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Cat Moon Ericson took an interest in classical music and acting as early as age 3. She’s a writer, performing artist, chanteuse & chef

on one side of the coin. On the other, she’s a researcher, explorer of the unexplored and unexplained, and surfer of the mysterious and unknown origins of human beings, consciousness, and the psychedelic experience… not just those brought about by shamanic and plant ingestion, but especially those brought about with Love Emotion and Conscious Awareness. Cat has avidly searched and researched the origins of man, the universe, and consciousness for seven years, since 2007…

She awoke from her 3rd Density Identity Mindscape and became present to her Extraterrestrial Nature in the year 2006. Her active Mind Control Deprogramming Campaign began on December 21, 2012.

Many children go onstage at some point in their lives, and the urge then leaves them forever. This was never the case for Cat – whether she was on a stage to perform or to sit on Santa’s lap at the mall, she never took the opportunity as anything but a major event. While onstage, she observed the audience, the individuals giving up their individuality through mindless allowing, and she became one with them. She began to resist the meaningless activities performed on stages, and standby for the proper inspirations she imagined. She actually cried to get out of sitting on Santa’s lap one Xmas season, and was never forced to again. Although Cat knew she would always have a performer’s mind and heart, accepting that she’d always manage her image exclusively meant she would often not participate in activities delegated by the institutions around her. She took the time to write, read, and learn music instead. Although a business aptitude test in elementary school told everyone that that’s where her talents resided for a successful life, she never gave up the dream that she would mold reality with art… beautiful art.

Once you make a wish, the all One Goodness and Love ie. God-Dess, rises up to sculpt and mold your experience. That’s what happened to Cat: she didn’t have to search for the artist’s experience she imagined. The art has always found her. Because of her prayer early in life she has had the privilege of working with the following masters: Dr. Steven Ortlip, The Late Conductor for the Atl Symphony Orchestra Robert Shaw, Emmy Award-winning composer James Oliverio, Incredible Futuristic Artist Syd Mead, Internationally Renowned Video Artist Katja Loher, Award-winning (and friendly!) Director John Cameron Mitchell, Amazingly Brave Storyteller Curtis Snow, and Visionary Author and Conscious Relationship Coach Jason Hairston, just to name a few!

The names mentioned are not just those of famous artists – they are ones who don’t compromise… the ones with whom Cat feels her times spent was/is part of her soul’s calling. Otherwise, she’s also done work freelance work associated with HBO, Coca-Cola First Night Atlanta and Atlanta/Fulton County’s Public Access Station People TV.

At 33 years old she now devotes all of her time to screenwriting and producing those films, and raising her son Dylan. Her latest script is for the epic Feature Film called “Ascent.” She’s also in production for the first screenplay she ever wrote called “Amidst the Roses.”

She’s a big of fan of natural beauty and not creating a fake world or fake emotions, but invoking the spirits of characters and the situations facing them to create a realistic, human expression. Acting is not faking, it is understanding. Movies are not unreal, they are what’s possible. And we, the audience, are not the outsiders with no effect – We Are Where the Story Continues! And our hearts are the Cosmic Communicator.
It is time to demand that true art inspire us in Positive Ways and inevitably change our lives for the Best Possible GOOD!

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