PureJoy Comestibles: On set for ‘Ascend’ Trailer Shoot

By | September 5, 2011

Last week I provided Craft Services for a film shoot. The director of this Made You Look Films Production hopes to set a new standard of filmmaking with his debut feature film. The film is about personal and professional ‘Ascension,’ and the director’s goal is to create a true Ascension for all of the cast and crew. So I was called to the set to use a very small budget and serve a very big goal and I knew I had to make it great so everyone on set could experience how fulfilling and delicious four days of on set healthy eating could be.


When making food for a few days for a group of people, choose a few dishes you can make in bulk with well-balanced, but subtle flavors that can be combined and the flavors won’t conflict. As each dish runs low you can combine and consolidate them so you know exactly how much you need to buy in following days to replenish the overall supply of food.

A couple of the fancy ingredients I bought were Coconut Butter and Oil, Coconut Aminos (delicious, even more like soy sauce than the Braggs Aminos), sliced raw almonds, and Sesame Oil (a little goes a long way and adds a distinctive ‘Asian’ flavor to salads, soups, sauces or dressings).

With Coconut Butter, by Artisana, I made:
-“Cream Cheese” for the breakfast sandwiches the first day
– Herb Cheese (simply added the Braggs Sprinkle Seasonings) for Burritoes on the third day
– The remainder of the jar went into a Goji Berry and Blueberry Dessert

…and there’s that delicious “cream cheese”

To recreate the “cheese” flavor, you just need a little sour and salt. You may also add just a little sweet, as I did to make this exactly like cream cheese. Combine melted coconut butter with Apple Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt to taste. To make the mixture more spreadable, add melted coconut oil. When the texture and thickness resembles cream cheese you’ve got it. To make it a little sweet like cream cheese I added the tiniest pinch of Stevia. Be careful with Stevia! Add less than you think you need and very slowly work your way up to the right flavor.
Finally, spread on multi-grain rolls, bagels or a raw vegan bread of choice and top with thinly sliced tomato, onion, and a grind of black pepper.

Made an Asian Cabbage Salad with one head of cabbage, shredded; 1 1/2 apples, shredded; orange segments from two oranges (cut segments away from the membrane, squeeze the juice from the de-segmented orange), a handful of Arame seaweed (will soak up the liquid that comes off the cabbage after you let salad sit for a good hour), a cup or two of sliced celery, a handful of the sliced raw almonds, 1 – 2 Tsp of Toasted Sesame Oil, Salt to Taste, Braggs Sprinkle Seasonings, Lemon Juice. The salad I used as:
– A sidedish with a Butternut Squash Brown Rice Pilaf for lunch the first day
– Layered with thin Avocado Slices for lunch sammies the second day

Buy a jar of organic Kalamata Olives and Blend with Capers (and a little garlic if you like) to make delicious, robust Olive Tapenade. Olives and Capers are so flavorful, so they easily make any sandwich delicious. This I used for:
– All sammies and burritoes I made quickly during the middle of the day while all cast and crew were immersed in the shoot. Kept these wrapped for later in the day (wanted something easy to grab since I thought I might not stay all day). Did end up staying all day because it was a busy shoot, but a girl can hope 😉

I lightly roasted a Butternut Squash in the oven (my Dad grew it in the backyard!) and combined with cooked brown rice, sliced raw almonds (skins on) and Braggs Sprinkle Seasoning, salt to taste, lemon juice and avocado oil to make a delicious Pilaf. I used this for:
– The main course at Lunch the first day (served with the Asian slaw and the remaining coconut “cream cheese” and rolls for breakfast)
– One of the burrito components for Burritoes served the third day.

Once you get through the first couple of days you just add a few ingredients to make a few more meals. I pulled out a head of broccoli on the third day to make a chopped broccoli salad for burritoes. These are the ones schmeared with the herbed “cheese” (simply combined the rest of the breakfast coconut “cream cheese” and the Braggs Sprinkle Seasoning). They also contained thin slices of Avocado.

For the final day of the shoot we had a few snacks I could grab quickly: all natural fruit leathers (just blend any fruits you like, spread thin on a tex-flex sheet and dehydrate); apples; and then a hearty sandwich made with freshly made roasted red pepper hummus from a health food store, the rest of the tapenade, and lots of fresh green lettuce; all stuffed inside of whole grain spelt tortillas, which I also grabbed in a hurry. I do have a recipe for raw tortillas if you prefer.

The sandwiches the second day were probably everyone’s favorite. All of the food was loved, but this was the most elegant and exciting little sandwich because of the subtle Asian flavors in the cabbage salad matched with the creamy Avocado. Leading actress Noree Victoria said she “loved them” and happily let me photograph her eating my proud PureJoy comestible.

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