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I am #boycottHollywood . Are you? (ADULTS ONLY)

Why am I #boycottHollywood ? Because I am sick of exploitation. Hollywood is the demon responsible for this horrible and perpetual condition. We work for them, we idolize them, we fear them, we please them… but, what do they really do for us? I AM MAKING A POSITIVE FILM AND I DECLARE FAIR USE Now, […]

Good Song Made Great

This video is a complete success… …where this one… …is a complete failure. Both songs are great, the video for OMG really adds to the song, while the video for Beautiful Monster is so masculine dominant. That drunken fight scene in the beginning drags on and distracts you from the song. Plus, I really expected […]

Antoinette Music: The Future Was Always Here

Antoinette Kristensen is a singer and songwriter from Norway, now living in Los Angeles. If you are familiar with her work as a model or a reality TV star, you already know that she has a style, an image, and a way of expressing herself that is honest and all her own. Her style reflects […]

i’m a prize. you’re a catch. we’re a perfect match.

Bleed the potWhen you’re hot you’re hotAnd when enough is enoughDo the fakers drop out?Promise meYou will always beToo awake to be famousToo wired to be safeBut all you really wantedWas everythingPlus everythingAnd the truthI only poured youHalf a lie Carry onIt’s a marathonTake me off the listI don’t want to be missedCarrionIts what we […]