Food is the “Weapon System”

By | November 9, 2010

David Wilcock, David Wolfe & Nick Good Interview from Michael Mackintosh on Vimeo.

GMOs, which are in all processed foods at your local Kroger, Publix, Vons, and even Whole Foods are known to cause liver failure in rats, which are very close to us biologically.

There is no law in the U.S. that says GMOs must be listed on the label… maybe because the studies show that if people knew they wouldn’t buy the stuff?

The excitotoxins including MSG and Aspartame (not only in diet foods or sugarless gum anymore, now in many sweets that come out of a box or from a restaurant, especially fast food) addict us to this poison and keep us addicted. These chemicals and refined sugar – in all processed foods and beverages in some form and now the mainstream source in the form of beet sugar comes from GM sugar beets – affect us like highly addictive illegal drugs like Cocaine.

If you find yourself buying these processed foods, even the ones labeled organic, and “you can’t eat just one” know that this is the design and when your body and brain are craving more and more and your spirit and soul are so suppressed by Pop Culture, it is only natural for you to eat eat eat and buy more more more.

This is Agenda 21. This is called Eugenics… the “soft” kill.

If you have any chance of survival you must educate yourself about what to eat, what is better than what, and how to cleanse yourself of the poison.

According to David Wilcock, who does extensive scientific research and never makes a statement or a claim without the specific research info to back it up, says that his Illuminati informant has called our food supply, especially and completely all fast food, but these poisons have also made their way into grocery stores and restaurants, the Weapon System that is used to keep us from abolishing or even noticing the horrifying agenda that is unleashed upon us at this time.

I truly thought that people would be in up in arms when they discovered the hoax of the H1N1 virus and vaccination propaganda…

nope… maybe they had a good reason?

The Billions of Dollars to bailout the Uber-rich during the economic crisis that tax payers are now responsible for…

Anyone? Anyone?

Nope… Where would we be without our Fox 5 drama to go with that bucket of fried chicken?

No Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq under Sadam Hussein…

Uhh… well I heard he was an asshole anyway…

Building 7? World Trade Center tower – no plane hit it and it went down in what many mainstream media sources outside the U.S. say was a “controlled demolition”…?

Building what?

Well, anyone who is still functioning, let’s figure out a way out of this mess…

This is the video I have been waiting for for years! It’s David Wilcock and David Wolfe together. Yes! This is a talk to you don’t want to miss!

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