the beginning — then eating problems and the risks of a wrong diet disappear.

    An overweight person may disagree at this point, protesting that his body cannot seem to help itself when confronted with food. But consider this: if you gain ten pounds a year, which in a few years would make you overweight and grossly obese in a decade, you are still overeating by only an average of less than one hundred calories a day. That amounts to little more than a tablespoon of oil, a third of a candy bar, or a half of a handful of peanuts. In other words, even chronic, “uncontrollable” weight gain involves a tiny adjustment in the body’s idea of what is the right amount to eat. By the same logic, a tiny adjustment in the opposite direction will bring the weight down. This adjustment must begin in the mind, starting with an intention to respect the body’s intelligence.

    We are constantly barraged on all sides by diet information. Some of it serves the interests of producers who have food to sell, some is pushed by medical interests that want to reverse the trends of disease, and there is much else besides. All of it is irrelevant once the cells of your body begin to get through to your brain information about what they want: a moderate amount of nutrients supplied in variety at regular times of the day. New habits that move in this direction are worth more than any advice from a diet authority.

    It is time to reflect for a moment: how reasonable is our obsession with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and the rest of our diet? The amount of information we store in our brains about nutrition seems to me irrelevant to health as a natural state of the body. How likely is it that birds in the forest suffer from vitamin D deficiency? Is there a single living species on earth besides man that regulates its life according to “recommended daily allowances” of any nutrient? Nutritional authorities understand and have repeatedly stated that our knowledge of nutrients is sketchy at best. Most of this information was obtained by starving animals of various nutrients until they showed a certain deficiency disease. Much of the rest came from observing people who had already contacted deficiency diseases. So what is known depends far too much on studying abnormal states of physiology. Yet it is also known that each cell of the body has a precise ability to select from the diet exactly what it needs in order to grow. That is why all premodern societies got enough vitamin C to stave off scurvy, even though they consciously knew nothing whatever about vitamin C and did not drink orange juice every morning.

    Nature has not left us worse off than birds and reptiles and other mammals. It is true that we have incorporated into ourselves some wrong habits over the years that now obscure our innate intelligence, but intelligence cannot actually be eradicated. Our instincts for proper nourishment have been dulled in part by listening to people who tell us what to eat, what is supposed to taste good, what is good for us, and what is not good for us. The advice I have heard in this regard came from Dr. Wayne Dyer, who said, “First, be a good animal”…

    For the moment, recognizing that most people want perfect health but are far from knowing how to activate their inner intelligence, I want to give a few guidelines about eating. They come from my own observation and are not the official recommendations of scientific medicine at large. There are other physicians, however, who would absolutely agree with me. What all the points that follow have in common is this: they gently but continuously prompt your body and mind to join together in a flow of intelligence. As in other aspects of health, once that flow is set up, nothing else is necessary but to enjoy your life.

    1. Pay attention to eating
    2. Pause momentarily before eating and sit in silence — or say grace — so that the awareness begins the meal quietly
    3. Eat when you are hungry, and do not eat when you are not hungry
    4. Do not sit down to eat if you are upset — your body is better off without food until you feel better
    5. Take time to eat, chewing food well and slowly
    6. Appreciate the company and compliment the cook
    7. Avoid eating in any company that makes you feel less than agreeable, but eat with congenial company, friends and family, when you can

    In our times, some of this advice may look strange. Our times are the exception, however. Every culture has lived by these customs, for that is what they are, and has found in them the solid comfort of a healthy life. Man’s everyday attitude toward food has been thankfulness. In his moments of deepest reflection, this attitude turns to reverence. Good food, abundantly provided, and taken with appreciativeness, is a sign that man welcomes his ties with nature, and nature has responded by nourishing him well. (GO BACK TO THE TOP)


    The Case for Vegetarianism

    Along with many other physicians, I am convinced that a vegetarian diet is the best one for health. A vegetarian is one who lives wholly or primarily on a diet without meat. Although some vegetarians refrain from eating meat because they abhor the idea of slaughtering animals, this approach does not enter into the argument here. Also, if your diet comes to include eggs, chicken, and fish in small amounts, I think that you will gain the same health benefits that strict vegetarians do. Most human societies have subsisted on nearly vegetarian diets throughout history, so in a sense it is a norm and not a special “dietary practice.” We tend to rationalize that Europeans lived on cabbage and millet for centuries out of poverty, or that Asians subsist on rice and vegetables today because of overpopulation.

    The truth is that the human physiology sustains health best when its intake of meat fat and proteins is small or nonexistent. The American Dietetic Association, in a pamphlet titled The Vegetarian Approach to Eating, observes that “a growing body of scientific evidence supports a positive relationship between the consumption of a plant-based diet and the prevention of certain diseases.” The following diseases have been definitely linked to our ordinary diet that is high in meat and animal fats:

    1. Coronary artery disease: Its exact cause is unknown, but a growing mass of evidence suggests that coronary artery disease, the number one killer in our society, is a chronic, degenerative disorder related to diet. Saturated fats and cholesterol-rich foods have definitely been linked to hardening of the arteries (artherosclerosis), which the condition that leads to coronary artery disease.
    –> Saturated fats and cholesterol come to us primarily in meat, cheese, eggs, and butter. When the diet shifts to foods derived from plants, there is a definite decrease in the levels of cholesterol in the blood. Coronary artery disease is known to be from 30 percent to 50 percent less common among long-term vegetarians such as Seventh-Day Adventists, who advocate vegetarianism as part of their religious beliefs. These people also tend to have other good habits, such as not smoking, but nonvegetarian Seventh-Day Adventists who were studied showed a death rate from heart attack three times greater than that of vegetarians of the sect who were the same age.
    2. Cancer: I have already covered the diet-cancer connection in the first part of this book, but I will repeat here that colon and breast cancer are linked to high intake of fats and cholesterol and that diets low in plant-derived fiber are implicated in several cancers of the digestive tract. All responsible agencies, including the American Cancer Society, now recommend lowering the intake of meat in order to lower the risk of cancer.
    3. Obesity: The popular idea that eating a diet full of bread, potatoes, rice, beans, pasta, and other staples of the vegetarian diet makes you fat is not founded on facts. As we have already seen, obesity is linked to numerous health risks and to almost every major disease. Studies show consistently that Americans who eat meat weigh more than those who do not.
    4. Dental caries: Caries of the teeth, commonly called cavities, occur less frequently among vegetarians than among meat eaters.
    5. Osteoperosis: This disorder is a thinning of the bones and loss of the bone mass that seriously affects many women past the age of menopause, leading to spinal problems and frequent, slow-to-heal fractures as they grow to old age. Although meat is a good source of bone calcium (so are low-fat dairy products, fish, beans, and leafy green vegetables), studies indicate that a high-protein diet eaten over a long period of time leads to calcium and bone loss.

    As these facts are assimilated by the mainstream of the American population, vegetarian diets will become more common; they are already common enough that even athletes, who traditionally have eaten lots of red meat at the training table, are seeing the value of eating carbohydrates for energy instead. (The classic study on this, conducted decades ago at Yale, showed that no athlete who ate meat could sustain the same endurance levels as the lowest-ranked vegetarian in the tests.) A steady stream of energy from whole grains and other complete-carbohydrate foods is much better for the system in general than spurts of energy from sugar (or alcohol), and the digestive system has an easier time working on such foods than on fats and animal proteins. In any event, statistics on the baby boom generation, which is now between thirty and forty years old, indicate that smoking, drinking, and heavy consumption of meat have declined. We can expect the epidemic of lifestyle diseases to drop dramatically.

    For those who want to make a shift in the direction of vegetarianism, I can provide guidelines that are generally agreed upon:

    1. Do not change your diet suddenly and drastically. Make gradual changes, preferably at moments when you feel relaxed, expansive, and unpressured.
    2. Begin by favoring fish and poultry over red meat, and eat smaller portions of them if that seems called for.
    3. Eat real cooking, not penitential bowls of beans, rice, or boiled vegetables. Almost all of the Asian cuisines are based on vegetables and rice, with small portions of meat. Italian pasta dishes are also lean in meat protein or even entirely vegetarian.
    4. Whenever you have a choice, choose whole-grain breads, muffins, and cereals in place of refined white flour. Whole grains provide complete protein for the body in any combination with nuts, legumes (beans or lentils), or seeds. Any vegetarian meal with either milk or tofu as part of it is bound to contain complete protein too.

    General Recommendations

    Although quite a few books of sound nutritional advice are on the market, I have seen none that tells us how to cultivate the body’s flow of intelligence so that in time it tells us automatically what we should eat. So I will try to give suggestions in that direction, with the caution that they are based upon my own observations and medical reading, not on a body of current research. In part IV of this book I talk about approaching creative intelligence though the mind, which is ultimately the approach that makes perfect health a practical reality in all aspects of life. However, the current wave of interest in diet prompts me to make the following points:

    1. The body wants a moderate amount of food containing various nutrients at regular times in the day. If you are already providing this (and do not smoke or drink), then you are doing the main things that allow the body to balance its metabolism and digestion. The body loves habit. Eat at the same time every day, eat about the same amounts every day, and eat a little bit of everything.
    2. When the body’s intelligence is fully working, then your taste buds are an excellent guide to what you should be eating. What is good for you should be exactly what you like. Most of us are misled by our palate because we stimulate it in the wrong way or we overstimulate it. In order to restore the taste buds, it is helpful to
    > reduce the amount of salt that you add to your food and do not eat salty snacks before meals
    > stop stimulating the palate with alcohol before meals and do not drink at all if that is possible
    > drink tepid, not cold, water to cleanse the palate as you eat
    > move in the direction of appreciating the natural taste of food by including all the tastes in every meal, that is, things that are sweet, sour, bitter, and salty
    3. If strong food cravings are a problem, do not try to tackle them head on. They represent deeply ingrained habits or strong but misguided messages from your physiology. Simply eat other foods that are part of a balanced diet. When a craving for sweets or salt or another favorite taste strikes, try eating half of what you crave, but do not pressure yourself.
    4. Learn how to tell when you have eaten enough. The body has a signal for this, called the satiety response. It operates quite naturally if the diet has lots of grains, bulky foods, and liquid in it, for these quickly fill you up. A diet high in fat, salt, and sugar tends to throw this response off, however. An easy way to cultivate the satiety response is to drink water with your meal and eat bread before you start on the meal itself. (In one study, students told to eat two slices of whole-wheat bread at the start of every meal showed consistent weight loss in a few months. This is a good example of effortless dieting.)
    5. Take your largest meal at lunch and eat only two-thirds of what fills you up. These two habits help develop actual hunger, which is the body’s only valid signal of when to eat. Heavy eating at night strains the system and promotes irregular digestion.
    6. Accustom yourself to nothing but fresh food. I have saved this point for last because I hope it will stick in your mind. Nature intended us to eat fresh, natural foods. Although our bodies can adjust to canned or frozen food, leftovers, and processed food, adulterated and “junk” food, eating these is not the way to attain perfect health. Eating fresh food, freshly cooked at every meal, is everyone’s correct diet. If you do not like to cook, then go to a restaurant for a wholesome, balanced, cooked-to-order lunch, eat it at a comfortable pace, and then have a sandwich and milk for dinner. If you breakfast only on orange juice, coffee, and a doughnut, then change to oatmeal, whole-wheat toast, and milk, or to whatever variation of the traditional hot American breakfast you enjoy. It will quickly help to restore a physiology that experiences energy slumps during the day. (GO BACK TO THE TOP)

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    “As Below, So Above…” The Revolutionary Blog Series Continues – – –

    May 6th, 2014

    **This is PART 4 of the Blog series called “MKUltra Mind Control Government Shutdown: Re-Claim Your Galactic Citizenship”**

    PERHAPS YOU’VE HEARD the rhetoric: “Don’t let the inmates run the asylum.” This is exactly what happened to America. I’m not making any distinction between the media-touted “nations and states,” because everywhere that the landmass is one piece, those countries are linked by ancients codes laid by the “the sun/son” and stories that never stopped being told, and traditions… carefully tested by time, logic, and meter to support a human being who does get hurt emotionally and physically, but gets back up again, and never stops pushing, traveling, believing, and hoping. Other than that land connection, realize that the lines obscured by the oceans indicates that these other ties go deeper than the last hundred or even thousands and thousands of years. This is the very gentle spirit of Mother Earth, made smooth and subtle by children’s laughter and watching the children grow. Our most recent ancestors were trained to train the listening for her complex and perfect song out of us. And the mentally ill have become content endlessly projecting the songs of war, the confused followers dazzled by the disharmonic composition (“de-composition,” you might say) of the sounds of bombing on one side of the world, drowned out by the shouts of Wall Street and commodities traders with their generous, and gratuitous “little” hobbies… all for the good of the “little people, of course!”… Forgiveness now. If you want to be free, there is no one to blame. There is only something to do…

    For the purpose of determining whether you should ever listen to a word I say, I will give you WAY MORE INFORMATION THAN YOU THINK YOU NEED. If you are someone who says… “Learning is hard. I can’t/don’t need to/don’t want to/etc.”…

    Well, stop reading and lose the advantage of saving:

    1. Not just a life, but livelihood* itself… and yes, good to start with saving one life (hint: your own). Start now by asking yourself if your lifestyle supports your happiness and good body-feelings/emotions? If not, you are not a jerk or stupid or lazy, you just require more information and a good ol’ fashioned plan of action. May I humbly beseech thee and say: “I hope to offer thee what thou seekest (seeks most) by a most gentle rhetoric and seductive melody.” and, Pleased to be at the service of a great Warrior/Scientist/Artist/Sooth-er (“Truth tracker”)/Orator as you must be if you’ve kept reading…
    * live·li·hood [lahyv-lee-hood], noun
    a means of supporting one’s existence, especially financially or vocationally; living: to earn a livelihood as a tenant farmer. –> from http://dictionary.reference.com/

    2. Your self/body; which has it’s own gender-less consciousness separate what who(m)/what you’ve  come to tell yourself that you are… in other words, everyone is a phenomenal athlete once they find their sport, and it might be something only they’ve ever thought of and can actually do properly. We must live in a world that allows for these types of discoveries moment by moment, and be allowed to democratically elect officials who present a cultural identity of benevolent valor, not just honesty but transparency (like yes, please share Facebook selfies of you and the contracts you’re signing, Mr. President, for example), and a healthy and fully mentally functional government* that supports the chorus of the members of society who vibrate most high (yes, often the softer voice… and often, most beautiful because they are the survivors and the “new comers”) and together, we follow in the resonant footsteps of the messiahs and saints. We no longer look to history books. Honor is a song and the heart is the tuner… You are the “speaker”, but a two-way device.
    * govern (v.)
    late 13c., from Old French governer (11c., Modern French gouverner) “govern,” from Latin gubernare “to direct, rule, guide, govern” (source also of Spanish gobernar, Italian governare), originally “to steer,” a nautical borrowing from Greek kybernan “to steer or pilot a ship, direct” (the root of cybernetics). The -k- to -g- sound shift is perhaps via the medium of Etruscan. Related: Governed; governing. See http://www.etymonline.com/–> It’s been said that governments were most commonly established during times of scarcity.

    3. Your family. I mean your earth family. Not the “family” you’ve been parceled with, like the meat at the grocery store… only difference is one still has their legs attached and is allowed to breathe, generally speaking. Let me explain. You have two families(romance languages)/sometimes called “groups”(germanic languages): blood and/or soul. Your soul group or family helps you create and cultivate your livelihood and your blood family keeps you well and secure within a community, or a group who communicates with each other. I don’t have to name the opposite, especially these days. The term “Family” was used by the mafia, while group is used by financial institutions, involving many Germans/folks who speak German, often “white people.”


    My agency calls those who live by the programming that essentially makes you feel like time is always ‘running out’ a “tick-talker.”

    The reason many of us don’t relate to our families is that’s we’ve been systematically thrown together and/or torn apart by wars (over land/space and resources, attention from the masses, money/survival, and/or any “conceivable convenience” those with the influence, but little science/spiritual education can think up)… the spiral continues, but we’ll stop there for now. So here we all too commonly find ourselves: Forced to do some things, not enough freedom to do others… are we now curious about the true consequences of slavery, a knowledge which will leave you unable to tolerate it any longer… especially now that we’ve all experienced it firsthand? And if so, are we ready to accept those who enslave as the only real slaves, and it all starts with rigid thinking and misguided charisma, which is an innocent evil we all must strive to keep facing and surpassing. Well, maybe not the entire we, but that’s just the current reality as The Golden Age is receiving it’s final polishing…

    So, our number one goal is to make the human mind pliable and follow the musings of Charisma with purity of effort and benevolence for all living creatures, even plants and the earth herself. As for Charisma, our most favorite muse has fondled humanity’s birth canal to the cosmic and true for a long time… Let’s remove the garter belt from the lady and the dollar bill from the man and throw those distractions away as soon as we decide we’re no longer afraid of the darkness… like a child who finally lays his toys to rest once he’s ready to live out all of the alter egos he has brought forth throughout his days of learning and laughter. Finally… the differences are no longer appearances like ugly or pretty, sex or skin color; but how much crazy, cosmic-like chaos do we balance, as we’ve all heard God has done since the gong of the big bang.


    Big data tracks the people’s relationship to God ie. “the Mighty Provider.”

    When you express a desire, the thing you are desiring will eventually respond to you… especially if the subject is so compelling that generations after generations relay the tales. What could be so compelling? Here’s an easy answer: Science. And, here’s two specific answers: Astronomy and nutrition… “Above and below”. Take a moment here… would the initial thinkers have considered the ground beneath their feet before the sparkling night sky? That’s an easy one I’d say… Everyone knows that the night sky is one of the most seductive sets in the universe. Now take the mind of a child without tv or distractions… might he believe that the “below” is perhaps, himself?

    Now, remember being a child for a bit… do you remember believing that everything you encountered somehow belonged to you, or was invented by, maybe the parent who showed it to you? I remember that when it came to my father’s tools: I literally thought he had invented and built every tool he took the time to explain to me. But, I also remember my reaction as soon as I realized there was a “Home Depot.” I said…

    “So, that’s not the only way to do it.”

    Early on I had a strong sense (but, no more than a sense) of how money controlled everything, and that the government had more money than anyone else to spend on the latest technologies developed by the most [persistent and obedient] scientists. When my father relayed to me that the military needs, for example, hammers that cost $300 as opposed to the ones the consumers buy, which costs about $25… because the expensive hammers include a special coating that prevents sparks from flying off machinery, for precision jobs around bombs and missiles, I said “sure, the military is protecting us. Without them, we could all die at the hands of the enemies we hear about in the media.”

    Who remembers the campaign “Kill one and save a thousand.” May I propose that this might be an alarming misinterpretation of “Helen of Troy, who launched a thousand ships.” But who’s to blame in the modern day? Wolfgang Petersen or Brad Pitt or a screenwriter?

    Okay, I’ll just break open the head… How would Greek mythology and entertainment meet? And who’s been getting at least one commercial into every Hollywood movie screening in America since 9/11. Here is the graph that reveals it all. Movies are real, and we are living in the rise of the machines (Terminator) and “big data” (The Matrix), as prophesied in the early 1980’s by Sophia Stewart. Although I haven’t been able to follow up on Sophia’s work yet (her new book is so popular that I proudly admit she apologized to me personally when I was unable to buy a copy online). Anyway, here’s the data on who’s behind the “grand illusion”…


    **Please take not of how large the “Universities” section is! We’ll discuss this chart again as this series continues.

    Technology used to just slip by without the civilians’ understanding* of who made it or where it came from. Thank goodness that, at the very time that technology has taken a turn for as bad as it gets, communications and sharing is as expanded as ever.
    *civilian: anyone who isn’t military/”professional”

    After talking with Sophia, I realize that, if she had been properly credited and asked to collaborate she would have been able to share the great secret of her work, The Third Eye, which is this:

    Each every single person on planet earth is here to ASCEND.


    Our ancestors suffered endlessly to compete with the machinery and technologies commissioned by aristocrats and other “elites”… and, unfortunately many of these historical figures were made wealthy and powerful by conquering and exploiting the gifts of God and Goddess. Once transportation made its unprecedented leap into the future, and developed far faster than social sciences, and free masons documented and taught how to create virtually indestructible architecture, which meant that resources/knowledge/communications could become coveted… or, made “covert.” So, what happened when free masons made that mythic deal with the devil to enclose government buildings and other institutions/”legal” arenas, all under the guise of God’s preferential protection? You might turn away if you’ve been force fed the singular reality that this hidden history only relates to really scary people involved in really scary circumstances. But, if we can quickly accept that the mind is actually the playground of life so yes, the devil can be any person, but never more the enemy than the rigidity of the mind itself (mindset or “set-mind”), that lives on indefinitely, unless it is replaced, and is designed to attach itself to any and all humans who experience life as the evidence to support the existence for these demons/mindsets.

    Life is not data to be confined and tracked like evidence at a crime scene. Life is personal, and beautiful, and a gift from Mother. It is not our place to be the judge of the circumstances of life, and no one’s place to judge another. Judgment is only necessary to implement action, and ideally an action that supports natural laws and the community at large. The true gift of life is abundant love… a doing, a feeling, an experience, and a lifestyle if you practice regularly. On the other hand, war is the violent inability to accept a distinction, however big or small, or however blunt or vague. It’s that simple, which is why war is so difficult to stop once it has started… but, that same reason makes it easy to see why we should stop. Unification is a fantasy for anyone, but without the proper teachings practiced within a healthy family… hopes for unification can feed into schemes for domination.


    I’ll now reveal why it is vitally important for all Americans to support a more playful and at the same time, serious relationship with science. This is not a paradox – consider what I’m saying. If you don’t, you are likely to believe/identify with distractions like this:



    First and foremost: there is no power in the universe that is available only to some or a few.

    As the most intelligent being ALIVE, and scientists like Einstein say is “intelligence” itself… God would most certainly be able to talk to everyone.

    Look, we are generally pointing the finger in the wrong direction. Artists are actually the most generous people you’ll ever meet, unless they are enslaving themselves and/or others to make money off the craft… and that’s just because they haven’t been supported in the fun of performing for love and honor, over profit. You see, the muses’ and spirits’ relationship to the heavens takes care of the needs always, never the money (here’s a philosophical thought experience, as it’s called by Wiki: if you had a ten dollar bill, but no stores where you could buy anything, would you be a consumer? –> a variation on the tree falling in the forest). You see, money used to be something you could actually eat, like livestock or more recently in Mexico, cacao beans. Now, bankers have rounded up all resources and created his own mascot to squander man’s hard work and woman’s attention; and/or visa versa. Man loves money and will always love money because it mirrors his conversation with God ie. all that is possible. And a government does have the technology to support its people when times are tough: what’s ironic is… one of the primary tools they would use is… yes, money/currency.

    Now that you know this truth, you can relate it to what Michael C. Ruppert tried to warn the world of over and over again. What Facebook does to your posts is what radio syndication has done to prophets like Mike. And now, he’s taken a break from our playground… and I’m on the Raw Path to resend his message. Yes, money is here, and we need to learn how to change it & work with it. You know that currency comes from the latin word for “flow”? Where does rigidity fit into that idea? Even the differing denominations like a five versus a hundred is counter-productive.

    ;”CURRENCY: 1650s, “condition of flowing,” from Latin currens, present participle of currere “to run”; the sense of a flow or course extended 1699 (by John Locke) to “circulation of money.”

    If you truly want to be a part of the solution, it’s good form to come to understand the issue as thoroughly as possible. Here’s Mike Ruppert tracking that truth for us:

    Let’s close with the understanding that the most terrifying position is not that of a victim, but to remain the passively powerful who perpetually confuses not knowing what to do with not really trying. The only cure for this affliction is an active, playful and serious relationship with that most beloved conversation with God… that thing we call “Science.”

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    It’s a New World, United as One

    February 28th, 2014

    I never wanted to be a famous artist, so wherever I sensed a popularity contest, I walked away. No, it wasn’t always the best thing, but it was the right thing for me to do as a young person. I was sensitive to exploitation, probably because I knew I’d be fighting it off, considering the way the world looked. As a beautiful woman and talented artist who was willing to work hard to be the best, I knew that I would be pushed and pressured to put my talents to “good use” (meaning= make $). BUT, I DIDN’T CARE how the world looked. It was never going to change me, and what I was sent here to do…

    Be Myself.

    In November 2009 I met who I thought was a local Atlanta filmmaker; who could get “Indie as %$^&” with me and crank out a couple of short films and features just based on some killer screenwriting and a little persuasion at the rental houses.

    I assumed this because I took for granted my knowing that this IS EXACTLY HOW YOU MAKE IT. But, no, hardly anyone knew this (thank goodness that is changing fast!). A mind controlled debt slave (which you are constantly encouraged to become because that’s all that trading time, meaning your actual life, for paper can possibly do for you)… That’s why you don’t accept payment for your time… You make sure that you’ve made an honorable connection and accept whatever payment along with a powerful new alliance. We’ve been taught that it’s okay to let people come and go. To a certain degree, of course… but when the stars align, you’ve gotta stick. That’s what Love Warriors do. That doesn’t mean joining the drama. It simply means keeping your heart open, but being a stand for the desired outcome. If you aren’t caught in the mkultra engram, that outcome is always loving connection. Simple!

    No idea or point of view is ever more important than that.

    So, when I met the filmmaker, yes the stars aligned and all that stuff, in terms of working together. But, we had a major misunderstanding right from the get-go… He thought I could help him get recognized in Hollywood because of my beauty and abilites. And, I assumed he KNEW he was a part of Hollywood and would most certainly want to get out and be independent.

    But, he didn’t know he was a part of the Hollywood elite. They can’t make you realize this, and have little sympathy for you if you do not. So he is their slave… while he’s stuck in “LaLa land” about mansions and cars, Hollywood’s make millions off talents used to merely reinforce their ideas of materiality and idolatry.

    But, he said he wanted to be independent… but that was just a buzz word. It didn’t mean anything. Within 6 months I realized that all this guy was ever gonna do was hold our ideas for a ransom from Hollywood. Meaning, we couldn’t make the film until we got at least $10,000. Never mattered how many other videos we shot and how much gear passed through… he just couldn’t find it in himself, to believe we could make the movie without a big budget. That $10,000 was the proof he wanted to see before we went forward…

    (Meanwhile “Charlie bit my finger” is one of the most watched videos on YouTube.)

    What you may/may not know about Hollywood is that it’s basically a prostitution empire for artists, who used to be revered as shamans, magicians, etc. Hollywood tries to recruit as many of us they can, then steal our ideas, infiltrate our soul groups with their media mind games and cause us to either enslave/feed like a parasite off one another, or turn against one another if any of us go against the grain. This is why the female artists are oversexualized and under utilized, and men are either taught to fear for their lives and harbor a huge ego as a result [and]/or become emasculated psuedointellectuals who use their ability to smile and nod and say “tell me more” to draw you into their mundane existence.

    We must become people of action. Whether or not Hollywood give a green light or someone puts down $10,000. THOSE ARE NUMBERS IN A COMPUTER… but if there’s no inventory to attach that to, it’s definitely never gonna happen.

    And I don’t mean becoming obsessed with the finished product. Take things one step at a time. Challenge people. Enroll them. Dare them to get involved and give it their all.

    Long story short, I gave 3 years of my hard work to that project that never happened. I got out, but not without sending a message… You steal my life force and I will teach you a lesson. I don’t expect you to learn it. We don’t care if you do. But, I’ll make sure you never want to make me cry again. My screenplays, my art, and who I am… my children… my little universes. As their god you will feel my wrath if you forsake my mission.

    Thank you.

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    Co-operation is the new corporation…

    February 10th, 2014

    **click the numbers to read the foot note**

    (This is gonna be quick. I’m spending the day with my son and away from the computer.)

    I am MY OWN Corporation. Corp refers to the body… a single body.

    Do you see? When the law allows corporations to act as one entity or one person even though many workers are involved, this can work for a specific cause or a project with a clear goal and end date. Otherwise it is not fair for the law to recognize corporations as single entities just as they would a single person.

    Look, everyone has to work alone sometimes. You may be afraid to be alone, and if so you eventually enslave everyone who dares love you as you avoid real living and always have someone to pass the buck to when the go and gets tough. Pardon me, if I didn’t use hackneyed language I might be getting a little upset just thinking about some of the people I’ve had to leave behind, or literally kick to the curb because they were just too damned insistent on keeping an angry or frightened viewpoint. When I say literally kicked I do mean that when it comes to a scared little person (usually sexually attracted to me or even in love with me) who uses people and then squanders all of the credit and even resources for our survival. When I am being fed a line so I will believe and work my ass off for a project/labor of love, that line either better be true or the person using my talents needs to compensate me; and that will be accepted as currency if a positive attitude and mutual respect/true concern for the other’s well-being cannot be afforded. I will honestly take kindness and respect before money… but I will not work for nothing, especially if I have to put up with lying and/or cowardice. My voice and stories and perspective, I now know, are very important. I’ve got to be my own operation, security included, as much as my cuteness and adeptness makes many people unable to let me go or let me run the show.

    I was once tricked by a corporation to deliver intelligence that would later enslave my fellow man and woman… people who cultivate our earth for food. For those of you who think I’m speaking riddles, I’ll say it outright – I used to work for Monsanto. I did not know that this was the same company that produced the harmful chemicals that are probably responsible for my autoimmune disease. Now that many men are mind controlled (1) to enslave women, especially beautiful and/or gifted women, the exact same way, I am wise to it and fighting back. Those who enforce the program don’t know they are doing it… they truly believe that if they simply label themselves free and peaceful, their misdeeds will go unnoticed.

    Although we all deserve equal rights, this is not a homogenous culture. We are all totally different, just as we are similar, but most of the social considerations/understanding goes to people who can clearly be identified as “white”/”black,” and further, “employed” or “unemployed.” But these terms are far too vague to categorize the human being. Each one of us is an individual far beyond our biological expression, but those mysteries lie within each person’s own soul and vision, which one can only see if he/she is left alone for a length of time.

    Of course, many people who have a job, never get this time. This includes the people who form groups, but call themselves a single entity like corporation.

    So what happens if you never get the alone time needed for self-reflection and self-analysis? This disconnection is the true basis of fear. Once this fundamental robbery makes it’s claim on society… well, here’s one more hackneyed phrase that fits too well to pass on… all hell breaks loose. This is the type of evil Carl Jung spoke of when he warned that man knows far too little about himself. This man will delude himself and others indefinitely, as everyone is made a slave to his ego. The ego thrives on pride, so it will never allow the host to admit that he needs help or has shortcomings. And no, accepting help doesn’t mean pretending to be helpless and simply lying about one’s true intention to mooch off you until they overcome their fear, their incompetence or both. Living a powerful life is a combination of giving all that you can and accepting life as it comes to you… bravely, openly, honestly… and if you’re a real master… kindly.

    So remember, we are always connected and we are ALL ONE. Our successes, as well as our failures in relationships are completely reflective of everyone involved. Honor the love you share and the battles you stand for your belief in love. The stronger you remain, yes, the harder you may fall… but also, the clearer it will be that you are love itself and anyone not a match will drift away. And please, let people drift away as they must. When you retaliate out of loneliness, you’re either abusing your true love or giving a jerk ammo to suck your soul. Suck my soul? Yeah, does have a tendency to feel like that… but, I’m actually being quite literal here. Many of the heartless jerks on this planet are closer to reptilians than you might realize, and it is simply an evolutionary effect to either stimulate themselves or you with negative energy. Reptile people don’t believe in love for whatever reason and will use every experience of love as further proof that love doesn’t exist. On one hand it’s called narcissism, on the other, it’s called most people on a bad day in the Western society. Reptiles live in duality and they try to train others to do the same.

    Love is not just the smiles and the laughs and the lust… it is also the tears, and the growth, and the repentance. People/Reptiles who refuse to accept all (yes, love is the only thing that could be ALL) that love is, ultimately act completely against their hearts, especially when the stakes are high. That’s because the emotions are inevitably high at times when the stakes are high, so its likely that one will go into run for your life mode (ie. avoidance, aggression, additive behavior, what have you)… this is when we say and do the things we don’t mean. Yes, it happens sometimes, but it’s more automatic for some people and completely automatic for reptiles. And that is not your battle – it’s theirs, and your honor to set an example. Once they realize that love is the only thing worth fearing for, that person may make the sacrifices necessary (2) to evolve the other parts of their brain for fuller brain functioning and the resultant, more peaceful/successful relationship(s). But in the meantime, a deadened heart begets other deadened hearts. Strengthen yours with your attention and pray for the broken-hearted… and remember that someone who would break your heart is broken-hearted themselves – the tendency to do that was obviously laid before you entered their lives. So don’t let your pain turn to wrath… let that pain be your baptism, as Khalil Gibran might suggest.

    Everyday… Here’s a tip. You can literally hit your own personal replay button if a conversation or experience isn’t progressing positively or lovingly. Hit that button in your mind and change your language… Instead of cursing someone, hit replay and wish them well. If you don’t approach someone with kindness, hit replay and try again. Somehow, acting this out really makes it feel like the ideal result was the only result 🙂

    Also… Free yourself from the limiting mind/body construct with your attention to your heart. If you watched my 2nd episode of World Redress, then you learned about the meditation called “Heart-centered breathing.” When you give your attention to how your heart is doing, you make the choices for the greatest good, and when this is your lot… no one can harm you and the vampires can’t stay.

    My YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/catmoonericson

    UPDATE: I am going to start reading books at the information channel http://www.youtube.com/user/theduderinokarchives. Just a hint at what’s on the list… The Secret Destiny of America by Manly P. Hall. Can’t wait!

    1. Brainwashing can happen in the corporate work environment that emphasizes a surrendering of one’s rights (you have to be there when they want you to be, for instance), punishment, “survival of the fittest,” and erases/suppresses individual identities/original ideas. Many do not realize it, but this is eerily similar to military tactics. We have allowed it because money is associated with survival, and we’ve become trained to see it’s presence or absence in our lives or others as a measure of our/their character. Ever heard of military time? Ever realized that the difference is that the clock goes to 23 instead of starting over at 12. Even your nights are controlled while you’re a soldier… and you just think you’re not a slave because you get to sleep at night. If this doesn’t describe your life, may you be so blessed and let’s pray for those for whom it does! (back to place in article)

    2. A negative mindset can be cured with maximum doses of bio-available nutrition and language re-programming, or some type of neurolinguistic programming. You can work with a specialist, but sitting down with a gratitude notebook, or practicing Non-violent communication (click this link… I’ve timed the video to begin right where the master explains this concept.) and writing a script of an ideal outcome for a difficult situation can also work wonders. Just enforce the positive changes until they become habits, and always get back on the wagon if you fall off. You are worth it! (back to place in article)

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    The Violence of Avoidance

    December 26th, 2013

    Magicians who have forgotten who they really are can be very dangerous if they are negative people, or wonderfully useful and a pleasure to be around if they choose to live positively. This is a world where it is a choice, which has it’s benefits for creative expansion and challenges for being confusing or scary.

    Because we are vibrational beings ruled by our Hearts, EVERYTHING WE DO has the potential to effect one another whether we are “physically” in each other’s presence or not. Consider this… we generally only consider ourselves to be in another’s physical presence if we can see each other. That is a mere interpretation we make with light/data we collect using our eyes, or an interpretation with our ears if we’re close enough to “hear” the other, also. But vibration actually extends far beyond the source, and because it is basically traveling energy and energy, we know, is never created or destroyed, that means that what we do can possibly be measured or tracked across great distances… light years? Who knows? Why not…?

    For this reason, two aspects of reality are essential for our TRUE FREEDOM. They are Artistry and Activism. At the most basic level, artistry addresses the need to make things beautiful; while Activism simply refers to taking action. And, in other considerations, such as appearance and delivery, the combinations and types of expression are endless.

    Beauty implies “balance,” and it takes a wise person to make their life beautiful. Our society teaches you that beauty is empty, but it is not. Beauty is one of the most direct testaments to a person’s commitment to goodness and honor. To be beautiful is to be independent, brave, creative, and consistent. Many people do not expect to be looked at, so they do not try to improve or tidy up their image: these people neglect the opportunity to give a gift to all who gaze upon them. Beauty is of a delicate air, and although physical disruptions can occur, we should know that peace will always be restored. Beauty is primarily something we feel, but we’re taught to only see. Beauty indicates that there is something to be learned, that the learner can become more beautiful himself.

    Beauty is of a delicate air…

    Who’s to say what is beautiful? Everyone draws their opinions from a different set of past experiences, right? Well, maybe expressing the observation of beauty is more than sharing an opinion. There does seem to be some common consensus on what is beautiful. Now that we know we are actually looking at the same beautiful, and ancient, representations of shapes everywhere we turn in a Globalized Society, perhaps we can assume that these refer to something that always has been and always will be.

    On a personal level, beauty quite often correlates with sexual attraction. And out in Globalized Society… Hey, isn’t that a depiction of Horus’s falice inside the Vesica Pisces? And now, quick! What is the story image we’re sold? The United States of America… it’s ancient. It has always been here! It’s TRUE.

    On that note, I think it can be said that beauty is sacred. Beauty must be nourished, not exploited, and displayed, not squandered. But, if we can be told that the Washington Monument is a symbol for the Asexual Government; there’s a chance we can be told and made to believe any number of cover ups… but that does not negate the power that’s used. And, why shouldn’t it be made be available to everyone? Just remember, it’s your mental attention that fuels the power of the sacred, and your positive belief that creates the gifts.

    One of the biggest misunderstandings of Adults today is that violence only refers to overt physical assault. Yes, that appears to be true as glorifications of all violent historical events and potentially violent government occupations fill our air ways with their simple-minded scenarios of bad guys and good guys. But, it is my belief that there’s another kind of violence, a violence against a person’s right to their own feelings and passions. This way, you don’t have to kill people: they kill themselves.

    People usually think that my happiness and creativity can be attributed to a carefree or privileged upbringing. The truth is that I gave birth to and cultivated my way of thinking using art. After following almost every artist who truly moves me, into their personal lives, sometimes I seek them out but they always end up being totally glad I did… I’ve learned that artists channel parallel realities that can be observed and manipulated by others, and often those people aren’t even related to the artist… or so we might think in our compartmentalized 3D ‘I see’ space time understanding.

    The world now changes faster than anyone could ever imagine, and that has only happened in 30 short years. But I propose: Is that because humanity already has a propensity toward sharing technology and on some level, intelligence itself? And if we ask our hearts, might we find that if we live on Earth we are Family. No poetic sort of’s or maybe’s about it.

    I would like to make the case that humanity does have the incredibly profound, but currently, still slightly underused, power to share their intelligence with one another. And each person, the more aligned they are with a spiritual science, or what we now know as religion with LOVE in their hearts and belief in their observations and their calls to action; the more they will connect in Global, and perhaps Cosmic Consciousness ie. Oneness

    Yes, Oneness because that is natural for a one World Family. Family is a technology – let’s learn how to use it and share it!

    Now, I’ll discuss Activism…

    Activism is about setting up the rules… after someone actually goes out and attempts the designated endeavor. It’s about delegation, and committing to a project until it is absolutely complete. It also means sharing your wealth, time, and talent. And, it means being a stand for that cause regardless of signs of approval from outsiders. If we confine ourselves by being concerned with being liked/looking good, we’ll always be hiding or faking it.

    Activism is always entangled with risk, where you’re aware of it or not. Activists must HOLD THEMSELVES AS THE ACCOUNTABLE ONES, which is determined by whether or not the person is willing to reveal his identity. Activists who don’t take risks for fear of losing their oh so comfortable and sweet approval endanger their fellow activists even more. Do not become an activist if you will EVER betray the cause. Then we call you a double agent, and you must redeem yourself with immediate action to counter your betrayal… if you even get the choice/chance. But make no mistake, you attracted each person in your life FOR A REASON. Each person comes as an entire culture unto himself (I heard something like this on the radio today, too!). Let’s start truly LEARNING ABOUT ONE ANOTHER by trusting loving behavior instead of retaliation or avoidance. And let people go when they are hurting and when we haven’t put forth the effort to heal them. That person would be better off healing on his/her own…

    Let me be clear. We do not come into contact with one another to get ahead or serve only our individual selves better. We meet each other in order to heal each other… physically, spiritually, karmically, to heal the heart, mind or soul. And, healing requires commitment and devotion.

    Get comfortable with being Uncomfortable…

    We must face the problems in the world. We must be a stand for the lives of others, and not fan the fires of misery with uneducated language and turning a blind eye to suffering. We must try to consider the other person’s needs, and realize the strain and strife we cause for them if we’re doing what we’d like/what we’re used to; over making the new unknown work. We’ve got to be willing to distribute, at least some of our wealth, whether it’s wealth of knowledge, money, creativity, or other (like exposure, which is a relevant one these days for entertainers and artists); and quit withholding from each other because of the Mind Control Program “Gotta Conserve/Stock/Store” or “my contribution doesn’t matter or will be thwarted.”

    We can actually keep giving and giving and giving… wealth, independence, encouragement, respect… no matter how the person we think we’re giving it to responds. Because, if we EVER stop doing this, on this planet today, we begin to recreate mental slavery for ourselves, and the people who have to deal with us. As R. Buckminster Fullers said, the myth is scarcity. So, that’s probably where we’d want to start if we truly aimed to help others and ourselves.

    Who Would You Be If You Kept This In Mind to Turn EVERY SINGLE SITUATION AROUND to represent abundance. You wouldn’t forget not to withhold what’s most important, like Love? Because remember, it’s always only a choice between fear and love.

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    If I Only Ate Figs for the Rest of My Life, I’d Probably Be Much Happier…

    December 23rd, 2013

    Than I am today… December 23, 2013. I once learned that I don’t have to get sick in the wintertime if I properly equip my body and immune system. Thank you body, for the information…

    Now that I am reviewing the massive amounts of information from theduderinokarchives YouTube channel, it is clear that I must become disciplined and focused, like I was when I first encountered this information. That was 2007, and it was the year I discovered the raw/living foods diet to combat my uncontrollable health. As much as I hated asking for money, I called up my former legal guardians (my closest equivalent to “parents”)… and with $3,000 that needed to last me indefinitely, seeing as I could no longer work due to a degenerative disease, I found myself an apartment in Brooklyn (my home at the time). Thankfully my rent was free after the first month and for most of the year (just one of those completely unpredictable gifts from God), so I took over the kitchen and set up shop. I quickly spent a few hundred dollars buying a blender and all of the exotic super foods I learned about from my YouTube gurus. Then I spent more money to start a tiny raw desserts business my partner and I called PureJoy Comestibles. I was the chef. My roommate/partner, after losing 30 lbs and looking totally fabulous (thanks for my raw cheffing and her incredible diligence), became the front woman. We catered a few parties, I would even sell meals to friends who came to the apartment and sat at the kitchen table, and I made raw chocolate bars to order.

    Here’s are examples of those first videos that inspired me so much:

    Shazzie: Superfoods are for real Part 1

    Ultimate Smoothie with David Wolfe

    It was difficult to stay on the diet sometimes, especially because I was an emotional eater. As much as my needs always seemed provided for by the Unseen, I had always been trained to worry about the future, especially if I didn’t have a superior and wasn’t getting an official paycheck, and especially if I was going to live in New York City. But, when I was raw, certain abilities that I now realize coincide with Ascension became accessible to me. For instance, I could read people’s mind, access time control, and get by with three hours of sleep without blinking an eye. But, without someone, a real live person whom I could consistently share with… I always fell off the wagon. I never grew up with anyone who supported or understood my move toward greater nutrition, and although my sister did join soon enough, we never lived in close proximity and she had her own issues with going in and out of the lifestyle. And, I always suffered terribly when I tried to eat like “normal” people, but a few times, without any assistance or support I didn’t have much choice. Reminds me of getting stuck out in Brownsville for a week, and when I asked for a “vegetarian” sandwich my friend came back with a white bun, a little bundle of weak shredded lettuce, a disgusting slathering of mayo spread and a processed cheese slice. I was hungry so I ate a couple of bites, but I quickly realized I’d rather starve than experience the painful inflammation that little Frankenfood delight was bound to unleash.

    Today, I watched a video of FullyRaw Kristina being a stand for what I know to be the most cosmically aligned and positive lifestyle I have ever considered or experienced, and I re-awakened.

    When asked why she made the transition, she spoke of hitting rock bottom in terms of her health and, basically made the change to save her life. But, she wasn’t the least bit dramatic about it, or critical of the diet that got her to that “rock bottom” state (“SAD” or, the Standard American Diet). Her only focus was the treasure she had found with her living foods lifestyle, and simply being the miracle that her hope, discipline, and LOVE has made available.

    I am changing my diet and joining the ranks of those out there keeping the dream alive for a raw food world. Back in 2007, although I wasn’t on YouTube then, I was making my mark in a big city and sharing with everyone I knew… and even helping to transform others as a personal chef. Now that I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom once again, I am ready to go to that “extreme,” but the truth is that nothing is extreme once you get started. It’s amazing how much a truly positive change sinks in quick!

    It may be hard to relate to Kristina if you are not as healthy as she is (not many people are in 2013), but I can attest to her sincerity having experienced the miracle of a raw food diet. Once I started as a raw chef I sometimes felt I didn’t need to learn from my peers and that I had my own style that was just as good or better. But, that’s not what it’s about. It’s about joining a community and a society of people who care about making their world a better place. I want what Kristina has. I’m going to do what I have to do.

    Looking forward to January 5th 2014!!!

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    It’s the Age of Information… What Have We Learned?

    December 11th, 2013

    Now is NOT the time to give up… because we know it all… or, we’re already doing it and it’s not working yet, or, it will never work…

    NOW is the time to begin. YES, TRULY BEGIN. That means… CHOOSE WHO YOU ARE GOING TO BE. Never look back. No sleeping with the enemy… “I’ll do it if it was done to me (or if others do it)”… “I’ll do it online (no one can see me or knows who I really am)”… “But that person was soooo wrong and soooo disrespectful and soooooo ungrateful I have to speak my mind/teach them a lesson”…

    Yes, there are people who are going to choose the side of resistance (arguing/fear/anger/violence). Just remember that, although they may be unpleasant: NO ONE HAS THE POWER TO PERMANENTLY SEPARATE YOU FROM CONSCIOUSNESS, and usually, you’re the one giving up your right to be conscious with violent thoughts, speech, or actions. You cannot entertain judgments and anger when you are conscious, because consciousness has nothing to do with thinking. Consciousness is our only TRUE Freedom, All of the time and Any time. You want to lose the weight? Learn to paint? Discover your incredible physical abilities? Make your relationship work this time? There is a way!

    YOU MUST BECOME PRESENT and Maintain this presence for as much of your day as possible. The only tools you need are your breath and awareness… the mind thought-forms, and what seems outside of you… these things seem real, but they are not, unless you give them attention. WHAT YOU ARE IS THE PRESENCE ITSELF and no thought or material form can come close to encompassing that truth. If magic is any sufficiently advanced technology, as Arthur C. Clarke said, and technology is the result of consciousness directed toward an end, than what can be labeled more advanced than Consciousness Aware of Itself? Maybe that’s the point from which “magic” occurs? Machines will never surpass human intelligence, because the true intelligence exists outside of programming, in a moment that only a Being can access… NOW !

    But life’s fractal nature appears segmented when flooded with the constant stimulus of Globalized Earth’s Digital Experience… making it seem like there are many other moments other than Now. Machines and Humans are similar in that they can be trained to ignore the present moment and follow protocol. Realize that This Moment is Important and says everything about Eternity (the linear “yesterday/today/tomorrow” construct is simply to get you to the holiday sale and work on time). All is One: You cannot compartmentalize your life… if you treat telemarketers like trash and give attention to the thoughts that they are bad people or less than you, that script is bound to come out before your family or friends, and especially at the wrong times, when we act emotionally instead of rationally. If you think that how you treat one person you don’t know or “who deserves it” doesn’t affect your other relationships, think again! It is worth it to take every moment to practice compassion… and if the person on the other end “really doesn’t care about you” (which is not likely), just thank them and hang up. In real life you can do the same. The other day I ran into a friend of mine. He’s really quite brilliant and I love talking about revolutionary ideas, so I’ll often stop to talk to him when I see him. The other day when I ran into him, he was entertaining a negative thought pattern about his ex-girlfriend. I listened for a couple minutes, then my negativity radar (my heart) gave me a sign and I just told him, “I hope you can forgive her, but I can’t listen to this. I don’t know her… I really do hope you can reconcile one day.” He actually said he hoped they would too, as I stepped away from the conversation. I daresay he had a better idea because I was willing to speak up, rather than letting him continue his patterned thinking.

    Now, also REALIZE, if you want someone to change their behavior – you HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE YOURSELF AND SEE THE CHANGE IN OTHERS AND, ESPECIALLY, THE VERY PEOPLE WE WANT THE CHANGE FROM/FOR, whether you feel you can trust the outcome or not. Ask yourself now… What is the point of not believing? And what is the point in questioning, rather than doing your best and demonstrating the change yourself. There are no humans on this Earth who are absolutely incapable of evil behavior while others are, and those that are… we miss our own opportunity to learn and change when we judge them and say they are not as smart, weak or evil themselves. We Are All One, and some of us would be amazed at who we would be if our lives had been different. You are not better because you’ve never had to fight, nor are you better because you know the art of fighting… We must come together as WARRIORS FOR THIS PLANET AND UNIVERSE (EVERYONE INCLUDED). If We Finally ALL JOIN THE SAME SIDE, WE’LL HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR AND CAN HELP EACH OTHER by sharing our skills, experience, and UNIVERSAL NEED FOR UNITY AND HEALTH (= LOVE).

    (This is a great time to do yourself a favor and take a few deep breaths. You might even find yourself enjoying these moments to an irresistible degree. Make a display of it! Enjoy! And encourage the people around you to take a moment and relax.)

    When we tell each other to “WAKE UP,” this is the type of BRAVERY we need people to wake up to and PERFORM. Yes, WAKE UP… then Be the CHANGE and BELIEVE! And further, BE A STAND FOR THAT BELIEF. When you want to fire back at misdeeds/violence, speak to the person(s) instead: “I KNOW YOU ARE PEACEFUL! I KNOW YOU ARE LOVE! I KNOW YOU ARE CONSCIOUS AND AWARE AND WANT PEACE FOR ALL, JUST AS I DO! LET US COME TO AN AGREEMENT, TOGETHER. I CARE FOR YOU! I STILL LOVE YOU! WE ARE FAMILY!”

    Art by Kyle G. Anderson

    If anyone out there can begin to do this daily, we’ve got a really good chance to save this World. And trust me, you want to… You know how sensuality, abundance, and peace has been lacking from common experience. It’s because PEACE WARRIORS have been sleeping.


    We must Stop Assuming We Know Each Other! Let’s OPEN UP, ASK QUESTIONS, LISTEN, AND LEARN FROM and ACCEPT ONE ANOTHER.

    THIS IS A REALITY OF INCLUSION. Everything is as it is for a reason (it is not your place to judge, unless you want to waste your time and ultimately, entire life). EXERCISE COMPASSION and ACCEPTANCE… THEN BE YOUR BEST each moment, second, and with each word you utter… THEN WATCH YOUR DREAMS and the Dreams of those around You COME TRUE !!

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    Give It All You’ve Got… Give It All You’ve Got… Give It All You’ve Got.

    December 4th, 2013

    Every moment is a new chance to live, love, and be present to the experience that is consciousness. Forget your circumstances, and your impulses toward avoidance or anger. Be Presence and Stay Present. Stay calm and BREATHE… Meditate randomly throughout the day, when you find your mind wandering or you just get, even the slightest urge… A Little Presen(ts) Never Hurt Anyone!

    art by Christophe Vacher
    (art by Christophe Vacher)

    There is nothing natural about hurting each other. A combat situation is generally announced/planned/a “well, he had it comin’,” but we live in a world that is now trained to believe that combat is necessary randomly and without warning. Those are the lies depicted and spread by Television, Uninspired Game Companies, and Hollywood. WE ARE VIBRATIONAL BEINGS, and although we are interacting with many different dimensions all of the time, we only perceive what we are TUNED to perceive.

    Thankfully, we have a Mind we can program with our language and words to behave and respond in whatever manner we choose, regardless of what we are perceiving! (Ever wondered why they called it… “Casting a spell”? Yes, You do have access to magic(k)… All of The Time ! )

    So realize that if you believe someone tried to hurt you, realize they did not. And even if they did, it’s still better for you to believe they did not. If you do have to fight, you won’t be blinded by anger… but truly believing no harm was intentional is usually enough to stop a confrontation. Always Remember: Another person’s reason to be angry with you is none of your business. Maintain your Grace and do not EVER be the fool who begins the fight. Just listen, have compassion, and do not tune into victimism – YOU ARE POWERFUL. YOU ARE LOVE. BE A STAND FOR THE WAY YOU WISH TO LIVE AND YOU WILL BE SWEPT UP BY ANGELS TO THE PLACES YOU BELONG.

    “You don’t know enough to worry!”

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    Today is the 50th Anniversary…

    November 22nd, 2013

    Of a great man’s Ascension. He spoke the truth, when he didn’t have to.. because he could and because people would listen. He knew this, and called in higher forces to illuminate the public and inspire beauty in the world. The higher forces I speak of, we have access to all of the time, but this physical reality was born of a past that turned away from the truth. yes, in many cases, we were led to… and in others, we chose by our own free will, and became leaders of the illusion.

    All generous hearts lament the leader killed,
    The young chief with the smile, the radiant face,
    The winning way that turned a wondrous race
    Into sublimer pathways, leading on.

    Grant us to Life that though the man be gone
    The promise of his spirit be fulfilled.

    -John Masefield
    Poet Laureate of England, 1963

    When poet John Masefield “cast the spell” that JFK live again through his spirit “fulfilled,” one must look to himself and ask:

    Why must the passing [on] of such a great man create such sorrow? What was God saying when he allowed this to happen? So violently, so early in a man’s life… and more recently, to his brother and son as well? Why could his spirit not be fulfilled as he lived, safely and peacefully?

    I will not dignify the conspiracy by mentioning it here… Death happens, and it happens proportionate to a person’s experience.

    THE WAY JFK was killed says much more than some of us may have realized…

    (Even if “the Lone gunman” theory was true… I’ll respect whatever anyone believes here…)

    If a person’s experience, including the way they died, reveals that person’s inner truth, than I think we can say that JFK’s hidden struggle was far more frightening than he was allowed to say to us on TV… and he left the way he did because the truth will prevail beyond all odds. A violent death is so low vibration and crude… and this death in particular, reveals the truth of those aspects running a muck in our government.

    THANK GOODNESS THAT IS OVER ! As I believe this, I invite the spirit John Masefield spoke of in his poem to come forth and gently influence our hearts and minds once again. WE ARE NOW READY TO RECEIVE YOU AND LET YOU LIVE AMONGST US IN PERFECT PEACE.

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    MKUltra Mind Control Government Shutdown: Re-Claim Your Galactic Citizenship (Pt. 3)

    November 18th, 2013

    Who are you… really?

    This is the most confusing concept that a human being can attempt to grasp, but I can tell you right now that YOU CAN COME TO UNDERSTAND YOUR TRUE NATURE. You can have a basic understanding of WHO YOU REALLY ARE by the time you are finished reading this article. Who you are is a feeling, not a thought…

    First off, the determining factor to who you are is ultimately, your spirit body, which was created by way of a story your parents made up based on their circumstances, dreams, and beliefs. You came into this life with the hope that you would reconcile the very circumstances, dreams, and beliefs as you needed to and live out your true nature… because YOUR SPIRIT IS HOPE, THE PURE HOPE TO HELP AND HEAL EACH OTHER, WHICH YOUR PARENTS EXPERIENCED THROUGH LOVING ONE ANOTHER. Your true nature is unconditional love… which is the opposite of what we’ve lived the past several centuries, because of corrupt governments, who’ve known that keeping us separate from our spirit would keep us divided as a people. Without connection to spirit, we become data specialists simply classifying everything that comes our way, rather than staying present and living in peace. This does not mean happiness all the time (we all know the beauty of a worthy challenge). Peace is simply the recognition that the gain and the means are equivalent.

    Now, understand: the manifestation of this “story” can become a great invention, a great work of art, or other collaboration that is not biological. Yes, what you might think is just a piece of art hanging in a gallery or a fake story acted out on a screen actually has a spiritual life of it’s own.

    art by Alex Grey

    So, the biological collaboration that happens between a man and a woman when they choose to be sensually intimate mirrors the spiritual connection: A HUMAN BEING IS A WORK OF ART. A human being can also be a statement, as in my case… to say that love will prevail in the face of war. A human being is whatever they believe they are, and that knowing comes from a place that is beyond the physical world we’re currently programmed to worship above all else. Now that I’m intensely deprogramming myself to share love with another person in that most sacred union, the final battle is on the field of my own self-criticism and self-judgement… because my true nature is love in the face of any and all odds. Yes, my body was programmed to be ruthless (especially toward myself), but my spirit is the driver and she is here to harbor peace in the storm… especially for love.

    Please watch this film to better understand the true nature of “reality”…

    You, like most people, may have been taught that consciousness has the most to do with the brain. Consciousness actually has more to do with the heart. Every human being’s life starts with the heartbeat, and this was never an isolated force, nor will it ever be. There is one force, consciousness, and as conductors of consciousness we download who we really are from the field that supports our very existence. This field is unseen and ultimately impossible to measure. Time is merely a perception, or a construct of the mind, and this perfect system will always send us clues and reminders as to what we are truly meant to contribute. If you are noticing synchronicities and singularities, congratulations! That indicates that your atunement extends into your physical reality!

    Our actual human emotions have been treated as “symptoms,” which eliminates the possibility of natural responses to human life. Realize that everything you are experiencing is the result of what you must experience to be who you really are… especially the things you don’t like. Your healing is actually the greatest gift you can give anyone you love, including yourself. Once you learn how to give to yourself, you will effortlessly give to the world and the field will respond with the fortune we are all truly endowed at birth. Honor is the hidden treasure you experience when your capacity for reverence and gratitude goes beyond sensorial data, which is more important than money. Money is nothing without Honor, hence this statement and many others like it: “crime doesn’t pay.” When you cultivate honor, you’ll be provided for even if the money runs out or times get tough, and that’s where you find true wealth in life. You can only see the great power of God when circumstances go outside of your acknowledged abilities and resources. Only in a space of mindlessness and surrender can you feel the essence of that which you really are… and this essence will provide all of the REAL GIFTS and opportunities in your life.

    So now, it’s your turn…

    Here’s the Ascending Pathway, which I mentioned in the Part 2 Addendum, once again…
    1. Introspection
    2. Self-Analysis
    3. Adjustment
    4. Righteousness
    5. Pure Knowledge
    (re-read MKUltra Mind Control Government Shutdown: Re-Claim Your Galactic Citizenship (Pt. 2) – ADDENDUM)

    Look at your parents and your life and ask yourself now… what might be that untold story of why you are here? Once you begin to tell your story, the unseen rises up as the best crew you’ve ever seen to help you create the beautiful piece of art that is YOU!

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    MKUltra Mind Control Government Shutdown: Re-Claim Your Galactic Citizenship (Pt. 2) – ADDENDUM

    November 14th, 2013

    What do I do with all of the extra time I have now that I’m not watching network television?

    Just remember, you can catch shows like Ellen online. Avoid watching anything that promotes “sum zero” games; like football, the Food Network, and other shows where there are winners and losers.

    Now, you have the time to put into your own Ascension! This is the whole point of living. You can feel excited that you are embarking upon the most amazing, fascinating, and yes, at times challenging journey ever! This is the Warrior’s Journey.

    Who is the happy Warrior? Who is he
    That every man in arms should wish to be?
    It is the generous spirit, who, when brought
    Among the tasks of real life, hath wrought
    Upon the plan that pleased his boyish thought:
    Whose high endeavors are an inward light
    That makes the path before him always bright:
    Who, with a natural instinct to discern
    What knowledge can perform, is diligent to learn;
    And in himself posses his own desire;

    -William Wordsworth

    The Ascending Pathway (from The Mastery of Destiny by James Allen)
    1. Introspection: observation or examination of one’s own mental and emotional state, mental processes, etc.
    2. Self Analysis: the application of psychoanalytic (the relationship between conscious and unconscious) techniques and theories to an analysis of one’s own personality and behavior, especially without the aid of a psychiatrist or other trained person
    3. Adjustment: adaptation to a particular condition, position, or purpose
    4. Righteousness: conducting ourselves in a moral way creates HAPPINESS 🙂
    5. Pure Knowledge: Knowledge and Information, the power of which NEVER FADES !

    THIS life is not merely what it seems to be. Hidden from our eyes by the cloak of materiality is a wonderful world which only the eyes of the dreamer can see and the soul of the mystic comprehend. The stony walls of conventionalized thought and commercialized ideas shut from the view life’s noble path. But as the ages pass, some see the greatness of the Divine Plan and comprehend the glorious destiny of the human soul. Sorrow, suffering, and loneliness are the great builders of character. Man never becomes truly great until his heart is broken. That is the supreme test. Those who are deepened and broadened by their experiences rise triumphant from the ruins of their dreams and pass on fuller destiny.
    There are theories which appeal to the reason, and there are truths which the mind can never know. Through the ages the emotion and intellect have struggled with each other for dominion over the soul and man has foolishly allowed his servants to become his masters.
    Religion is not merely intellectual – although it must be logical and reasonable: religion, in order to unfold the spiritual nature, must be enshrined within the heart.
    Every individual who comes into the world is a Lonely One – a stranger in a strange land. At birth he begins a search which continues until he is laid away in death – and probably afterwards. Few can define the object they seek. If they only realized one thing, the quest would be ended – each searches for himself.
    We live in a world of shadows. These phantoms are our not-selves, but most of us mistake them for the real Self. Only ages of sorrow and suffering can bring that discrimination which shows us what is really worthwhile, and develops that determination which strengthens us for the attainment of the greatest good.

    Introduction from The Ways of the Lonely Ones, by Manly P. Hall

    What can I expect to achieve when I follow My Own Destiny?
    1. Peace and Clarity with Your Goals and Mission
    2. Pride in Who You Really Are
    3. Pride in Your Abilities and Intellect, as well as appreciation of those qualities in others
    4. True Love with Your Beloved Soul Mate
    5. A Connection with Your Eternal Nature, ie. Immortality

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    MKUltra Mind Control Government Shutdown: Re-Claim Your Galactic Citizenship (Pt. 2)

    November 13th, 2013

    Art by Mark Henson

    Our world is in crisis. It is time to stop watching network television. It is time to stop supporting all businesses who draw us in with television and radio commercials, while their masses of products are not truly needed. We can buy whole foods at local markets and farmer’s markets. We can entertain each other by sharing music, truly original art and ideas, and information. We can organize our own sporting events and perform our own dance moves. The reason why there are wars is because our society is dependent on and addicted to masses of products made by corporations that exploit the land, resources, and people of foreign countries. Then, they trick us into fighting wars to force and maintain control in those countries.

    You are a car and your mind is the driver.

    Consciousness is the gas – negativity is the brakes and positivity is the acceleration.

    Consider the quality of the gasoline.

    And, the journey is totally up to the driver.

    It is time to stop watching network television. We will eventually move away from spending money, but for now, we must stop looking at them. No more stars on TV or Hollywood or radio with tons of commercials advertising fast food. TURN IT ALL OFF.

    It is time to look inside yourself. The person you are actually seeking is YOU.

    You know that the food is bad for you and the government is lying. You know there’s something seriously wrong with Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. You know that a few of the biggest “stars” at the Grammy Awards look mentally ill, and it’s very strange how many performers die mysterious deaths on mysterious days, mysteriously young and drug addicted.

    not a good role model

    It is time to stop supporting strange fetishes for fame, fortune, and transhumanism. We must return to nature now, or we may not ever get the chance to again.

    “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; it is the source of all true art and science.” -Albert Einstein

    How does it feel to be the most fascinating person you know?

    You can count on one thing when it comes to other people: no matter who they are or how famous they are, he or she is going to do something that you have relatively little power to control. Sure, you can influence, suggest, persuade… but at the end of the day, if that person is conditioned to perform a certain way and truly believes that behavior is good for them, there’s not much you can do to change it. So, now you’ve got “other people” figured out. If they do something beautiful or exceptionally good, that is interesting, but otherwise, no one is more interesting than YOU. You can actually affect what you’re going to do – THAT IS AMAZING AND UNIQUE!

    Anastasia - Book 5 - Who We Are

    You are a mind-controlled body system entity with a spiritual resonance awareness cycle moving through an alternating time space, space time reality in a free-will zone made of a “thinking stuff,” otherwise known as consciousness, which is completely free of mind/mental organization and will merely reflect the whole back to itself in understanding and balanced “cause and affect reasoning” oneness, ie. singularity.

    Human Beings are the only species who have access to the present moment as an active, observant, and moral participant… no matter what the circumstance. Because of our relationship to the present moment, we have access to consciousness. Consciousness creates the field from which frequency resonates, and life occurs as a continuing organizing and reorganizing system. “Break downs” are always synonymous with creation, and the only difference between events is our emotional response, which is determined by Karma.

    When you stay present, you are rewarded with a fascinating life that is completely created from your imagination!

    Mind control is natural. Each person’s consciousness is his or her own greatest gift! We put our faith in machines (including television), computers, and mathematics; but these constructs can only ever tell you about the past. There is nothing interesting about the past, unless it is educational and telling you something about your own true nature. YOU are the only thing in your life HAPPENING NOW! You are the only thing that actually qualifies as “news”.

    The Twelve Laws of Karma: The Law of Creation

    Life doesn’t just happen, it requires our participation.
    We are one with the Universe, both inside and out.
    Whatever surrounds us gives us clues to our inner state.
    Be and do yourself.
    Do what you want to have in your life.

    And BE CAREFUL NOT TO JUDGE. You must continue the challenge, especially when it’s a challenge.

    That is how You ASCEND.

    When you give your attention away, you give your power away. Put the attention back onto yourself, and the watcher within.

    “Buddha says: Your innermost core is simply empty. It has never done anything. It cannot do. It is a witness, by its very nature.” continue reading “Your Consciousness is a Mirror”

    So, is there really something out there aiming to get me or feed off my energy?

    Yes, they are the ones who are inherently defeated (there’s an aspect of this is all of us).

    Success will always feel uncomfortable because getting what you want is simply removing the obstacle of experiencing yourself… and experiencing yourself puts you face to face with your mission, which calls for selfless action and total responsibility.

    JUST REMEMBER: No computer is greater than Consciousness. Global consciousness is REAL! We are compassionate and progressive: It is the machines running on a loop that implant the impulse for poisons and madness.

    When you take full responsibility and dare to become conscious and stay conscious in face of impulse, you are unconquerable because enemy mind control is dependent upon your identification with impulse, based on memories, which can be quite carefully planted in a closed, entertainment/entrainment police state. If anything existed before useless technology and the media, it was the spaciousness that allowed great art, natural foods, creative ideas, and amazing architecture like the ancient Egyptian pyramids… all inexplicable in the midst of 9 to 5 human trafficking.

    A Real and Beautiful World resonates within you. Begin to explore the cosmic plane, only accessible with resonance awareness ie. emotion! This is very exciting. Magic will being to happen for you when you do this!

    Why do you feel so good when you take a moment to relax? Maybe YOU are the only drug or entertainment you actually need. Enjoy the Power that is YOU!

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    for the Philipines: We Pray and Send Perfect Peace

    November 11th, 2013


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    EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Control Your OWN HEALTH (Please Read & SHARE)

    November 10th, 2013

    I did not write this. It was given to me. This powerful knowledge changed my life FOREVER. I now pass it on to you…

    Human blood pH should be slightly alkaline ( 7.35 – 7.45 ). A pH of 7.0 is neutral. A pH below 7.0 is acidic. A pH above 7.0 is alkaline. An acidic pH can occur from, an acid forming diet, emotional stress, toxic overload, and/or immune reactions or any process that deprives the cells of oxygen and other nutrients. The body will try to compensate for acidic pH by using alkaline minerals. If the diet does not contain enough minerals to compensate, a build up of acids in the cells will occur.

    An acidic balance will: decrease the body’s ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients, decrease the energy production in the cells, decrease it’s ability to repair damaged cells, decrease it’s ability to detoxify heavy metals, make tumor cells thrive, and make it more susceptible to fatigue and illness.

    The reason acidosis is more common in our society is mostly due to the typical American diet, which is far
    too high in acid producing animal products like meat, eggs and dairy, and far too low in alkaline producing
    foods like fresh vegetables.

    Additionally, we eat acid producing processed foods like white flour and sugar and drink acid producing beverages like coffee and soft drinks.

    We use too many drugs, which are acid forming; and, we use artificial chemical sweetners like NutraSweet, Spoonful, Sweet ‘N Low, Equal, or Aspartame, which are poison, and, extremely acid forming.

    One of the best things we can do to correct an overly acid body is to clean up the diet and lifestyle.

    To maintain health, the diet should consist of 60% alkaline forming foods & 40% acid forming foods.

    To restore health, the diet should consist of 80% alkaline forming foods & 20% acid forming foods.



    (Source: Dr Thoedore A. Baroody, “Alkalize or Die”, 1991)

    To help determine your current level of acidity, these are listed as beginning, intermediate and advanced symptoms.

    Beginning Symptoms:

    1. Acne
    2. Agitation
    3. Muscular pain
    4. Cold hands and feet
    5. Dizziness
    6. Low energy
    7. Joint pains that travel
    8. Food allergies
    9. Chemical sensitivities to odors, gas heat
    10. Hyperactivity
    11. Panic attacks
    12. Pre-menstrual and menstrual cramping
    13. Pre-menstrual anxiety and depression
    14. Lack of sex drive
    15. Bloating
    16. Heartburn
    17. Diarrhea
    18. Constipation
    19. Hot urine
    20. Strong smelling urine
    21. Mild headaches
    22. Rapid panting breath
    23. Rapid heartbeat
    24. Irregular heartbeat
    25. White coated tongue
    26. Hard to get up in the morning
    27. Excess head mucous (stuffiness)
    28. Metallic taste in mouth

    Intermediate Symptoms:

    1. Cold sores (Herpes I & II)
    2. Depression
    3. Loss of memory
    4. Loss of concentration
    5. Migraine headaches
    6. Insomnia
    7. Disturbance in smell, taste, vision, hearing
    8. Asthma
    9. Bronchitis
    10. Hay fever
    11. Ear aches
    12. Hives
    13. Swelling
    14. Viral infections (colds, flu)
    15. Bacterial infections (staph, strep)
    16. Fungal infections (candida albicans, athlete’s
    foot, vaginal)
    17. Impotence
    18. Urethritis
    19. Cystitis
    20. Urinary infection
    21. Gastritis
    22. Colitis
    23. Excessive falling hair
    24. Psoriasis
    25. Endometriosis
    26. Stuttering
    27. Numbness and tingling
    28. Sinusitis

    Advanced Symptoms:

    1. Crohn’s disease
    2. Schizophrenia
    3. Learning disabled
    4. Hodgkin’s disease
    5. Systemic lupus erythematosis
    6. Multiple Sclerosis
    7. Sarcoidosis
    8. Rheumatoid arthritis
    9. Myasthenia gravis
    10. Scleroderma
    11. Leukemia
    12. Tuberculosis
    13. All other forms of cancer
    14. Obesity
    15. Diabetes


    Shifting Your pH Toward Alkaline…

    This chart is for those trying to “adjust” their body pH. The pH scale is from 0 to 14, with numbers below 7 acidic
    ( low on oxygen ) and numbers above 7 alkaline. An acidic body is a sickness magnet.

    This chart is intended only as a general guide to alkalizing and acidifying foods.


    Barley Grass
    Beet Greens
    Chard Greens
    Collard Greens
    Edible Flowers
    Fermented Veggies
    Green Beans
    Green Peas
    Mustard Greens
    Nightshade Veggies
    Parsnips (high glycemic)
    Sea Veggies
    Spinach, green
    Sweet Potatoes
    Wheat Grass
    Wild Greens

    Dandelion Root

    Banana (high glycemic)
    Cherries, sour
    Coconut, fresh
    Dates, dried
    Figs, dried
    Honeydew Melon
    Tropical Fruits
    Umeboshi Plums

    Tempeh (fermented)
    Tofu (fermented)
    Whey Protein Powder


    Chili Pepper
    Herbs (all)
    Sea Salt

    Alkaline Antioxidant Water
    Apple Cider Vinegar
    Bee Pollen
    Fresh Fruit Juice
    Green Juices
    Lecithin Granules
    Mineral Water
    Molasses, blackstrap
    Probiotic Cultures
    Soured Dairy Products
    Veggie Juices

    Calcium: pH 12
    Cesium: pH 14
    Magnesium: pH 9
    Potassium: pH 14
    Sodium: pH 14

    Although it might seem that citrus fruits would have an acidifying effect on the body, the citric acid they contain actually has an alkalinizing effect in the system.



    Winter Squash

    Canned or Glazed Fruits

    Bran, oat
    Bran, wheat
    Crackers, soda
    Flour, wheat
    Flour, white
    Hemp Seed Flour
    Oats (rolled)
    Rice (all)
    Rice Cakes
    Wheat Germ

    Almond Milk
    Black Beans
    Chick Peas
    Green Peas
    Kidney Beans
    Pinto Beans
    Red Beans
    Rice Milk
    Soy Beans
    Soy Milk
    White Beans

    Cheese, Processed
    Ice Cream
    Ice Milk

    Peanut Butter

    Corned Beef
    Organ Meats

    Avacado Oil
    Canola Oil
    Corn Oil
    Flax Oil
    Hemp Seed Oil
    Olive Oil
    Safflower Oil
    Sesame Oil
    Sunflower Oil

    Corn Syrup

    Hard Liquor

    Soft Drinks

    Drugs, Medicinal
    Drugs, Psychedelic

    Beer: pH 2.5
    Coca-Cola: pH 2
    Coffee: pH 4

    ** These foods leave an alkaline ash but have an
    acidifying effect on the body.



    Trophology introduction

    “Compared to Taoist concepts of balance, the Western notion of a ‘balanced diet’ is simplistic and superficial.

    Western physicians advise everyone to take ‘a little of everything at every meal’, jumbling together such disparate
    ingredients as meat, milk, starch, fat and sugar.

    Such indiscriminate consumption of food is no different than pouring a combination of gas, oil, alcohol and sugar into the gas tank of your car. These blends will not burn efficiently, will provide little power and will quickly clog up the engine so badly that the entire system grinds to a halt.

    The following advice given to the founding Emperor of the Ming Dynasty on the occasion of the authors 100th birthday,
    clearly reflects the fact that the ancient Chinese were well aware of the importance of the science of food combining.

    ‘Food and drink are relied upon to nurture life. But if one does not know that the nature of substances may be opposed
    to each other, and one consumes them altogether indiscriminately, the vital organs will be thrown out of harmony and
    disastrous consequences will soon arise. Therefore, those who wish to nurture their lives must carefully avoid doing such damage to themselves.’

    [Chia Ming, Essential Knowledge for Eating and Drinking, 1368 AD].

    In plain English, the Yin and Yang of diet boils down to ‘Trophology’, a term which you and no doubt your doctor, have probably never heard before.

    Modern medical training in the West, especially in America, is notoriously deficient in nutritional science, although there are a few enlightened nutritional scientists in America and Europe today who, despite sneers from their peers in the medical establishment, are making great medical strides through the science of Trophology.

    The Western scientific equivalent of Yin/Yang balance in food combinations is something we all learned in elementary high school chemistry: acid/alkaline balance, or ‘pH’. We all know that if we did add a measure of alkaline to an equal measure of acid, the resulting chemical solution is as neutral as plain water. That’s the principle behind reaching for bicarbonate (a strong alkaline) to relieve ‘acid indigestion’.

    It is an established scientific fact in Western medicine that, in order to initiate efficient digestion of any concentrated animal protein, the stomach must secrete pepsin. But it is also a
    well-known fact that pepsin can function only in a highly
    acidic medium, which must be maintained for several hours for complete
    digestion of proteins.

    It is equally a well established fact of science that when we chew a piece of bread or potato or any other carbohydrate/starch, ptyalin and other alkaline juices are immediately secreted into the food by saliva in the mouth. When swallowed, the alkalized starches require an alkaline medium in the stomach in order to complete their digestion.

    Anyone should be able to figure out what therefore happens when you ingest protein and starch together. Acid and alkaline juices are secreted simultaneously in response to the incoming protein and starch, promptly neutralizing one another and leaving a weak, watery solution in the stomach that digests neither protein nor starch properly. Instead, the proteins putrefy and the starches ferment owning to the constant presence of bacteria in the digestive tract.

    This putrefaction and fermentation are the primary cause of all sorts of digestive distress, including gas, heartburn,
    cramps, bloating, constipation, foul stools, bleeding, piles, colitis, and so forth.

    Many so-called ‘allergies’ are also the direct result of improper food combinations: the bloodstream picks up the toxins from the putrefied, fermented mess as it passes slowly through the intestines, and these toxins in turn cause rashes, hives, headaches, nausea, and other symptoms commonly branded as ‘allergies’.

    The same foods that cause allergic reactions when improperly combined often have no ill-side effects whatsoever when
    consumed according to the rules of Trophology.

    The final fact of the matter is this: when you immobilize your stomach and impair digestive functions by consuming
    foods in indiscriminate combinations, the bacteria in your alimentary canal have a field day. They get all the nutrients and thrive, while you get all the wastes and suffer.”


    Protein and Starch

    “This is the worst possible combination of foods to mix together at a single meal, and yet it is the mainstay of modern Western diets: meat and potatoes, hamburgers and fries, eggs and toast, etc.

    When one consumes protein and starch together, the alkaline enzyme ptyalin pours into the food as it’s chewed in the

    When the masticated food reaches the stomach, digestion of starch by alkaline enzymes continues unabated, thereby
    preventing the digestion of protein by pepsin and other acid secretions.

    The ever-present bacteria in the stomach are thus permitted to attach the protein and putrefaction commences, rendering nutrients in the protein food largely useless to you and producing toxic wastes and foul gases, including such poisons as indol, skatol, phenol, hydrogen sulphide, phenylpropionic acid, and others.

    If that is the case, you may well wonder, then why does the stomach have no trouble handling foods that naturally contain both protein and starch, such as whole grains?

    As Dr. Shelton points out, “There is a great difference between the digestion of a food, however complex its composition, and the digestion of a mixture of different foods.”

    To a single article of food that is a starch-protein combination, the body can easily adjust its juices, both as to
    strength and timing, to the digestive requirements of the food. But when two foods are eaten with different, even opposite, digestive needs, this precise adjustment of juices to requirements becomes impossible.”

    THE RULE: Eat concentrated proteins such as meat, fish, eggs and cheese separately from concentrated starches such as
    bread, potatoes and rice.

    For example, eat toast or eggs for breakfast, the hamburger patty or the bun for lunch, meat or potatoes for dinner.


    Protein and Protein

    “Different proteins have different digestive requirements. For example the strongest enzymatic action on milk occurs during the last hour of digestion, whereas on meat it occurs during the first hour and on eggs somewhere in between.

    It is instructive to recall the ancient dietary law which Moses imposed on his people [the Jewish people], forbidding the simultaneous consumption of milk and flesh.

    Two similar meats such as beef and lamb, or two types of fish such as salmon and shrimp, are not sufficiently different in nature to cause digestive conflict in the stomach and may be consumed together.”

    THE RULE: Eat only one major type of protein at a single meal.

    Avoid combinations such as meat and eggs, meat and milk, fish and cheese.

    Insure the assimilation of the full range of vital amino acids by
    varying the types of concentrated proteins taken at
    different meals.


    Acid and starch

    “Any acid taken together with starch suspends secretion of ptyalin, a biochemical fact of life upon which all physicians agree.

    Therefore, if you consume oranges, lemons and other acid fruits, or acids such as vinegar’s, along with starch, no ptyalin is secreted in the mouth to initiate the first stage of digestion. Consequently, the starch hits the stomach without the vital alkaline juices it needs to digest properly, permitting bacteria to ferment it instead.

    A single teaspoon of vinegar, or its equivalent in other acids, is all it takes entirely to suspend salivary digestion of starch in the mouth.”

    THE RULE: Eat acids and starches at separate meals.

    For example, if you eat toast or cereal for breakfast (starches), skip the orange juice (acid) as well as the eggs
    (concentrated protein).

    If you’re eating a starch-based meal of noodles or rice, avoid vinegar as well as concentrated protein (meat, chicken).


    Acid and protein

    “Since protein requires an acid medium for proper digestion, you’d think that acid foods would facilitate protein
    digestion, but that’s not the case.

    When acid foods enter the stomach they inhibit the secretion of hydrochloric acid, and the protein-digesting enzyme pepsin can work only in the presence of hydrochloric acid, not just any acid.

    Therefore orange juice inhibits the proper digestion of eggs, and a strong vinegar dressing on salads inhibits the
    digestion of steak.”

    THE RULE: Avoid combining concentrated proteins and acids at the same meal.


    Starch and sugar

    “It has been established that, when sugar enters the mouth along with starch, the saliva secreted during mastication
    contains no ptyalin, thereby sabotaging starch digestion before it reaches the stomach.

    Furthermore, such a combination blocks passage of sugar through the stomach until the starch is digested, causing it to ferment.

    The by-products of sugar fermentation are acidic, which in turn further inhibits digestion of starches, which require
    alkaline mediums for digestion.

    Bread (starch) and butter (fat) is a perfectly compatible combination, but when you spread a spoonful of honey or jam over it, you introduce sugars to the blend, which interferes with the digestion of the starch in bread.

    The same principle applies to breakfast cereal sprinkled with sugar, heavily frosted cakes, sweet pies, and so forth.”

    THE RULE: Eat starches and sugars separately.



    “Melons are such a perfect food for humans that they require no digestion whatsoever in the stomach. Instead, they pass quickly through the stomach and move into the small intestine for digestion and assimilation.

    But this can happen only when the stomach is empty and melons are eaten alone, or in combination only with other fresh raw fruits.

    When consumed with or after other foods that require complex digestion in the stomach, melons cannot pass into the small intestine until the digestion of other foods in the stomach is complete.

    So they sit and stagnate instead, quickly fermenting and causing all sorts of gastric distress.”

    THE RULE: Eat melons alone or leave them alone.



    “One should avoid any sort of sweet dessert after a big meal, for this type of food combines poorly with everything.

    Even fresh fruit should be avoided right after a big meal because it will back up in the stomach and ferment instead of digest.

    If you really have a ‘sweet tooth’ and crave cakes, pies and pastries, indulge your habit occasionally by making a whole meal of them.

    They are still not good for you but at least taken alone they will not cause as much gastric distress and toxic by-products as when taken after meals.”

    THE RULE: Avoid sweet starchy desserts, as well as fruits, after large meals of protein or carbohydrates.


    Milk and dairy

    “Now we come to one of the most controversial and misunderstood items in the Western diet.

    Orientals and Africans have traditionally avoided milk- except as a purgative. But in the Western world, people are told to drink milk everyday throughout their lives.

    If we look at nature, we see that the young feed exclusively on milk until weaned away from it with other foods. The
    natural disappearance of the milk-digesting enzyme lactase from the human system upon reaching maturity proves that adult humans have no more nutritional need for milk than adult tigers or chimpanzees.

    Though milk is a complete protein food when consumed raw, it also contains fat, which means that it combines poorly with any other food except itself. Yet adults today routinely ‘wash down’ other foods with cold milk. Milk curdles immediately upon entering the stomach, so if there is other food present the curds coagulate around other food particles and insulate them from exposure to gastric juices, delaying digestion long enough to permit the onset of putrefaction. Therefore, the first and foremost rule of milk consumption is, ‘Drink it alone, or leave it alone.’

    Today, milk is made even more indigestible by the universal practice of pasteurization, which destroys its natural enzymes and alters its delicate proteins.

    Raw milk contains the active enzymes lactase and lipase, which permit raw milk to digest itself. Pasteurized milk, which is devitalized of lactase and other active enzymes, simply can not be properly digested by adult stomachs, and even infants have trouble with it, as evidenced by colic, rashes, respiratory ailments, gas and other common ailments of bottle-fed babies. The lack of enzymes and alteration of vital proteins also renders the calcium and other mineral elements in milk largely unassailable.

    During the 1930’s, Dr. Francis M. Pottenger conducted a 10-year study on the relative effects of pasteurized and raw milk diets on 900 cats. One group received nothing but raw whole milk, while the other was fed nothing but pasteurized whole milk from the same source.

    The raw milk group thrived, remaining healthy, active and alert throughout their lives, but the group fed on pasteurized milk soon became listless, confused and highly vulnerable to a host of chronic degenerative ailments normally associated with humans, including heart disease, kidney failure, thyroid dysfunction, respiratory ailments, loss of teeth, brittle bones, liver inflammation, etc.

    But what caught Dr. Pottenger’s attention most was what happened to the second and third generations.

    The first offspring of the pasteurized milk group were all born with poor teeth and small, weak bones- a clear cut sign of calcium deficiency, which indicated lack of calcium absorption from pasteurized milk.

    The offspring of the raw milk group remained as healthy as their parents.

    Many of the kittens in third generation of the pasteurized group were stillborn, while those that survived were all sterile and unable to reproduce.

    The experiment had to end there because there was no fourth generation of cats fed on pasteurized milk, although the raw milk group continued to breed and thrive indefinitely.

    If that is insufficient proof of the ill effects of pasteurized milk, take note of the fact even that newborn calves fed on pasteurized milk taken from their own mother cows usually die within six months, a fact which the commercial dairy industry is loathe to admit.

    Despite such scientific evidence in favor of raw milk and against pasteurized milk, and despite the fact that until the early twentieth century the human species thrived on raw milk, it is actually illegal to sell raw milk to consumers in all but a few states in America today.

    It is far more profitable to the dairy industry to pasteurize milk to extend its shelf-life, though such denatured milk does nothing whatsoever to extend human life.

    Furthermore, pasteurization renders milk from sick cows in unsanitary dairies relatively ‘harmless’ by killing some, but not all, dangerous germs, and this too cuts costs for the dairy industry.

    It required only three generations for Dr. Pottenger’s pasteurized milk fed cats to become sterile and enfeebled. That’s about how many generations of Americans and Europeans have fed on pasteurized milk. Today, infertility has become a major problem for your American couples, while calcium deficiency has become so rampant that over 90 percent of all American children suffer chronic tooth decay.

    To make things worse, milk is now routinely ‘homogenized’ to prevent the cream from separating from the milk. This involves the fragmentation and pulverization of the fat molecules to the point that they will not separate from the rest of the milk. But it also permits there tiny fragments of milk fat to easily pass through the villa of the small intestine, greatly increasing the amount of denatured fat and cholesterol absorbed by the body. In fact, you absorb more milk-fat from homogenized milk than you do from pure cream!

    Women worried about osteoporosis should take note of these facts about pasteurized milk products. That such denatured milk does not deliver sufficient calcium to prevent this condition is abundantly evident from the fact that American women, who consume great quantities of pasteurized milk products, suffer the world’s highest incidence of osteoporosis.

    Raw cabbage, for example, supplies far more available calcium than any quantity of pasteurized milk, yogurt, cottage
    cheese, or any other denatured dairy product.

    Recent studies at the Human Research Centre in Grand Folks, North Dakota, indicates that the element boron is also an
    essential factor in absorbing calcium from food and utilizing it to build bones.

    Even more noteworthy, the level of estrogen in the blood of women given sufficient quantities of boron more than doubled, eliminating the need for estrogen replacement therapy, which is a common stopgap measure against osteoporosis in the West. And where do we find boron? In fresh fruits and vegetables, especially apples, pears, grapes, nuts, cabbage, and other leafy vegetables, where we also find calcium. Nature has already provided abundant sources of all the vital nutrients we need in synergetic form, but man insists on cooking and processing them to death, and then wonders why his diet doesn’t ‘work’.

    Adults should seriously reconsider milk as a constitute of their daily diets, unless they are able to obtain raw certified milk, which is an excellent food.

    To stuff children with pasteurized milk in order to make them grow ‘strong and healthy’ is sheer folly, because they simply cannot assimilate the nutrients.

    Indeed men, women, and children alike should eliminate all pasteurized dairy products from their diets, for these denatured dairy products only gum up the intestines with layer upon layer of slimy sludge that interferes with the absorption of organic nutrients.”

    THE RULE: Eliminate pasteurized and homogenized milk entirely from your diet.

    If raw certified milk is available consume it as a whole food in itself, not in combination with other foods.

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    Protect Yourself In the Face of Bio-Terrorism

    November 8th, 2013

    I’m currently in Austin, TX. We left Atlanta about a week ago, and because of certain disclosures I was keeping my eyes open for a false flag attack or signs of martial law the first week of November 2013, and especially on November 7. Our regular neighborhood drive in the couple days leading up to 11/7/13 did reveal an inordinate number of police vehicles, anywhere from 2 to 5 of them; on neighborhood streets, the major streets and some parked in parking lots, in front of schools, etc. The sky here has been consumed by chemtrails the last 2 or 3 days, not to mention the periodic spraying that’s occurred since I got here. And, in the last day or so, K and I have experienced some cold symptoms. I also noticed a few strange, small grey spots around my neck, very subtle and not raised or affecting the superficial skin texture: that was the one symptom I couldn’t classify as a normal symptoms, which we initially attributed to a cold. This morning K showed me that his hand was shaking, which also had me wondering.

    After some research I found a compelling video that discusses the launch of rockets, which delivered an alarmingly large payload of the Alkali metal Lithium from Virginia and down the eastern coast of the U.S. on July 4, 2013. The video describes the symptoms of lithium exposure, and I realized that our symptoms coincided with those and others I discovered through a little research.

    I am not here to convince you that this is happening. I’ve just decided that it would not be beyond “them” to do this, so it’s simply time to protect ourselves. There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that harmful chemicals are added to the water and food supply, and spraying metal into the air would be an obvious enhancement for the neurocomputing electromagnetic frequency mind control system.

    Here’s how you can protect yourself and detoxify:

    Drink plenty of purified water. DO NOT DRINK PLAIN TAP WATER AGAIN, not until the government gets a new hobby and stops polluting everything they possibly can.

    Add Spirulina or Chlorella tablets to your diet. These are not supplements – they are a protein rich food. These are freshwater algae, and very effective for cleansing the body of all types of metals and other toxins.

    Use proper salt. If it’s a sea salt it SHOULD STILL BE WET. Or, you can use the pink/red Himalayan salts. AVOID IODIZED SALT generally found in packaged foods, at most restaurants, and your grocery stores. Bring a little container of your own salt when eating out and try to get your dishes with little or no salt, then add your own. If you can acclimate yourself to the taste of fresh foods doused with freshly squeezed lemon juice, use that in place of salt. One of humanity’s next journeys will be to reduce the amount of salt in the diet.

    DO NOT EAT TOO MUCH. Impacting your colon causes diseases – this vital pathway within allows you to absorb minerals and detoxify. Also, overfilling your colon can affect the alignment of your spine, which will give you arthritis and other dangerous spinal cord issues.

    AVOID PROCESSED FOODS – they are highly addictive, so you will almost always eat too much, not to mention the poisons they contain, which you can really do without! Eat whole foods (quinoa as opposed to pasta, lentils instead of canned soup, etc.), and RAW FOOD as much as possible. Do not add a bunch of bottled sauces, dressings, or seasoning mixes… Add flavor to your food with Apple Cider Vinegar or Lemon Juice, toasted sesame seeds, crushed or ground cumin seed, unpasteurized miso, or fresh grated ginger and garlic… Get out there and try something new, natural and organic.

    DO NOT EAT CANNED ANYTHING, especially canned tomatoes and Campbell’s soup! Make your own soup by simply filling a pot with the following:

    Chopped veggies like zucchini/squash, onions, broccoli, sweet potato, kale, bell pepper, carrots, ginger slices, fresh tomato, hearty herbs like rosemary or thyme or bay leaf… add whatever you have/like and just let everything cook together in a pot until it’s as tender as you like, although leaving some life in your food is ideal (best to cook “low and slow”). You could add lentils to make the soup hearty and serve with brown rice for a nice family meal.

    Get creative! When you’re using good ingredients it is not a challenge to just mix ’em all together for a salad, or eat them steamed, oven roasted or pan sauteed (avoid non-stick pans – ceramic is best, or just use a pan without a chemical coating).

    Stay active and reunite with nature, where there’s plenty of fresh oxygen from trees and plants, like parks and forests. When you’d normally be watching TV or surfing Facebook, use that time to go out and climb a tree or take a walk in nature instead. If these chemicals are sprayed into the atmosphere, you’ll want to go where there’s fresh oxygen because the chemicalized air will build up inside of homes and other enclosures. You may want to invest in an air purifier, and open the window so that any stagnate air can move through.

    I’m wishing everyone the VERY BEST. I know we can get through this together. If you’re here now, you can feel very proud of how far you have come. K and I… WE LOVE YOU ALL !

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    We’ll NEVER Be Royals !

    November 5th, 2013

    “Royals” by Lorde

    [Verse 1]
    I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh
    I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies
    And I’m not proud of my address,
    In a torn-up town, no postcode envy

    But every song’s like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin’ in the bathroom
    Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room,
    We don’t care, we’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams.
    But everybody’s like Cristal*, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece.
    Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash.
    We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair.

    And we’ll never be royals (royals).
    It don’t run in our blood,
    That kind of luxe just ain’t for us.
    We crave a different kind of buzz.
    Let me be your ruler (ruler),
    You can call me queen Bee
    And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule.
    Let me live that fantasy.

    [Verse 2]
    My friends and I—we’ve cracked the code.
    We count our dollars on the train to the party.
    And everyone who knows us knows that we’re fine with this,
    We didn’t come for money.

    But every song’s like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin’ in the bathroom.
    Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room,
    We don’t care, we’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams.
    But everybody’s like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece.
    Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash
    We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair

    And we’ll never be royals (royals).
    It don’t run in our blood
    That kind of luxe just ain’t for us.
    We crave a different kind of buzz.
    Let me be your ruler (ruler),
    You can call me queen Bee
    And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule.
    Let me live that fantasy.

    Ooh ooh oh
    We’re bigger than we ever dreamed,
    And I’m in love with being queen.
    Ooh ooh oh
    Life is great without a care
    We aren’t caught up in your love affair.

    And we’ll never be royals (royals).
    It don’t run in our blood
    That kind of luxe just ain’t for us.
    We crave a different kind of buzz
    Let me be your ruler (ruler),
    You can call me queen Bee
    And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule.
    Let me live that fantasy.

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    AA Uriel ~ The Universe Works With You

    October 26th, 2013

    by Jennifer Hoffman,
    23 October, 2013 (posted 25 October, 2013)

    Do you know that the universe works with you and not for you? It is not possible for the Universe to give you something that you do not want or to create situations that you have not already energized in some part of your reality. The Universal energy does not create something out of nothing. It only creates that which you have already established energetic space for through your conscious or unconscious intention.

    As soon as you have defined the intention, you set up the vibrations that create the reality. Understanding this is the key to manifesting everything in life because it is how everything is manifested. And whether the intention is conscious or unconscious is not important; it is all the same to the Universe, which sees you as infinitely powerful, wise and always acting within your highest good.

    When you pray to God, or the Source, to ‘fix this problem’ the Universe is unable to respond to you because you have not created anything, there is no intention, and there is nothing to fix because there is no problem. The Universe knows that, either consciously or unconsciously, you created the situation that you see as a problem.

    And you must create the solution by energizing the possibility for a new aspect of your reality to be present. You may ask for help because you feel that the Universe is far wiser than you are, but that is also a fallacy. You have all of the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe at your disposal and your ability to use it is only limited by your beliefs that the Universe is wiser, more powerful, more aware of your potential and of what is best for you, than you are.

    That is why it is important for you to remember yourself as an equal part of Source or the Universe, as a co-creator of your reality in a divine partnership that exists to enable your reconnection to your divine beginning. You are so powerful that you create with every thought and word — what are you creating in this moment? Are you aware of what you are asking for?

    It is also important, at this time, for you to understand how you created what you see as difficulties in your life so that you can alter the beliefs and perceptions that are the foundation for those situations. If you do not take this step, then each new reality will reflect these beliefs, until you change them.

    Miracles are not a process through which the Universe creates something that you never dreamed to be possible. The Universe does not create miracles for you—you create them for yourselves by shifting energy and allowing for different perceptions of your reality. They reflect your faith and trust, a moment when you intend a new reality into being, without fear, expectations or judgment. You can only receive that which you ask for, believe you deserve, and know exists in your field of possibilities.

    As you manifest your reality remember that it is created from your beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and words. Help is always available to you once you understand that the Universe works with you to create miracles in your life and problems are fixed when you understand their source (which is you), acknowledge their lessons and the information that they have for you, and are willing to create a solution that reflects a higher level of understanding and self love.

    Copyright (c) 2013 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to http://enlighteninglife.com

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    MKUltra Mind Control Government Shutdown: Re-Claim Your Galactic Citizenship (Pt. 1)

    October 23rd, 2013



    My birth name is Catherine Moon Erickson. My twin sister and I were victims of MKUltra mind control program. We were part of the new generation of “Monarchs,” who could be trained, programmed and controlled in our own home, by our own parents, certain friends/acquaintances, and internet technology.

    The MKUltra program was apparently shut down in the 70’s. That was what the public was told, and a mass of documents were destroyed to make the public believe this was true. The experimentation and torture actually continued in secret… which was fitting because the program was no longer confined to secret rooms in secret buildings. These initial experiments of the 40’s through the 70’s took place to develop the technology for containing and controlling the population at large. It was the wish of the U.S. Government to be able to control each and every man, woman, and child remotely and as soon as they are born so that their lives are predictable, and worst case scenario, so they could be used to carry out a sinister agenda. We are also programmed to ridicule or turn against anyone who speaks against the programming.

    How Tele-Vision programs you: TV is specifically designed to play off the human need to, not avoid, but REMEDY pain. To clarify, pain is not a bad thing and it not natural for us to think so. Pain is nature’s influence to inspire us to consider consequences for your future and community, not repeat faulty behavior or behavior that made you ill, and accomplish tasks in the most efficient way and with cooperation. The media and almost everything on TV tells you that pain is bad and GLORIFIES comfort and the FAKE IDEAS of Approval and Security. As they place those fundamental misunderstandings in your head, the subliminal messaging is constantly stimulating your libido. Because sexual energy is actually life-force energy, after years and decades of watching TV you are bound to attach all of your passion to, risk your life defending the agendas promoted, and eventually die soul-less, supporting a fake life that you’ve become programmed to believe is you.

    My sister and I underwent trauma-based mind control, which means that we were severely abused beginning from birth. We were constantly yelled at, hit, beaten, and even our bowel movements were controlled. As early as two years old, we forced to defecate and urinate on command. Everything that was natural about us; our talents, sexuality, intelligence, and the need to ask questions and learn more; was used against us to control us further. We underwent sensory deprivation, being locked up in a dark closet for several hours. Children, especially young children, make little messes and mistakes. For us, these types of mistakes could cost us our lives and we lived in fear, even as infants and toddlers that our lives were constantly in danger. My mother was a mind controlled slave: she was programmed to inflict trauma so that none of our actions would take place without an intense fear of consequences. This would make us more likely not to do ANYTHING unless we were told how and when to do it.

    As the general U.S. population became controlled as well, our programming continued and became even more difficult to escape. I informed teachers and counselors, more than once, of the severe abuse we underwent; but it was government’s wish that our programming continued, until we were unquestioning slaves, either to be re-inducted into the military, to serve major corporations like Monsanto and the University system, and, if deemed necessary, to serve as Manchurian Candidates. Because almost every American household was affected by the project by 1980, we went through the program for almost all of our lives, from our birth in January of 1981 until December 21, 2012.

    We were removed from our home at age 3, which can happen because local officials often respond to obvious violence in the victim’s household, but our new caretakers were influenced/controlled to act as “handlers” (yes, like for circus animals). Handlers will create a close bond with loving kindness and praise, sometimes for years or while the victim is a young child, then switch all of a sudden and use guilt, ridicule, verbal abuse, excessive criticism and sometimes violence, although handlers are often aware that violence may affect their reputation or cause an intervention that will disrupt the program, so they’ll keep physical violence to a minimum. Because Monarchs have experienced such severe abuse and are desperate for love, this type of “switch” will cause them to do just about anything to regain the favor of their handlers. Meanwhile, the programmer may disappear for a while and return, with a new alter persona that appears friendly and comedic in public as they do their programming in private.

    My sister and I were placed in a foster home at age 3 because of the abusive programming. We did not stay with them long – we were chosen for more advance programming. It was known that my sister and I had the potential to be very intelligent and rebellious, so our programming would not be left to chance. A broken toilet and an ad at the local hardware store set up the circumstance for my grandfather, a handyman, to meet our handlers and tell them of his fear of losing his granddaughters. Our handlers, being well connected, were able to make a few phone calls and pick us up later that day.

    At first, the government could let nature take it’s course. There was genuine love between my sister and I and our new caretakers. Finally, my father (the programmer), after some counseling provided by the V.A. (Veterans Affairs – my mother and father met during the war in Vietnam), returned to continue the programming. Shortly after his return, our affluent new family began experiencing financial stress, which naturally made them question whether or not taking on so many kids besides their two biological children necessary (they also had two adopted children besides us)… and we better appreciate what they were doing for us. We were about 11 years old at the time. They still loved us, but our father started imposing a strong influence on all of us. Many of the techniques used by the programmer are used to put you at ease or distract you. For instance, my father would tell jokes: not just one or two, but one after another for hours. He would take us to horrifying films like Candyman and Seven. Mind you, we were not more than 14 years old. We were regularly taken to the shooting range and trained to take out “enemies.” He indoctrinated us with ideas that most people are mean, violent, stupid and innately dangerous. We were also taken to launch rockets, but we were never involved in the process more than watching and finding the rockets that eventually descended somewhere in the open field. My father said that launching rockets provided us the opportunity to explain to our handlers why we smelled like gun powder, if that ever became an issue. The key to our handlers being effective was that they could not know that we were being programmed behind their backs. So all of our fear and any strange behavior would be blamed on us and us alone. At this point, my father was very good as appearing completely benign. I pretended nothing was happening and as a student of acting, I played the part of the “ingenue.” My sister suffered a great deal as our handlers tried to control her desperate cries for freedom. This ultimately pinned my sister and I against each other, and only now are we rebuilding our relationship for the sake of my son, who is also being targeted and has a handler of his own, while for no explainable reason I am not allowed to be with him unsupervised.

    First off, it is important not to blame programmers, handlers or anyone else who carries out the procedures to create Monarchs. They’ve usually experienced severe abuse and programming themselves and truly cannot see the error of their ways. Do not blame yourself if you’ve succumb and you now have alters that haunt you. You are not alone! We must stand tall and exercise the abilities that were educated out of us by the abuse: compassion and forgiveness. Now is our chance to heal and tell our stories, and free as many other victims as we can.

    My sister and I now practice intensive deprogramming in order to heal our minds and hearts of the abuse, deprivation and lies used to keep us afraid and willing to submit. But it is “Faith, that “moves mountains.”

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    Praise the Mystery

    October 21st, 2013

    It is essential that we put our faith in the unseen. If you are religious, you may consider the one who loves us as a particular entity… like Jesus. And if I were to say “a force greater than yourself,” it’s something of a misnomer because there is nothing greater than consciousness aware of itself. So I say, whatever works. Just remember that faith is the key to happiness, and the only moment is now…

    Praise the Mystery. Work Your Magic

    Yes. The Unseen Loves You. It is what is “not there” that supports you. Every step you take and every word you utter pushes into the environment and the ether. It’s just so, that every move and word is deemed so important that the space, which is not much different from what you are (http://rgasperson.hubpages.com/hub/We-Are-9999-Empty-Space), will unquestioningly bow to you. And why? Our “greatness” takes up no more space than the point on a pin, while the expanse of the Universe is unfathomable.

    The answer is simple… Consciousness. It is our ability to be conscious that makes us Gods, and thus Rulers of this Wor(L)d.

    If we live in a reality that bows to consciousness, and we awaken to this truth, IMAGINE what this could mean for you. Look at all the great accomplishments that took place by the utilization of consciousness: this includes the hypothesis tested in a lab, but the place where the hypothesis came from can never be evaluated or quantified. So take that chance and Praise the Mystery (not what is seen) above all else.

    Like an infant who cannot tell you he needs to be held and adored, we care for him because, by an unknowable force we are led to, and it makes us feel good to do so. Even as the child grows older and can make his own decisions to disobey or make a mess, even then it still feels better to stay calm and smile, rather than react angrily/violently. Reactions are not conscious behavior (not to say they are wrong) and we should stand guard against these moments like Spartans on the battlefield, but with understanding and loving touch as our weapons.

    Once you become conscious, even while something inspires a negative emotion, you give LIFE to what is FOREVER. Each person, and now we consider… “situation,” has it’s own intelligence and will fulfill it’s best and most high purpose by the light of our consciousness and subsequent recognition of those blessings.

    Forgive any and all people who live unconsciously with their constant avoidance of the unseen, but let them walk away. Do not be fooled by their talk of gurus, even Jesus, or “Ascension” – it is how one lives that reveals everything. Notice generosity, responsibility, steadfastness, and intelligence in your fellow man… these are characteristics we can feel while we are in action for response to a situation… and ignore what you see and hear while not in action in order to accurately qualify someone to be your friend. The one who proclaims “I cannot give because I do not have enough for myself!” …Make no mistake – it is that very statement which keeps him in poverty. You will not be surprised to discover all the ways this person creates unimaginable filth and waste while they proclaim disempowerment and refuse to Seize the DAY.

    Repent for all actions based on reactions, which you know are entangled with evil (ridicule, violence, thievery, pain for others or yourself, avoidance, ignorance). You can only learn about forgiveness from the Unseen, and you will learn it by experiencing the unending mercy Yourself by saying “I repent.” No action is unforgivable, and the distinction “forgiveness” is only made in the face of evil because of our usual experience of “giveness.”

    We Are Blessed. Let’s reclaim our WORD and World so it may be rewoven into the beautiful flower of Existence !

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    YouTube World Premiere! World Redress TV is Online

    September 1st, 2013

    This episode of World Redress originally aired on People TV in January 2011. I’ve shortened it to about 12 minutes.

    Here’s what we’ll discuss in this episode:
    **What we see with our eyes vs. what we really are/what we are meant to do. (Eyes can only see what they are taught/conditioned to see.)
    **The body is a “data recorder” and the Eternal Spirit, which leads us to the circumstances which create our physical bodies, guide us every step of the way with preferences or dislikes.
    **The “thinking mind” can hold you back from your healing and true purpose if you don’t use reasoning, based on “Observable” Truths, especially those that come from your heart and emotions.”
    **Everything in existence is on a common journey that is connected – there is one joint purpose on this planet and in the Universe.
    **Realize that everything you encounter on your journey is thus for a reason, and it is most likely key for your expansion.
    **Spirit and Addiction are related. Understand that the feeling is the healing and stay conscious, as opposed to being dragged to a vibration of discontedness or longing. Express your needs as an individual: do not join groups or activities in order to quell emotions. Emotions are natural and important in and of themselves!
    **The “inspiration” of your own life, and dealing with it head on, makes you a Super-Being!

    Thank You for Watching! Please SUBSCRIBE at my YouTube Channel.

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    Television Finally Grows Up

    September 10th, 2011

    Prince talks about Chemtrails on TV

    Before the internet tranformed from particles of information to the living organism we now know, it was very easy for Network Television to help potentiate the polarization between people(s) that our government and mass media seems to love to foster and encourage. Celebrities were whatever major media outlets said they were, either demonized or adored at will, and we were told that being rich and famous meant being free of the common concerns of humanity. Maybe celebrities were able to divulge themselves, as Artist formerly known as Prince does in this interview, but this interview, solely confined to network television, wouldn’t have near the impact it does in our new world of YouTube and Google. There are two reasons why this is true: first, network television is not a “targeted” experience like watching a video on YouTube is. I clicked on the video because of the title (chemtrails caught my eye first, Prince was the clencher) so I had a completely open mind to the actual subject and content of this episode, whereas many people watching the interview on Network Television would be watching either because they happen to be flipping through channels at the that time of day, or to watch Tavis Smiley and not necessarily the interviewee. Or, they listen to the interviewee and hear something new, but in the past the information would usually have slipped away without a Google search to give further explanations.

    The truth is that Network Television’s primary goal is to host sponsored advertising. The secondary goal is the entertain or educate (not to be confused with inform). Most people didn’t question the goals of these TV networks because there really wasn’t a forum to do so, but the medium is destined to evolve as anything in the Universe does when impacted by the Human Mind. Being talked down to, overgeneralized, and coddled was only going to amuse us for so long. Just as we were babies, children, and now adults with Network Television, the medium itself has evolved and grown up, no matter how much Networks treated it as a static medium. Yes, the content has changed and become more relevant (ie. Mister Ed vs. Mr. Wizard), but the commercial innundation stayed the same. And as long as Networks could hide behind the false belief that non-organic entities don’t evolve as organic ones do, it seemed that the television and all it’s potential was doomed to remain squandered… until the true mind of humanity broke free of Networks and traveled the Underground Railroad built within the Internet.

    Many people say humanity is inherently lazy and greedy. This belief is underinformed, and was first perpetuated to enslave us within the “divide and conquer” mentality. I’ll reveal to the world now that the idea of the idiotic, helpless, dumbed-down mass of millions does not exist. People will listen, learn, and do what’s right when given the freedom and resources to do so. People act lazy and greedy in our society because this behavior is rewarded (conditioning) with a pretty picture of “security.” One underhanded way that laziness and greediness is perpetuated is all of this emphasis on “jobs, jobs, jobs;” like the American Jobs Act extravaganza that Obama was promoting on TV a few days ago. The discussion is extremely over-simplified: as if creating jobs, filling those jobs, and distributing paychecks is the magic formula to save America… but a “viral” number of people now know that the pipedream of “getting a job” is just that because the true concern in the heart of humanity is what am I doing and with/for whom am I doing it? It’s simply too late for Obama or any other people in power to lull us with job stimulus. We want freedom and basic human rights for available resources and systems that utilize the highest and most sustainable technologies so that we can create our own businesses, not to keep working for corporations who see these considerations as liabilities.

    Ironically enough, completely uncensored and non-Network sponsored, “people-sponsored” YouTube is the perfect example of how people are not lazy and will actually spend countless hours sharing experience and searching for information. The masses settled for Network Television because that’s what we were served… Not because we ever wanted it.

    YouTube wins the heart of humanity because it gives us the very thing Network Television never wanted us to have: a voice.

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    Recipe for Delicious Raw Vegan Tortillas (great Substitute for Corn!)

    September 7th, 2011

    recipes by Cat Moon Erickson at...
    Tacos! which I served with my Delicious Raw Vegan Tortillas (by left hand) and clean crisp Romaine lettuce.

    You are going to love this recipe! Learn it by heart because it’s a great basic recipe for raw vegan bread, pizza crusts, or sammie bread made right in your home dehydrator. Make something like crepes, cookies, or cannoli’s by replacing the veggies with fruit like apple, pear, mango, or any fruit you like!

    The Best Raw Vegan Tortillas

    3/4 Cup of Golden Flax Seed, ground in food processor to a dry meal
    2 – 3 small yellow squash, rough chop
    ** You can use zucchini (peel the skin if you want to look more like bread and don’t want the green color), but the yellow squash and the golden flax give the nice golden color of a tortilla. If you don’t care what they look like (usually I don’t – these were for a party), use whatever color flax and veggies.
    1 – 2 onions, rough chopped (yellow onions work well) – this may seem like a lot of onion, but it gets very mild and sweet when dehydrated!
    1 1/2 cups clean, filtered water
    1/2 cup Pumpkin Seed, ground in food processor until a crumbly powder
    Jazz up your tortillas with a little ground cumin or a couple tablespoons of cumin seeds, a couple teaspoons of paprika, fresh minced herbs like cilantro or basil, herbs de Provence, etc.

    In a food processor, blend your veggies while slowly adding all the water so you end up with a veggie “soup.” In a waiting mixing bowl have your ground flax seed, pumpkin seed and seasoning of choice thoroughly combined. Pour in your “soup” and use your clean hands to work some love into your batter until all the ingredients are fully mixed. If any dry spots remain, add a little more water and mix completely.

    Take your dehydrator trays and lay down your texflex sheets or wax paper and spread the batter out on each tray, in the shapes and sizes you desire. Spread them to about double the thickness of a regular tortilla (they’ll get thinner as they dehydrate). When making raw vegan tacos, I make the tortillas about the fourth of the size of a regular flour tortilla. Two or three of these little tacos make a good sized meal because raw food has the tendency to fill you up and satisfy your hunger more immediately.

    Set your dehydrator to 100 degrees farenheit and dehydrate the tortillas for about 4 to 6 hours. Flip them over for the last hour using a very thin spatula and take them off the paper or texflex at this point (let them continue to dehydrate on the mesh sheets). If they tear a little when flipping, just patch them back together with your fingers. The seams will easily seal up as the tortilla dries.

    They’re ready when they’re pliable and chewy. Dehydrate them a few more hours and you’ve got lavash, or crackers 🙂

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    PureJoy Comestibles: On set for ‘Ascend’ Trailer Shoot

    September 5th, 2011

    Last week I provided Craft Services for a film shoot. The director of this Made You Look Films Production hopes to set a new standard of filmmaking with his debut feature film. The film is about personal and professional ‘Ascension,’ and the director’s goal is to create a true Ascension for all of the cast and crew. So I was called to the set to use a very small budget and serve a very big goal and I knew I had to make it great so everyone on set could experience how fulfilling and delicious four days of on set healthy eating could be.


    When making food for a few days for a group of people, choose a few dishes you can make in bulk with well-balanced, but subtle flavors that can be combined and the flavors won’t conflict. As each dish runs low you can combine and consolidate them so you know exactly how much you need to buy in following days to replenish the overall supply of food.

    A couple of the fancy ingredients I bought were Coconut Butter and Oil, Coconut Aminos (delicious, even more like soy sauce than the Braggs Aminos), sliced raw almonds, and Sesame Oil (a little goes a long way and adds a distinctive ‘Asian’ flavor to salads, soups, sauces or dressings).

    With Coconut Butter, by Artisana, I made:
    -“Cream Cheese” for the breakfast sandwiches the first day
    – Herb Cheese (simply added the Braggs Sprinkle Seasonings) for Burritoes on the third day
    – The remainder of the jar went into a Goji Berry and Blueberry Dessert

    …and there’s that delicious “cream cheese”

    To recreate the “cheese” flavor, you just need a little sour and salt. You may also add just a little sweet, as I did to make this exactly like cream cheese. Combine melted coconut butter with Apple Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt to taste. To make the mixture more spreadable, add melted coconut oil. When the texture and thickness resembles cream cheese you’ve got it. To make it a little sweet like cream cheese I added the tiniest pinch of Stevia. Be careful with Stevia! Add less than you think you need and very slowly work your way up to the right flavor.
    Finally, spread on multi-grain rolls, bagels or a raw vegan bread of choice and top with thinly sliced tomato, onion, and a grind of black pepper.

    Made an Asian Cabbage Salad with one head of cabbage, shredded; 1 1/2 apples, shredded; orange segments from two oranges (cut segments away from the membrane, squeeze the juice from the de-segmented orange), a handful of Arame seaweed (will soak up the liquid that comes off the cabbage after you let salad sit for a good hour), a cup or two of sliced celery, a handful of the sliced raw almonds, 1 – 2 Tsp of Toasted Sesame Oil, Salt to Taste, Braggs Sprinkle Seasonings, Lemon Juice. The salad I used as:
    – A sidedish with a Butternut Squash Brown Rice Pilaf for lunch the first day
    – Layered with thin Avocado Slices for lunch sammies the second day

    Buy a jar of organic Kalamata Olives and Blend with Capers (and a little garlic if you like) to make delicious, robust Olive Tapenade. Olives and Capers are so flavorful, so they easily make any sandwich delicious. This I used for:
    – All sammies and burritoes I made quickly during the middle of the day while all cast and crew were immersed in the shoot. Kept these wrapped for later in the day (wanted something easy to grab since I thought I might not stay all day). Did end up staying all day because it was a busy shoot, but a girl can hope 😉

    I lightly roasted a Butternut Squash in the oven (my Dad grew it in the backyard!) and combined with cooked brown rice, sliced raw almonds (skins on) and Braggs Sprinkle Seasoning, salt to taste, lemon juice and avocado oil to make a delicious Pilaf. I used this for:
    – The main course at Lunch the first day (served with the Asian slaw and the remaining coconut “cream cheese” and rolls for breakfast)
    – One of the burrito components for Burritoes served the third day.

    Once you get through the first couple of days you just add a few ingredients to make a few more meals. I pulled out a head of broccoli on the third day to make a chopped broccoli salad for burritoes. These are the ones schmeared with the herbed “cheese” (simply combined the rest of the breakfast coconut “cream cheese” and the Braggs Sprinkle Seasoning). They also contained thin slices of Avocado.

    For the final day of the shoot we had a few snacks I could grab quickly: all natural fruit leathers (just blend any fruits you like, spread thin on a tex-flex sheet and dehydrate); apples; and then a hearty sandwich made with freshly made roasted red pepper hummus from a health food store, the rest of the tapenade, and lots of fresh green lettuce; all stuffed inside of whole grain spelt tortillas, which I also grabbed in a hurry. I do have a recipe for raw tortillas if you prefer.

    The sandwiches the second day were probably everyone’s favorite. All of the food was loved, but this was the most elegant and exciting little sandwich because of the subtle Asian flavors in the cabbage salad matched with the creamy Avocado. Leading actress Noree Victoria said she “loved them” and happily let me photograph her eating my proud PureJoy comestible.

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    The Fastest Fix for “Burger and Fries”

    September 5th, 2011

    …made with ingredients you’ll want to keep on hand in order to stay happily vegan. Or, make it RAW! by checking out my recipe for tortillas, which I’ll be posting tomorrow 🙂

    Fastest "Burger & Fries"

    1 Spelt Flour Tortilla: these are filling! Plenty of nutrition for a meal, especially when you serve with a side of Cacao Beans, which I think of as “fries” when I eat this comforting meal.
    1 – 2 Tbsp of Coconut Butter, warmed just enough to be spreadable
    1 Tsp of Apple Cidar Vinegar
    1 Tsp of Bragg’s Seasoning
    Light Sprinkling of Cayenne Pepper
    1 Large Handful of Greens like Arugula or Mixed Salad Greens

    Other delicious additions (any or all):
    Red Bell Pepper
    Olives or Olive Tapenade
    Broccoli marinated in Apple Cidar Vinegar, Olive Oil, and Bragg’s Seasoning or Unpasteurized Miso
    Soaked seaweed like Arame, Wakame, Nori, Dulse or any others you like! Try a new one like Laver or Sea Lettuce.
    1 Tsp of Avocado Oil to Dress the Greens (this delicious oil makes “staying healthy” so easy!)
    **Try and stay away from Meat and/or Dairy for this sammie. The tortilla is most digestible with a vegan fat source like Coconut Oil. If you must have dairy, try a sprinkling of organic goat cheese or feta. For meat, try a little steamed or smoked fish with a Raw Vegan Tortilla. Do not eat meat and dairy together – this Kosher rule is on the money.

    How to Assemble:
    Warm the tortilla in a dehydrator or oven until soft and fragrant. Lay flat on a plate and use a spoon to schmear the coconut butter onto the tortilla, starting at the center and staying within 3/4 of an inch from the edges. Use a circular pattern until smooth and spread evenly.
    Add the teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and Spread over the Coconut Butter – the two will combine into a sauce and will spread evenly over the tortilla.
    Sprinkle with the Braggs Seasoning, Dash of Cayenne Pepper. Then cover one half of the tortilla with your greens and veggies of choice, fold the other half over, say Grace, and ENJOY!

    Fastest "Burger & Fries"

    And for the “fries”: a little handful of Raw Cacao Nuts/Seeds, skins on. You’ll love the hearty flavor and texture of this amazingly nutritious food. Cacao = Real Chocolate; one of the most satisfying foods you can eat. I’m a nut for side dishes and even though the sandwich is delicious on it’s own, a little variation on the side gives me the satisfaction I need to tell me I’m done eating.

    Chocolate is not just for sweets! I love to add a few tablespoons of Cacao nibs to my raw chopped salads or nut pates (if you let them soak in water for about 10 minutes they become chewy, and they’re savory like any other nut).

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    The Falcon & the Falconer Are One: Encounter with the Mothman

    August 23rd, 2011

    The Mothman comes to visit, perhaps to send a message, but he does not communicate with language or sound.


    He may be considered “tall” for a normal man (around 6 1/2 feet tall). When you see him, you know that if there are any other Mothmen they’re probably very similar to each other, as animals of the same species appear similar… but, in Mothman’s case, all inexplicably strange. He never fully appears, as if he’s between worlds/dimensions. Some describe his red glowing eyes, others recount them as dark or impossible to make out. He also has giant wings that fold in behind him. Some say Mothman does not possess a head separate from his body, while others say he looks quite like a man, head and all (except the wings, of course).

    He’ll come and stand completely still like a statue, either near you, perhaps when you’re on the couch or bed. Or he’ll stand stoic and quiet in the corner. But his presence is unlike that of any other creature. Once you notice him (most people don’t and it’s hard to tell if he wants to be noticed), you know he meant to come and perhaps it was for you.

    When you see him, you know he’s there for a reason, but you’re so consumed with terror you lose the ability to think.

    You only know you will never be the same.

    If you truly believe that all creatures are filled with divine light and you look for that, even with the terrifying Mothman, you will find it. But if terror is all that resonates from within you, the fear of witnessing him in person can cause the type of fright that’ll drain the blood from your body and give you deathly chills.

    If you encounter the Mothman, it’s suggested you remember that all creatures are filled with divine light. This is the only way to cope with terror great enough to drive the average person mad.

    Thankfully, Mothman doesn’t usually appear to the average person.

    + + + + + + +

    It’s said that the Mothman was spoken of as the Birdman, or Thunderbird in Native American folklore.

    If the mysterious man with wings came to visit you, you were inducted into a secret society of healers and artists. He’s also said to appear at an important crossroads in One’s life.

    Or, he’s been described as a harbinger of doom… ie. when he was seen at Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West VA… a bridge that later collapsed and killed 46 people.

    Mothman is also known as a fallen angel, a devil, an extraterrestrial… but he never hurts anyone, or even moves, except to fly or flitter away (as some reports describe). Generally, he simply disappears once he’s noticed.

    He speaks only with his presence… and in coming to know the Mothman it seems one’s terror will only keep you from the valuable information he brings, whether good or bad: the time has come; a change must occur; be ready…

    Or, in other words: “please, inspect this bridge…”

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    What Will Happen After 2012?

    August 22nd, 2011

    Every time I peer into the future I sense not much will feel different after 2012. The reason the changes we’re currently most afraid of won’t be apparent is because of the humans’ amazing ability to adapt, no matter how traumatic or uneventful life is. And usually, life just is and it’s up to the ‘beholder’ to make an opinion, which can change any time he/she deems “things are different”. Even now, look at the widespread technology used for communication, and the heightened awareness on many topics like nutrition and spirituality, thanks to Oprah, Kris Carr and The Secret. Science and spiritual awareness used to only be for Scientists or Nerds; Gurus and their disciples; or the residents of Calcutta. Now these topics are openly discussed in any and all media channels, from talks shows to fashion magazines.

    There are many people whom I admire and respect as honorable and intelligent, but they insist “the world will never change”… is it really that hard to see how much things have changed? Or do we take our ability for adaption for granted all too often?

    Please watch at least 20 minutes, and the whole program when you can…

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    Fashion from Madonna’s Directorial Debut Feature Film, W.E.

    August 18th, 2011

    See all the Pictures and Read the Article Vanity Fair:

    Windsor Dressing; by Krista Smith, Photographs by Tom Monroe

    photo by Tom Monroe

    photo by Tom Monroe. click to Read Article at VanityFair.com

    Photo by Tom Monroe. Click to read article at VanityFair.com

    photo by Tom Monroe. Click to read article at VanityFair.com

    photo by Tom Monroe. Click to Read Article at VanityFair.com

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    Message from the Hackivist Group – “Anonymous”

    August 17th, 2011

    A rumor is now circulating the internet that the Hackivist Group Anonymous will destroy FaceBook on November 5, 2011. The Group made the announcement on Twitter and released a video on YouTube.

    Anonymous Statement

    Attention citizens of the world,

    We wish to get your attention, hoping you heed the warnings as follows:
    Your medium of communication you all so dearly adore will be destroyed. If you are a willing hacktivist or a guy who just wants to protect the freedom of information then join the cause and kill facebook for the sake of your own privacy.

    Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world. Some of these so-called whitehat infosec firms are working for authoritarian governments, such as those of Egypt and Syria.

    Everything you do on Facebook stays on Facebook regardless of your “privacy” settings, and deleting your account is impossible, even if you “delete” your account, all your personal info stays on Facebook and can be recovered at any time. Changing the privacy settings to make your Facebook account more “private” is also a delusion. Facebook knows more about you than your family.



    You cannot hide from the reality in which you, the people of the internet, live in. Facebook is the opposite of the Antisec cause. You are not safe from them nor from any government. One day you will look back on this and realise what we have done here is right, you will thank the rulers of the internet, we are not harming you but saving you.

    The riots are underway. It is not a battle over the future of privacy and publicity. It is a battle for choice and informed consent. It’s unfolding because people are being raped, tickled, molested, and confused into doing things where they don’t understand the consequences. Facebook keeps saying that it gives users choices, but that is completely false. It gives users the illusion of and hides the details away from them “for their own good” while they then make millions off of you. When a service is “free,” it really means they’re making money off of you and your information.

    Think for a while and prepare for a day that will go down in history. November 5 2011, #opfacebook . Engaged.

    This is our world now. We exist without nationality, without religious bias. We have the right to not be surveilled, not be stalked, and not be used for profit. We have the right to not live as slaves.

    We are anonymous
    We are legion
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    Expect us


    Hacker Group Anonymous Aims To Destroy Facebook on Nov. 5
    Article by Erica Swallow @Tumblr

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    A Few Great Love Quotes

    August 16th, 2011


    Absense is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it rekindles the great.
    – Comte DeBussy-Rabutin

    Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.
    – John Lennon

    Love is a portion of the soul itself, and it is of the same nature as the celestial breathing of the atmosphere of paradise.
    -Victor Hugo

    The entire sum of existence is the magic of being needed by just one person.
    – Vi Putnam

    I no longer care about survival – I merely love.
    – Loren Eiseley

    We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
    – Unknown

    To every lovely lady bright, I wish a gallant faithful knight. To every faithful lover, too, I wish a trusting lady true.
    – Sir Walter Scott

    Love is not finding someone you can live with; it’s finding someone you can’t live without.
    – Rafael Ortiz

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    For Those of Us Who Live With “Essential Tremor” (but good ideas for Everyone)

    August 16th, 2011

    First, I want to put your condition in perspective. When tremors occur, like those with Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s, what happens is the mind and in sequence, the body gets stuck, like a scratched CD or record that skips. As you know, it often occurs during common activities like writing, eating or even talking. When we are stressed or fatigued, the body goes into “reptilian mode.” This is when we rely on the body’s conditioning as opposed to consciousness and presence. The first thing to remember is to relax when the tremors are happening. I would also recommend the work of Eckhart Tolle to help you let go of what happens in the present moment and always access stillness. Resistance to the present moment caused by “triggers” of past events is also the culprit. Someone with ET may go into tremors while writing a check. This probably happens because we write checks during sales transactions where there are time constraints, often the need to show ID, the requirement that each field be filled out correctly or the check is ‘void,’ and a number of other concerns. Most people take for granted how automatic this task is, but for the person living with ET, the “automatic” nature of the activity can cause a very uncomfortable result.

    Check out this video: “Not Reacting to Content” The Speaker is Eckhart Tolle

    Also listen to (and enjoy!) his life-changing work called The Power of Now. To harness the mind and access full consciousness at any time is essential for health and healing. One of the shortcuts is to remember to “breathe with intention” – this means you are aware of yourself in the act of breathing. Any thoughts you allow will be used to calm you further. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth will bring about maximum relaxation very quickly. “Breathing with Intention” naturally causes you to think about your state of mind and surroundings, as well as bringing more oxygen (which is always good!).


    Now that we have addressed your mind and relaxation, we can address the physical side of the condition and bring in nutrition.

    You can think of disease in two ways: sclerosis (a hardening of tissue – characteristic of brain “disorders”) and inflammation (when blood flows heavily to an injured or infected part of the body). We always have a little of both going on within us, but especially now because of SAD (standard American diet). In order to handle Essential Tremor you will need to focus on

    1. Breaking up the calcification/sclerosis by letting more water flow to the tissues. Do this by eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables and completely eliminating processed foods for periods of time (fasting on liquid anywhere from 3 to 20 days throughout the year, like the Neera Cleanse (Please read The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs) or by only eating Green Soups and Smoothies). Avoid/eat sparingly overly processed foods like bread, pasta, or any packaged snacks like chips, crackers, granola bars or other “health” bars.
    **Definitely Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup (contains Mercury) – You Must Read Labels: you never know when manufacturers will sneak it in.
    **Avoid EXCITOXINS (extremely damaging/stress-inducing to the brain), like Aspartame – in chewing gum and MSG or Monosodium Glutamate. Here are other names for these foods…

    Additives that have excitotoxins Additives that may have excitotoxins
    Monosodium glutamate
    Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
    Hydrolyzed protein
    Hydrolyzed plant protein
    Plant protein extract
    Sodium casseinate
    Calcium casseinate
    Yeast extract
    Textured protein
    Autolyzed yeast
    Hydrolyzed oat flour
    Malt extract
    Malt flavouring
    Natural flavoring
    Natural beef of chicken flavor

    2. Cleansing the body of heavy metals (like Mercury) by drinking/eating greens, at least two servings per day. Here are two basic recipes of how to get your greens…

    For the basic recipe for Green Smoothies, check out my blog: GREEN Life

    You’ll find other recipes at this page: Archive for the ‘Recipes’ at WorldRedress.com

    And green soup, here’s a basic recipe (blend in your blender)…

    -Veggies, any combination of (Organic will bring you the most healing): cucumber, kale, collard greens, spinach, dandelion greens, arugula, watercress, zucchini, etc. AND herbs (one or any combination such as dill, cilantro, parsley, mint, basil, etc.)
    -Onion and/or Garlic
    -Juice of a whole lemon
    -Celtic Sea Salt (grey, slightly damp and crumbly as opposed to stark white powder)
    -High Quality EVOO or Coconut Oil
    -Pure Water

    Other ingredients…
    UNPASTEURIZED Miso Paste (refrigerated)
    Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids and/or Apple Cider Vinegar
    Cayenne Pepper
    Tumeric (Ayurvedic)
    Other Ayurvedic Spices like…
    Mustard Powder
    Garam Masala


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