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By | January 27, 2011

I think the Location Paradigm was created for the FastFood Nation…

It’s easy to see that Health is not a game of all or nothing. We’ll always encounter toxins, negativity, and injury… but how many times have we learned that the body tissue and bone grow stronger after breaking down from exercise or even trauma? Our bodies are very intelligent, energized, Cosmically-connected Beauty Machines and one great way to discover this POWER is VIA the healing process 🙂

On that note, if you don’t know about my TWIN sister’s amazing insights on the subject, you’ve got to check out her site today as well! Victoria Moon’s Permission to Heal

I’m moving into the evening by Candlelight at Apres Diem… Today was such a gorgeous day… made even better once I stopped by the Arden’s Garden in Midtown Atlanta. Was feeling a little queezy after the delicious breakfast at Java Jive (double Bulls Eye [or Egg in a Hole] – wanted to feel British today, although twas my twin who introduced me to the dish over 10 years ago).

My queeziness invoked a little fear when my Highest Self said “Let’s do wheatgrass,” but as usual the GrandSlam turned my day around as soon as took the first round of sips…

Got 1 oz. of each (from left to right in photo): Ginger Juice, Wheatgrass Juice, Cranberry Juice, and Lemon Juice.

The Lemon Juice and Wheatgrass are incredibly alkalizing and calming. The Cranberry Juice is a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants. The ginger settled my stomach so well – it is a wonderful digestive aid. But watch out! It can be quite spicy! Really enjoyed the little sample of the Vegan Carrot Cauliflower soup, which I ate with some of the yummy savory Nori Crisps – I exclaimed to the staff that this delicious savory crunch with the sweet, smooth-blended soup would be enough to “convert” anyone to the Meatless Miracle of Pure Fruits and Vegetables.

I’ve noticed that most GrandSlammers take each shot separately and one at a time. I like to start with a sip the delicious Cranberry or lemon juice, take a small sip of the ginger to prepare my tum tum for the wheatgrass, then take half the wheatgrass shot and make sure I chew it and swoosh it around in my mouth a bit. Finally, I follow the shot with another sip of the cranberry and/or Lemon juice. Then I do it all again – sometimes takes 3 rounds. Why rush when you already know the end result is a HOME RUN!

I feel really cool right now…

GrandSlam at Arden's Garden

HOW’s THIS FOR FAST FOOD?!! Fast Food for Beauty!

2 0 1 1 Best Year Ever 🙂 🙂

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