Give It All You’ve Got… Give It All You’ve Got… Give It All You’ve Got.

By | December 4, 2013

Every moment is a new chance to live, love, and be present to the experience that is consciousness. Forget your circumstances, and your impulses toward avoidance or anger. Be Presence and Stay Present. Stay calm and BREATHE… Meditate randomly throughout the day, when you find your mind wandering or you just get, even the slightest urge… A Little Presen(ts) Never Hurt Anyone!

art by Christophe Vacher
(art by Christophe Vacher)

There is nothing natural about hurting each other. A combat situation is generally announced/planned/a “well, he had it comin’,” but we live in a world that is now trained to believe that combat is necessary randomly and without warning. Those are the lies depicted and spread by Television, Uninspired Game Companies, and Hollywood. WE ARE VIBRATIONAL BEINGS, and although we are interacting with many different dimensions all of the time, we only perceive what we are TUNED to perceive.

Thankfully, we have a Mind we can program with our language and words to behave and respond in whatever manner we choose, regardless of what we are perceiving! (Ever wondered why they called it… “Casting a spell”? Yes, You do have access to magic(k)… All of The Time ! )

So realize that if you believe someone tried to hurt you, realize they did not. And even if they did, it’s still better for you to believe they did not. If you do have to fight, you won’t be blinded by anger… but truly believing no harm was intentional is usually enough to stop a confrontation. Always Remember: Another person’s reason to be angry with you is none of your business. Maintain your Grace and do not EVER be the fool who begins the fight. Just listen, have compassion, and do not tune into victimism – YOU ARE POWERFUL. YOU ARE LOVE. BE A STAND FOR THE WAY YOU WISH TO LIVE AND YOU WILL BE SWEPT UP BY ANGELS TO THE PLACES YOU BELONG.

“You don’t know enough to worry!”

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