It’s a New World, United as One

By | February 28, 2014

I never wanted to be a famous artist, so wherever I sensed a popularity contest, I walked away. No, it wasn’t always the best thing, but it was the right thing for me to do as a young person. I was sensitive to exploitation, probably because I knew I’d be fighting it off, considering the way the world looked. As a beautiful woman and talented artist who was willing to work hard to be the best, I knew that I would be pushed and pressured to put my talents to “good use” (meaning= make $). BUT, I DIDN’T CARE how the world looked. It was never going to change me, and what I was sent here to do…

Be Myself.

In November 2009 I met who I thought was a local Atlanta filmmaker; who could get “Indie as %$^&” with me and crank out a couple of short films and features just based on some killer screenwriting and a little persuasion at the rental houses.

I assumed this because I took for granted my knowing that this IS EXACTLY HOW YOU MAKE IT. But, no, hardly anyone knew this (thank goodness that is changing fast!). A mind controlled debt slave (which you are constantly encouraged to become because that’s all that trading time, meaning your actual life, for paper can possibly do for you)… That’s why you don’t accept payment for your time… You make sure that you’ve made an honorable connection and accept whatever payment along with a powerful new alliance. We’ve been taught that it’s okay to let people come and go. To a certain degree, of course… but when the stars align, you’ve gotta stick. That’s what Love Warriors do. That doesn’t mean joining the drama. It simply means keeping your heart open, but being a stand for the desired outcome. If you aren’t caught in the mkultra engram, that outcome is always loving connection. Simple!

No idea or point of view is ever more important than that.

So, when I met the filmmaker, yes the stars aligned and all that stuff, in terms of working together. But, we had a major misunderstanding right from the get-go… He thought I could help him get recognized in Hollywood because of my beauty and abilites. And, I assumed he KNEW he was a part of Hollywood and would most certainly want to get out and be independent.

But, he didn’t know he was a part of the Hollywood elite. They can’t make you realize this, and have little sympathy for you if you do not. So he is their slave… while he’s stuck in “LaLa land” about mansions and cars, Hollywood’s make millions off talents used to merely reinforce their ideas of materiality and idolatry.

But, he said he wanted to be independent… but that was just a buzz word. It didn’t mean anything. Within 6 months I realized that all this guy was ever gonna do was hold our ideas for a ransom from Hollywood. Meaning, we couldn’t make the film until we got at least $10,000. Never mattered how many other videos we shot and how much gear passed through… he just couldn’t find it in himself, to believe we could make the movie without a big budget. That $10,000 was the proof he wanted to see before we went forward…

(Meanwhile “Charlie bit my finger” is one of the most watched videos on YouTube.)

What you may/may not know about Hollywood is that it’s basically a prostitution empire for artists, who used to be revered as shamans, magicians, etc. Hollywood tries to recruit as many of us they can, then steal our ideas, infiltrate our soul groups with their media mind games and cause us to either enslave/feed like a parasite off one another, or turn against one another if any of us go against the grain. This is why the female artists are oversexualized and under utilized, and men are either taught to fear for their lives and harbor a huge ego as a result [and]/or become emasculated psuedointellectuals who use their ability to smile and nod and say “tell me more” to draw you into their mundane existence.

We must become people of action. Whether or not Hollywood give a green light or someone puts down $10,000. THOSE ARE NUMBERS IN A COMPUTER… but if there’s no inventory to attach that to, it’s definitely never gonna happen.

And I don’t mean becoming obsessed with the finished product. Take things one step at a time. Challenge people. Enroll them. Dare them to get involved and give it their all.

Long story short, I gave 3 years of my hard work to that project that never happened. I got out, but not without sending a message… You steal my life force and I will teach you a lesson. I don’t expect you to learn it. We don’t care if you do. But, I’ll make sure you never want to make me cry again. My screenplays, my art, and who I am… my children… my little universes. As their god you will feel my wrath if you forsake my mission.

Thank you.

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