MKUltra Mind Control Government Shutdown: Re-Claim Your Galactic Citizenship (Pt. 3)

By | November 18, 2013

Who are you… really?

This is the most confusing concept that a human being can attempt to grasp, but I can tell you right now that YOU CAN COME TO UNDERSTAND YOUR TRUE NATURE. You can have a basic understanding of WHO YOU REALLY ARE by the time you are finished reading this article. Who you are is a feeling, not a thought…

First off, the determining factor to who you are is ultimately, your spirit body, which was created by way of a story your parents made up based on their circumstances, dreams, and beliefs. You came into this life with the hope that you would reconcile the very circumstances, dreams, and beliefs as you needed to and live out your true nature… because YOUR SPIRIT IS HOPE, THE PURE HOPE TO HELP AND HEAL EACH OTHER, WHICH YOUR PARENTS EXPERIENCED THROUGH LOVING ONE ANOTHER. Your true nature is unconditional love… which is the opposite of what we’ve lived the past several centuries, because of corrupt governments, who’ve known that keeping us separate from our spirit would keep us divided as a people. Without connection to spirit, we become data specialists simply classifying everything that comes our way, rather than staying present and living in peace. This does not mean happiness all the time (we all know the beauty of a worthy challenge). Peace is simply the recognition that the gain and the means are equivalent.

Now, understand: the manifestation of this “story” can become a great invention, a great work of art, or other collaboration that is not biological. Yes, what you might think is just a piece of art hanging in a gallery or a fake story acted out on a screen actually has a spiritual life of it’s own.

art by Alex Grey

So, the biological collaboration that happens between a man and a woman when they choose to be sensually intimate mirrors the spiritual connection: A HUMAN BEING IS A WORK OF ART. A human being can also be a statement, as in my case… to say that love will prevail in the face of war. A human being is whatever they believe they are, and that knowing comes from a place that is beyond the physical world we’re currently programmed to worship above all else. Now that I’m intensely deprogramming myself to share love with another person in that most sacred union, the final battle is on the field of my own self-criticism and self-judgement… because my true nature is love in the face of any and all odds. Yes, my body was programmed to be ruthless (especially toward myself), but my spirit is the driver and she is here to harbor peace in the storm… especially for love.

Please watch this film to better understand the true nature of “reality”…

You, like most people, may have been taught that consciousness has the most to do with the brain. Consciousness actually has more to do with the heart. Every human being’s life starts with the heartbeat, and this was never an isolated force, nor will it ever be. There is one force, consciousness, and as conductors of consciousness we download who we really are from the field that supports our very existence. This field is unseen and ultimately impossible to measure. Time is merely a perception, or a construct of the mind, and this perfect system will always send us clues and reminders as to what we are truly meant to contribute. If you are noticing synchronicities and singularities, congratulations! That indicates that your atunement extends into your physical reality!

Our actual human emotions have been treated as “symptoms,” which eliminates the possibility of natural responses to human life. Realize that everything you are experiencing is the result of what you must experience to be who you really are… especially the things you don’t like. Your healing is actually the greatest gift you can give anyone you love, including yourself. Once you learn how to give to yourself, you will effortlessly give to the world and the field will respond with the fortune we are all truly endowed at birth. Honor is the hidden treasure you experience when your capacity for reverence and gratitude goes beyond sensorial data, which is more important than money. Money is nothing without Honor, hence this statement and many others like it: “crime doesn’t pay.” When you cultivate honor, you’ll be provided for even if the money runs out or times get tough, and that’s where you find true wealth in life. You can only see the great power of God when circumstances go outside of your acknowledged abilities and resources. Only in a space of mindlessness and surrender can you feel the essence of that which you really are… and this essence will provide all of the REAL GIFTS and opportunities in your life.

So now, it’s your turn…

Here’s the Ascending Pathway, which I mentioned in the Part 2 Addendum, once again…
1. Introspection
2. Self-Analysis
3. Adjustment
4. Righteousness
5. Pure Knowledge
(re-read MKUltra Mind Control Government Shutdown: Re-Claim Your Galactic Citizenship (Pt. 2) – ADDENDUM)

Look at your parents and your life and ask yourself now… what might be that untold story of why you are here? Once you begin to tell your story, the unseen rises up as the best crew you’ve ever seen to help you create the beautiful piece of art that is YOU!

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