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I am #boycottHollywood . Are you? (ADULTS ONLY)

Why am I #boycottHollywood ? Because I am sick of exploitation. Hollywood is the demon responsible for this horrible and perpetual condition. We work for them, we idolize them, we fear them, we please them… but, what do they really do for us? I AM MAKING A POSITIVE FILM AND I DECLARE FAIR USE Now, […]

MKUltra Mind Control Government Shutdown: Re-Claim Your Galactic Citizenship (Pt. 1) My birth name is Catherine Moon Erickson. My twin sister and I were victims of MKUltra mind control program. We were part of the new generation of “Monarchs,” who could be trained, programmed and controlled in our own home, by our own parents, certain friends/acquaintances, and internet technology. The MKUltra program was apparently […]

Television Finally Grows Up

Prince talks about Chemtrails on TV Before the internet tranformed from particles of information to the living organism we now know, it was very easy for Network Television to help potentiate the polarization between people(s) that our government and mass media seems to love to foster and encourage. Celebrities were whatever major media outlets said […]

What Will Happen After 2012?

Every time I peer into the future I sense not much will feel different after 2012. The reason the changes we’re currently most afraid of won’t be apparent is because of the humans’ amazing ability to adapt, no matter how traumatic or uneventful life is. And usually, life just is and it’s up to the […]

Food is the “Weapon System”

David Wilcock, David Wolfe & Nick Good Interview from Michael Mackintosh on Vimeo. GMOs, which are in all processed foods at your local Kroger, Publix, Vons, and even Whole Foods are known to cause liver failure in rats, which are very close to us biologically. There is no law in the U.S. that says GMOs […]

Good Song Made Great

This video is a complete success… …where this one… …is a complete failure. Both songs are great, the video for OMG really adds to the song, while the video for Beautiful Monster is so masculine dominant. That drunken fight scene in the beginning drags on and distracts you from the song. Plus, I really expected […]

Antoinette Music: The Future Was Always Here

Antoinette Kristensen is a singer and songwriter from Norway, now living in Los Angeles. If you are familiar with her work as a model or a reality TV star, you already know that she has a style, an image, and a way of expressing herself that is honest and all her own. Her style reflects […]

Understanding the Energy Vampire

We all have “Energy Vampire” tendencies. The more we face it and understand it the better we can recognize it in others (so we can take whatever measures/precautions are needed) or ourselves (so that we don’t drive people away unnecessarily). I must warn you though, it is much more important to notice these characteristics in […]

Responsible Luxury

As your veritable fortune quickly comes into existence, you’ll want to start thinking about the best ways to experience luxury. Let’s shed some light on the subject…Here’s a lamp made out of found objects covered with knitted plastic bags. Check out more of these amazing designs from Swiss designer Anne-C├ęcile Rappaport. Got a need for […]

No Time for Pessimism

Just watched the movie Home by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Such a beautiful film with a vitally important message. You can watch the full film at YouTube until June 14th. Visit the channel: As a people, we live under a shroud of fear. The shroud was created long ago and it’s based on a myth. The […]

Instant Karma

It is important to be thankful for all that occurs, whether we deem it good or bad. It is the Universe maintaining balance. Of course there are some deeds which we cannot immediately face having committed, but you will be faced with the karmic repercussion until you recognize how you alone created the situation surrounding […]

Raw Mama

Dr. Ann Wigmore. She is arguably the mother of the raw foods movement. She was one of the first to tell us about the amazing benefits of wheat grass, which basically makes her the “Les Paul” of natural foods in the West. It was her grandmother who first educated her on the powers of whole […]

Cat makes dinner

Following my very first entry for this blog, I made a delicious dinner and decided I must share it with you. My philosophy on food is to do what feels good. I am an advocate for raw foods and living food, but I also like to create dishes that integrate these disciplines with some cook […]