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I am #boycottHollywood . Are you? (ADULTS ONLY)

Why am I #boycottHollywood ? Because I am sick of exploitation. Hollywood is the demon responsible for this horrible and perpetual condition. We work for them, we idolize them, we fear them, we please them… but, what do they really do for us? I AM MAKING A POSITIVE FILM AND I DECLARE FAIR USE Now, […]

MKUltra Mind Control Government Shutdown: Re-Claim Your Galactic Citizenship (Pt. 2) – ADDENDUM

What do I do with all of the extra time I have now that I’m not watching network television? Just remember, you can catch shows like Ellen online. Avoid watching anything that promotes “sum zero” games; like football, the Food Network, and other shows where there are winners and losers. Now, you have the time […]

MKUltra Mind Control Government Shutdown: Re-Claim Your Galactic Citizenship (Pt. 2)

Art by Mark Henson Our world is in crisis. It is time to stop watching network television. It is time to stop supporting all businesses who draw us in with television and radio commercials, while their masses of products are not truly needed. We can buy whole foods at local markets and farmer’s markets. We […]

Message from the Hackivist Group – “Anonymous”

A rumor is now circulating the internet that the Hackivist Group Anonymous will destroy FaceBook on November 5, 2011. The Group made the announcement on Twitter and released a video on YouTube. Anonymous Statement Attention citizens of the world, We wish to get your attention, hoping you heed the warnings as follows: Your medium of […]

For Those of Us Who Live With “Essential Tremor” (but good ideas for Everyone)

First, I want to put your condition in perspective. When tremors occur, like those with Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s, what happens is the mind and in sequence, the body gets stuck, like a scratched CD or record that skips. As you know, it often occurs during common activities like writing, eating or even talking. When […]

Sacred You (2008 MySpace Blog)

Fear of death/disconnection (which can only be a fear of death of the physical body) puts one in a low vibratory, vulnerable place. The slower the vibration, the more likely that other energies of all types will be able to infiltrate your field. Yes some will be high, but they will get mixed into the […]

Quality… Quality… Quality !!

I think the Location Paradigm was created for the FastFood Nation… It’s easy to see that Health is not a game of all or nothing. We’ll always encounter toxins, negativity, and injury… but how many times have we learned that the body tissue and bone grow stronger after breaking down from exercise or even trauma? […]

The Three Food TV Chefs I’d love to see RAW!

Watching Food Network is one of my guilty pleasures. Most of the dishes featured on the various shows are not healthy in anyway – my belief because I look for how much life is on my plate (I don’t count calories). The main objective for each chef is to achieve great flavor, certainly a noble […]

Food is the “Weapon System”

David Wilcock, David Wolfe & Nick Good Interview from Michael Mackintosh on Vimeo. GMOs, which are in all processed foods at your local Kroger, Publix, Vons, and even Whole Foods are known to cause liver failure in rats, which are very close to us biologically. There is no law in the U.S. that says GMOs […]

Ladies… words to live by when it comes to your man…

“Appreciate what you get… say no to what you don’t want.” Respect him. Don’t try to change him… recognize what he does give and let go of the fantasy. For a union… “you give up Independence. He gives up Irresponsibility.” Men do like an Independent woman when it comes to her interests and ability to […]

Balance Yourself. Balance the World.

In our current state of dualistic thinking, it is now time to break free. Many of us think “I don’t have to think about eating better, using less, or recycling. There are enough other people who are fanatics about it to balance out my ways… besides, I don’t have the time or money to think […]

5 Weightloss Tips to Try for 2 weeks with Guaranteed Results…

that won’t make you feel like you’ve given up the right to be happy. Because… above all else… you deserve to be Happy and Healthy (at the same time!). 1. CUT OUT SODA AND PASTEURIZED JUICE Replace with water, Pellegrino, or unsweetened tea. I would recommend not even using Agave. Purchase the tea called “Throat […]


We all become who we think we need to be to get what we feel we need to get. Human beings have very basic needs that we all share, but, if you can get the people to believe that their needs are very complex and vast in capacity, you can get them to “buy” into […]

Post Holiday Cleanse

Working on losing that weight from the holidays? Before you get too far into the year with the same less than excellent results, let’s talk… There’s a misconception about excess weight that does little to serve us in our weight loss endeavors. Many of us think of our bodies as food storage centers or a […]

Are Men and Women Really From Different Planets?

This is a question that any woman who has ever allowed herself to love a man has asked herself. Why is it that we understand each other so well in the beginning, then we seem to speak completely different languages after the Honeymoon? It’s because we are speaking different languages. Our past experience and values […]

How to Masticate Properly

or How to Chew Properly This is a very important skill and before I share a certain salad recipe with you, I must make sure that you are a “conscious” chewer. Very important… eat in calm and pleasant surroundings. Resist the urge to eat when stressed or rushed, like when you’re driving or when you […]

Responsible Luxury

As your veritable fortune quickly comes into existence, you’ll want to start thinking about the best ways to experience luxury. Let’s shed some light on the subject…Here’s a lamp made out of found objects covered with knitted plastic bags. Check out more of these amazing designs from Swiss designer Anne-Cécile Rappaport. Got a need for […]

Find Your Path

I love you all, so I’ll be frank… If you have a tendency to freak out about “dogmas” saying that the people around you are preaching that their way is the way and blah blah blah… turn the finger around for just a moment. My experience with people who preach “down with dogma” is that […]

No Time for Pessimism

Just watched the movie Home by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Such a beautiful film with a vitally important message. You can watch the full film at YouTube until June 14th. Visit the channel: As a people, we live under a shroud of fear. The shroud was created long ago and it’s based on a myth. The […]

Instant Karma

It is important to be thankful for all that occurs, whether we deem it good or bad. It is the Universe maintaining balance. Of course there are some deeds which we cannot immediately face having committed, but you will be faced with the karmic repercussion until you recognize how you alone created the situation surrounding […]

the Bayfront Park Farmer’s Market

A gorgeous, delicious, and pleasant way to support local business! Today was a beautiful day in Miami and I finally got to get over to the farmer’s market at Bayfront Park. There’s beautiful produce, exotic fruits and live music! I had a delicious raw, vegan lunch from a young woman who seemed to single-handedly run […]

Raw Mama

Dr. Ann Wigmore. She is arguably the mother of the raw foods movement. She was one of the first to tell us about the amazing benefits of wheat grass, which basically makes her the “Les Paul” of natural foods in the West. It was her grandmother who first educated her on the powers of whole […]