It’s the Age of Information… What Have We Learned?

By | December 11, 2013

Now is NOT the time to give up… because we know it all… or, we’re already doing it and it’s not working yet, or, it will never work…

NOW is the time to begin. YES, TRULY BEGIN. That means… CHOOSE WHO YOU ARE GOING TO BE. Never look back. No sleeping with the enemy… “I’ll do it if it was done to me (or if others do it)”… “I’ll do it online (no one can see me or knows who I really am)”… “But that person was soooo wrong and soooo disrespectful and soooooo ungrateful I have to speak my mind/teach them a lesson”…

Yes, there are people who are going to choose the side of resistance (arguing/fear/anger/violence). Just remember that, although they may be unpleasant: NO ONE HAS THE POWER TO PERMANENTLY SEPARATE YOU FROM CONSCIOUSNESS, and usually, you’re the one giving up your right to be conscious with violent thoughts, speech, or actions. You cannot entertain judgments and anger when you are conscious, because consciousness has nothing to do with thinking. Consciousness is our only TRUE Freedom, All of the time and Any time. You want to lose the weight? Learn to paint? Discover your incredible physical abilities? Make your relationship work this time? There is a way!

YOU MUST BECOME PRESENT and Maintain this presence for as much of your day as possible. The only tools you need are your breath and awareness… the mind thought-forms, and what seems outside of you… these things seem real, but they are not, unless you give them attention. WHAT YOU ARE IS THE PRESENCE ITSELF and no thought or material form can come close to encompassing that truth. If magic is any sufficiently advanced technology, as Arthur C. Clarke said, and technology is the result of consciousness directed toward an end, than what can be labeled more advanced than Consciousness Aware of Itself? Maybe that’s the point from which “magic” occurs? Machines will never surpass human intelligence, because the true intelligence exists outside of programming, in a moment that only a Being can access… NOW !

But life’s fractal nature appears segmented when flooded with the constant stimulus of Globalized Earth’s Digital Experience… making it seem like there are many other moments other than Now. Machines and Humans are similar in that they can be trained to ignore the present moment and follow protocol. Realize that This Moment is Important and says everything about Eternity (the linear “yesterday/today/tomorrow” construct is simply to get you to the holiday sale and work on time). All is One: You cannot compartmentalize your life… if you treat telemarketers like trash and give attention to the thoughts that they are bad people or less than you, that script is bound to come out before your family or friends, and especially at the wrong times, when we act emotionally instead of rationally. If you think that how you treat one person you don’t know or “who deserves it” doesn’t affect your other relationships, think again! It is worth it to take every moment to practice compassion… and if the person on the other end “really doesn’t care about you” (which is not likely), just thank them and hang up. In real life you can do the same. The other day I ran into a friend of mine. He’s really quite brilliant and I love talking about revolutionary ideas, so I’ll often stop to talk to him when I see him. The other day when I ran into him, he was entertaining a negative thought pattern about his ex-girlfriend. I listened for a couple minutes, then my negativity radar (my heart) gave me a sign and I just told him, “I hope you can forgive her, but I can’t listen to this. I don’t know her… I really do hope you can reconcile one day.” He actually said he hoped they would too, as I stepped away from the conversation. I daresay he had a better idea because I was willing to speak up, rather than letting him continue his patterned thinking.

Now, also REALIZE, if you want someone to change their behavior – you HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE YOURSELF AND SEE THE CHANGE IN OTHERS AND, ESPECIALLY, THE VERY PEOPLE WE WANT THE CHANGE FROM/FOR, whether you feel you can trust the outcome or not. Ask yourself now… What is the point of not believing? And what is the point in questioning, rather than doing your best and demonstrating the change yourself. There are no humans on this Earth who are absolutely incapable of evil behavior while others are, and those that are… we miss our own opportunity to learn and change when we judge them and say they are not as smart, weak or evil themselves. We Are All One, and some of us would be amazed at who we would be if our lives had been different. You are not better because you’ve never had to fight, nor are you better because you know the art of fighting… We must come together as WARRIORS FOR THIS PLANET AND UNIVERSE (EVERYONE INCLUDED). If We Finally ALL JOIN THE SAME SIDE, WE’LL HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR AND CAN HELP EACH OTHER by sharing our skills, experience, and UNIVERSAL NEED FOR UNITY AND HEALTH (= LOVE).

(This is a great time to do yourself a favor and take a few deep breaths. You might even find yourself enjoying these moments to an irresistible degree. Make a display of it! Enjoy! And encourage the people around you to take a moment and relax.)

When we tell each other to “WAKE UP,” this is the type of BRAVERY we need people to wake up to and PERFORM. Yes, WAKE UP… then Be the CHANGE and BELIEVE! And further, BE A STAND FOR THAT BELIEF. When you want to fire back at misdeeds/violence, speak to the person(s) instead: “I KNOW YOU ARE PEACEFUL! I KNOW YOU ARE LOVE! I KNOW YOU ARE CONSCIOUS AND AWARE AND WANT PEACE FOR ALL, JUST AS I DO! LET US COME TO AN AGREEMENT, TOGETHER. I CARE FOR YOU! I STILL LOVE YOU! WE ARE FAMILY!”

Art by Kyle G. Anderson

If anyone out there can begin to do this daily, we’ve got a really good chance to save this World. And trust me, you want to… You know how sensuality, abundance, and peace has been lacking from common experience. It’s because PEACE WARRIORS have been sleeping.



THIS IS A REALITY OF INCLUSION. Everything is as it is for a reason (it is not your place to judge, unless you want to waste your time and ultimately, entire life). EXERCISE COMPASSION and ACCEPTANCE… THEN BE YOUR BEST each moment, second, and with each word you utter… THEN WATCH YOUR DREAMS and the Dreams of those around You COME TRUE !!

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