The Violence of Avoidance

By | December 26, 2013

Magicians who have forgotten who they really are can be very dangerous if they are negative people, or wonderfully useful and a pleasure to be around if they choose to live positively. This is a world where it is a choice, which has it’s benefits for creative expansion and challenges for being confusing or scary.

Because we are vibrational beings ruled by our Hearts, EVERYTHING WE DO has the potential to effect one another whether we are “physically” in each other’s presence or not. Consider this… we generally only consider ourselves to be in another’s physical presence if we can see each other. That is a mere interpretation we make with light/data we collect using our eyes, or an interpretation with our ears if we’re close enough to “hear” the other, also. But vibration actually extends far beyond the source, and because it is basically traveling energy and energy, we know, is never created or destroyed, that means that what we do can possibly be measured or tracked across great distances… light years? Who knows? Why not…?

For this reason, two aspects of reality are essential for our TRUE FREEDOM. They are Artistry and Activism. At the most basic level, artistry addresses the need to make things beautiful; while Activism simply refers to taking action. And, in other considerations, such as appearance and delivery, the combinations and types of expression are endless.

Beauty implies “balance,” and it takes a wise person to make their life beautiful. Our society teaches you that beauty is empty, but it is not. Beauty is one of the most direct testaments to a person’s commitment to goodness and honor. To be beautiful is to be independent, brave, creative, and consistent. Many people do not expect to be looked at, so they do not try to improve or tidy up their image: these people neglect the opportunity to give a gift to all who gaze upon them. Beauty is of a delicate air, and although physical disruptions can occur, we should know that peace will always be restored. Beauty is primarily something we feel, but we’re taught to only see. Beauty indicates that there is something to be learned, that the learner can become more beautiful himself.

Beauty is of a delicate air…

Who’s to say what is beautiful? Everyone draws their opinions from a different set of past experiences, right? Well, maybe expressing the observation of beauty is more than sharing an opinion. There does seem to be some common consensus on what is beautiful. Now that we know we are actually looking at the same beautiful, and ancient, representations of shapes everywhere we turn in a Globalized Society, perhaps we can assume that these refer to something that always has been and always will be.

On a personal level, beauty quite often correlates with sexual attraction. And out in Globalized Society… Hey, isn’t that a depiction of Horus’s falice inside the Vesica Pisces? And now, quick! What is the story image we’re sold? The United States of America… it’s ancient. It has always been here! It’s TRUE.

On that note, I think it can be said that beauty is sacred. Beauty must be nourished, not exploited, and displayed, not squandered. But, if we can be told that the Washington Monument is a symbol for the Asexual Government; there’s a chance we can be told and made to believe any number of cover ups… but that does not negate the power that’s used. And, why shouldn’t it be made be available to everyone? Just remember, it’s your mental attention that fuels the power of the sacred, and your positive belief that creates the gifts.

One of the biggest misunderstandings of Adults today is that violence only refers to overt physical assault. Yes, that appears to be true as glorifications of all violent historical events and potentially violent government occupations fill our air ways with their simple-minded scenarios of bad guys and good guys. But, it is my belief that there’s another kind of violence, a violence against a person’s right to their own feelings and passions. This way, you don’t have to kill people: they kill themselves.

People usually think that my happiness and creativity can be attributed to a carefree or privileged upbringing. The truth is that I gave birth to and cultivated my way of thinking using art. After following almost every artist who truly moves me, into their personal lives, sometimes I seek them out but they always end up being totally glad I did… I’ve learned that artists channel parallel realities that can be observed and manipulated by others, and often those people aren’t even related to the artist… or so we might think in our compartmentalized 3D ‘I see’ space time understanding.

The world now changes faster than anyone could ever imagine, and that has only happened in 30 short years. But I propose: Is that because humanity already has a propensity toward sharing technology and on some level, intelligence itself? And if we ask our hearts, might we find that if we live on Earth we are Family. No poetic sort of’s or maybe’s about it.

I would like to make the case that humanity does have the incredibly profound, but currently, still slightly underused, power to share their intelligence with one another. And each person, the more aligned they are with a spiritual science, or what we now know as religion with LOVE in their hearts and belief in their observations and their calls to action; the more they will connect in Global, and perhaps Cosmic Consciousness ie. Oneness

Yes, Oneness because that is natural for a one World Family. Family is a technology – let’s learn how to use it and share it!

Now, I’ll discuss Activism…

Activism is about setting up the rules… after someone actually goes out and attempts the designated endeavor. It’s about delegation, and committing to a project until it is absolutely complete. It also means sharing your wealth, time, and talent. And, it means being a stand for that cause regardless of signs of approval from outsiders. If we confine ourselves by being concerned with being liked/looking good, we’ll always be hiding or faking it.

Activism is always entangled with risk, where you’re aware of it or not. Activists must HOLD THEMSELVES AS THE ACCOUNTABLE ONES, which is determined by whether or not the person is willing to reveal his identity. Activists who don’t take risks for fear of losing their oh so comfortable and sweet approval endanger their fellow activists even more. Do not become an activist if you will EVER betray the cause. Then we call you a double agent, and you must redeem yourself with immediate action to counter your betrayal… if you even get the choice/chance. But make no mistake, you attracted each person in your life FOR A REASON. Each person comes as an entire culture unto himself (I heard something like this on the radio today, too!). Let’s start truly LEARNING ABOUT ONE ANOTHER by trusting loving behavior instead of retaliation or avoidance. And let people go when they are hurting and when we haven’t put forth the effort to heal them. That person would be better off healing on his/her own…

Let me be clear. We do not come into contact with one another to get ahead or serve only our individual selves better. We meet each other in order to heal each other… physically, spiritually, karmically, to heal the heart, mind or soul. And, healing requires commitment and devotion.

Get comfortable with being Uncomfortable…

We must face the problems in the world. We must be a stand for the lives of others, and not fan the fires of misery with uneducated language and turning a blind eye to suffering. We must try to consider the other person’s needs, and realize the strain and strife we cause for them if we’re doing what we’d like/what we’re used to; over making the new unknown work. We’ve got to be willing to distribute, at least some of our wealth, whether it’s wealth of knowledge, money, creativity, or other (like exposure, which is a relevant one these days for entertainers and artists); and quit withholding from each other because of the Mind Control Program “Gotta Conserve/Stock/Store” or “my contribution doesn’t matter or will be thwarted.”

We can actually keep giving and giving and giving… wealth, independence, encouragement, respect… no matter how the person we think we’re giving it to responds. Because, if we EVER stop doing this, on this planet today, we begin to recreate mental slavery for ourselves, and the people who have to deal with us. As R. Buckminster Fullers said, the myth is scarcity. So, that’s probably where we’d want to start if we truly aimed to help others and ourselves.

Who Would You Be If You Kept This In Mind to Turn EVERY SINGLE SITUATION AROUND to represent abundance. You wouldn’t forget not to withhold what’s most important, like Love? Because remember, it’s always only a choice between fear and love.

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