If I Only Ate Figs for the Rest of My Life, I’d Probably Be Much Happier…

By | December 23, 2013

Than I am today… December 23, 2013. I once learned that I don’t have to get sick in the wintertime if I properly equip my body and immune system. Thank you body, for the information…

Now that I am reviewing the massive amounts of information from theduderinokarchives YouTube channel, it is clear that I must become disciplined and focused, like I was when I first encountered this information. That was 2007, and it was the year I discovered the raw/living foods diet to combat my uncontrollable health. As much as I hated asking for money, I called up my former legal guardians (my closest equivalent to “parents”)… and with $3,000 that needed to last me indefinitely, seeing as I could no longer work due to a degenerative disease, I found myself an apartment in Brooklyn (my home at the time). Thankfully my rent was free after the first month and for most of the year (just one of those completely unpredictable gifts from God), so I took over the kitchen and set up shop. I quickly spent a few hundred dollars buying a blender and all of the exotic super foods I learned about from my YouTube gurus. Then I spent more money to start a tiny raw desserts business my partner and I called PureJoy Comestibles. I was the chef. My roommate/partner, after losing 30 lbs and looking totally fabulous (thanks for my raw cheffing and her incredible diligence), became the front woman. We catered a few parties, I would even sell meals to friends who came to the apartment and sat at the kitchen table, and I made raw chocolate bars to order.

Here’s are examples of those first videos that inspired me so much:

Shazzie: Superfoods are for real Part 1

Ultimate Smoothie with David Wolfe

It was difficult to stay on the diet sometimes, especially because I was an emotional eater. As much as my needs always seemed provided for by the Unseen, I had always been trained to worry about the future, especially if I didn’t have a superior and wasn’t getting an official paycheck, and especially if I was going to live in New York City. But, when I was raw, certain abilities that I now realize coincide with Ascension became accessible to me. For instance, I could read people’s mind, access time control, and get by with three hours of sleep without blinking an eye. But, without someone, a real live person whom I could consistently share with… I always fell off the wagon. I never grew up with anyone who supported or understood my move toward greater nutrition, and although my sister did join soon enough, we never lived in close proximity and she had her own issues with going in and out of the lifestyle. And, I always suffered terribly when I tried to eat like “normal” people, but a few times, without any assistance or support I didn’t have much choice. Reminds me of getting stuck out in Brownsville for a week, and when I asked for a “vegetarian” sandwich my friend came back with a white bun, a little bundle of weak shredded lettuce, a disgusting slathering of mayo spread and a processed cheese slice. I was hungry so I ate a couple of bites, but I quickly realized I’d rather starve than experience the painful inflammation that little Frankenfood delight was bound to unleash.

Today, I watched a video of FullyRaw Kristina being a stand for what I know to be the most cosmically aligned and positive lifestyle I have ever considered or experienced, and I re-awakened.

When asked why she made the transition, she spoke of hitting rock bottom in terms of her health and, basically made the change to save her life. But, she wasn’t the least bit dramatic about it, or critical of the diet that got her to that “rock bottom” state (“SAD” or, the Standard American Diet). Her only focus was the treasure she had found with her living foods lifestyle, and simply being the miracle that her hope, discipline, and LOVE has made available.

I am changing my diet and joining the ranks of those out there keeping the dream alive for a raw food world. Back in 2007, although I wasn’t on YouTube then, I was making my mark in a big city and sharing with everyone I knew… and even helping to transform others as a personal chef. Now that I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom once again, I am ready to go to that “extreme,” but the truth is that nothing is extreme once you get started. It’s amazing how much a truly positive change sinks in quick!

It may be hard to relate to Kristina if you are not as healthy as she is (not many people are in 2013), but I can attest to her sincerity having experienced the miracle of a raw food diet. Once I started as a raw chef I sometimes felt I didn’t need to learn from my peers and that I had my own style that was just as good or better. But, that’s not what it’s about. It’s about joining a community and a society of people who care about making their world a better place. I want what Kristina has. I’m going to do what I have to do.

Looking forward to January 5th 2014!!!

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