MKUltra Mind Control Government Shutdown: Re-Claim Your Galactic Citizenship (Pt. 1)

By | October 23, 2013

My birth name is Catherine Moon Erickson. My twin sister and I were victims of MKUltra mind control program. We were part of the new generation of “Monarchs,” who could be trained, programmed and controlled in our own home, by our own parents, certain friends/acquaintances, and internet technology.

The MKUltra program was apparently shut down in the 70’s. That was what the public was told, and a mass of documents were destroyed to make the public believe this was true. The experimentation and torture actually continued in secret… which was fitting because the program was no longer confined to secret rooms in secret buildings. These initial experiments of the 40’s through the 70’s took place to develop the technology for containing and controlling the population at large. It was the wish of the U.S. Government to be able to control each and every man, woman, and child remotely and as soon as they are born so that their lives are predictable, and worst case scenario, so they could be used to carry out a sinister agenda. We are also programmed to ridicule or turn against anyone who speaks against the programming.

How Tele-Vision programs you: TV is specifically designed to play off the human need to, not avoid, but REMEDY pain. To clarify, pain is not a bad thing and it not natural for us to think so. Pain is nature’s influence to inspire us to consider consequences for your future and community, not repeat faulty behavior or behavior that made you ill, and accomplish tasks in the most efficient way and with cooperation. The media and almost everything on TV tells you that pain is bad and GLORIFIES comfort and the FAKE IDEAS of Approval and Security. As they place those fundamental misunderstandings in your head, the subliminal messaging is constantly stimulating your libido. Because sexual energy is actually life-force energy, after years and decades of watching TV you are bound to attach all of your passion to, risk your life defending the agendas promoted, and eventually die soul-less, supporting a fake life that you’ve become programmed to believe is you.

My sister and I underwent trauma-based mind control, which means that we were severely abused beginning from birth. We were constantly yelled at, hit, beaten, and even our bowel movements were controlled. As early as two years old, we forced to defecate and urinate on command. Everything that was natural about us; our talents, sexuality, intelligence, and the need to ask questions and learn more; was used against us to control us further. We underwent sensory deprivation, being locked up in a dark closet for several hours. Children, especially young children, make little messes and mistakes. For us, these types of mistakes could cost us our lives and we lived in fear, even as infants and toddlers that our lives were constantly in danger. My mother was a mind controlled slave: she was programmed to inflict trauma so that none of our actions would take place without an intense fear of consequences. This would make us more likely not to do ANYTHING unless we were told how and when to do it.

As the general U.S. population became controlled as well, our programming continued and became even more difficult to escape. I informed teachers and counselors, more than once, of the severe abuse we underwent; but it was government’s wish that our programming continued, until we were unquestioning slaves, either to be re-inducted into the military, to serve major corporations like Monsanto and the University system, and, if deemed necessary, to serve as Manchurian Candidates. Because almost every American household was affected by the project by 1980, we went through the program for almost all of our lives, from our birth in January of 1981 until December 21, 2012.

We were removed from our home at age 3, which can happen because local officials often respond to obvious violence in the victim’s household, but our new caretakers were influenced/controlled to act as “handlers” (yes, like for circus animals). Handlers will create a close bond with loving kindness and praise, sometimes for years or while the victim is a young child, then switch all of a sudden and use guilt, ridicule, verbal abuse, excessive criticism and sometimes violence, although handlers are often aware that violence may affect their reputation or cause an intervention that will disrupt the program, so they’ll keep physical violence to a minimum. Because Monarchs have experienced such severe abuse and are desperate for love, this type of “switch” will cause them to do just about anything to regain the favor of their handlers. Meanwhile, the programmer may disappear for a while and return, with a new alter persona that appears friendly and comedic in public as they do their programming in private.

My sister and I were placed in a foster home at age 3 because of the abusive programming. We did not stay with them long – we were chosen for more advance programming. It was known that my sister and I had the potential to be very intelligent and rebellious, so our programming would not be left to chance. A broken toilet and an ad at the local hardware store set up the circumstance for my grandfather, a handyman, to meet our handlers and tell them of his fear of losing his granddaughters. Our handlers, being well connected, were able to make a few phone calls and pick us up later that day.

At first, the government could let nature take it’s course. There was genuine love between my sister and I and our new caretakers. Finally, my father (the programmer), after some counseling provided by the V.A. (Veterans Affairs – my mother and father met during the war in Vietnam), returned to continue the programming. Shortly after his return, our affluent new family began experiencing financial stress, which naturally made them question whether or not taking on so many kids besides their two biological children necessary (they also had two adopted children besides us)… and we better appreciate what they were doing for us. We were about 11 years old at the time. They still loved us, but our father started imposing a strong influence on all of us. Many of the techniques used by the programmer are used to put you at ease or distract you. For instance, my father would tell jokes: not just one or two, but one after another for hours. He would take us to horrifying films like Candyman and Seven. Mind you, we were not more than 14 years old. We were regularly taken to the shooting range and trained to take out “enemies.” He indoctrinated us with ideas that most people are mean, violent, stupid and innately dangerous. We were also taken to launch rockets, but we were never involved in the process more than watching and finding the rockets that eventually descended somewhere in the open field. My father said that launching rockets provided us the opportunity to explain to our handlers why we smelled like gun powder, if that ever became an issue. The key to our handlers being effective was that they could not know that we were being programmed behind their backs. So all of our fear and any strange behavior would be blamed on us and us alone. At this point, my father was very good as appearing completely benign. I pretended nothing was happening and as a student of acting, I played the part of the “ingenue.” My sister suffered a great deal as our handlers tried to control her desperate cries for freedom. This ultimately pinned my sister and I against each other, and only now are we rebuilding our relationship for the sake of my son, who is also being targeted and has a handler of his own, while for no explainable reason I am not allowed to be with him unsupervised.

First off, it is important not to blame programmers, handlers or anyone else who carries out the procedures to create Monarchs. They’ve usually experienced severe abuse and programming themselves and truly cannot see the error of their ways. Do not blame yourself if you’ve succumb and you now have alters that haunt you. You are not alone! We must stand tall and exercise the abilities that were educated out of us by the abuse: compassion and forgiveness. Now is our chance to heal and tell our stories, and free as many other victims as we can.

My sister and I now practice intensive deprogramming in order to heal our minds and hearts of the abuse, deprivation and lies used to keep us afraid and willing to submit. But it is “Faith, that “moves mountains.”

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