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By | February 10, 2014

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(This is gonna be quick. I’m spending the day with my son and away from the computer.)

I am MY OWN Corporation. Corp refers to the body… a single body.

Do you see? When the law allows corporations to act as one entity or one person even though many workers are involved, this can work for a specific cause or a project with a clear goal and end date. Otherwise it is not fair for the law to recognize corporations as single entities just as they would a single person.

Look, everyone has to work alone sometimes. You may be afraid to be alone, and if so you eventually enslave everyone who dares love you as you avoid real living and always have someone to pass the buck to when the go and gets tough. Pardon me, if I didn’t use hackneyed language I might be getting a little upset just thinking about some of the people I’ve had to leave behind, or literally kick to the curb because they were just too damned insistent on keeping an angry or frightened viewpoint. When I say literally kicked I do mean that when it comes to a scared little person (usually sexually attracted to me or even in love with me) who uses people and then squanders all of the credit and even resources for our survival. When I am being fed a line so I will believe and work my ass off for a project/labor of love, that line either better be true or the person using my talents needs to compensate me; and that will be accepted as currency if a positive attitude and mutual respect/true concern for the other’s well-being cannot be afforded. I will honestly take kindness and respect before money… but I will not work for nothing, especially if I have to put up with lying and/or cowardice. My voice and stories and perspective, I now know, are very important. I’ve got to be my own operation, security included, as much as my cuteness and adeptness makes many people unable to let me go or let me run the show.

I was once tricked by a corporation to deliver intelligence that would later enslave my fellow man and woman… people who cultivate our earth for food. For those of you who think I’m speaking riddles, I’ll say it outright – I used to work for Monsanto. I did not know that this was the same company that produced the harmful chemicals that are probably responsible for my autoimmune disease. Now that many men are mind controlled (1) to enslave women, especially beautiful and/or gifted women, the exact same way, I am wise to it and fighting back. Those who enforce the program don’t know they are doing it… they truly believe that if they simply label themselves free and peaceful, their misdeeds will go unnoticed.

Although we all deserve equal rights, this is not a homogenous culture. We are all totally different, just as we are similar, but most of the social considerations/understanding goes to people who can clearly be identified as “white”/”black,” and further, “employed” or “unemployed.” But these terms are far too vague to categorize the human being. Each one of us is an individual far beyond our biological expression, but those mysteries lie within each person’s own soul and vision, which one can only see if he/she is left alone for a length of time.

Of course, many people who have a job, never get this time. This includes the people who form groups, but call themselves a single entity like corporation.

So what happens if you never get the alone time needed for self-reflection and self-analysis? This disconnection is the true basis of fear. Once this fundamental robbery makes it’s claim on society… well, here’s one more hackneyed phrase that fits too well to pass on… all hell breaks loose. This is the type of evil Carl Jung spoke of when he warned that man knows far too little about himself. This man will delude himself and others indefinitely, as everyone is made a slave to his ego. The ego thrives on pride, so it will never allow the host to admit that he needs help or has shortcomings. And no, accepting help doesn’t mean pretending to be helpless and simply lying about one’s true intention to mooch off you until they overcome their fear, their incompetence or both. Living a powerful life is a combination of giving all that you can and accepting life as it comes to you… bravely, openly, honestly… and if you’re a real master… kindly.

So remember, we are always connected and we are ALL ONE. Our successes, as well as our failures in relationships are completely reflective of everyone involved. Honor the love you share and the battles you stand for your belief in love. The stronger you remain, yes, the harder you may fall… but also, the clearer it will be that you are love itself and anyone not a match will drift away. And please, let people drift away as they must. When you retaliate out of loneliness, you’re either abusing your true love or giving a jerk ammo to suck your soul. Suck my soul? Yeah, does have a tendency to feel like that… but, I’m actually being quite literal here. Many of the heartless jerks on this planet are closer to reptilians than you might realize, and it is simply an evolutionary effect to either stimulate themselves or you with negative energy. Reptile people don’t believe in love for whatever reason and will use every experience of love as further proof that love doesn’t exist. On one hand it’s called narcissism, on the other, it’s called most people on a bad day in the Western society. Reptiles live in duality and they try to train others to do the same.

Love is not just the smiles and the laughs and the lust… it is also the tears, and the growth, and the repentance. People/Reptiles who refuse to accept all (yes, love is the only thing that could be ALL) that love is, ultimately act completely against their hearts, especially when the stakes are high. That’s because the emotions are inevitably high at times when the stakes are high, so its likely that one will go into run for your life mode (ie. avoidance, aggression, additive behavior, what have you)… this is when we say and do the things we don’t mean. Yes, it happens sometimes, but it’s more automatic for some people and completely automatic for reptiles. And that is not your battle – it’s theirs, and your honor to set an example. Once they realize that love is the only thing worth fearing for, that person may make the sacrifices necessary (2) to evolve the other parts of their brain for fuller brain functioning and the resultant, more peaceful/successful relationship(s). But in the meantime, a deadened heart begets other deadened hearts. Strengthen yours with your attention and pray for the broken-hearted… and remember that someone who would break your heart is broken-hearted themselves – the tendency to do that was obviously laid before you entered their lives. So don’t let your pain turn to wrath… let that pain be your baptism, as Khalil Gibran might suggest.

Everyday… Here’s a tip. You can literally hit your own personal replay button if a conversation or experience isn’t progressing positively or lovingly. Hit that button in your mind and change your language… Instead of cursing someone, hit replay and wish them well. If you don’t approach someone with kindness, hit replay and try again. Somehow, acting this out really makes it feel like the ideal result was the only result 🙂

Also… Free yourself from the limiting mind/body construct with your attention to your heart. If you watched my 2nd episode of World Redress, then you learned about the meditation called “Heart-centered breathing.” When you give your attention to how your heart is doing, you make the choices for the greatest good, and when this is your lot… no one can harm you and the vampires can’t stay.

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UPDATE: I am going to start reading books at the information channel Just a hint at what’s on the list… The Secret Destiny of America by Manly P. Hall. Can’t wait!

1. Brainwashing can happen in the corporate work environment that emphasizes a surrendering of one’s rights (you have to be there when they want you to be, for instance), punishment, “survival of the fittest,” and erases/suppresses individual identities/original ideas. Many do not realize it, but this is eerily similar to military tactics. We have allowed it because money is associated with survival, and we’ve become trained to see it’s presence or absence in our lives or others as a measure of our/their character. Ever heard of military time? Ever realized that the difference is that the clock goes to 23 instead of starting over at 12. Even your nights are controlled while you’re a soldier… and you just think you’re not a slave because you get to sleep at night. If this doesn’t describe your life, may you be so blessed and let’s pray for those for whom it does! (back to place in article)

2. A negative mindset can be cured with maximum doses of bio-available nutrition and language re-programming, or some type of neurolinguistic programming. You can work with a specialist, but sitting down with a gratitude notebook, or practicing Non-violent communication (click this link… I’ve timed the video to begin right where the master explains this concept.) and writing a script of an ideal outcome for a difficult situation can also work wonders. Just enforce the positive changes until they become habits, and always get back on the wagon if you fall off. You are worth it! (back to place in article)

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