Recipe for Delicious Raw Vegan Tortillas (great Substitute for Corn!)

By | September 7, 2011

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Tacos! which I served with my Delicious Raw Vegan Tortillas (by left hand) and clean crisp Romaine lettuce.

You are going to love this recipe! Learn it by heart because it’s a great basic recipe for raw vegan bread, pizza crusts, or sammie bread made right in your home dehydrator. Make something like crepes, cookies, or cannoli’s by replacing the veggies with fruit like apple, pear, mango, or any fruit you like!

The Best Raw Vegan Tortillas

3/4 Cup of Golden Flax Seed, ground in food processor to a dry meal
2 – 3 small yellow squash, rough chop
** You can use zucchini (peel the skin if you want to look more like bread and don’t want the green color), but the yellow squash and the golden flax give the nice golden color of a tortilla. If you don’t care what they look like (usually I don’t – these were for a party), use whatever color flax and veggies.
1 – 2 onions, rough chopped (yellow onions work well) – this may seem like a lot of onion, but it gets very mild and sweet when dehydrated!
1 1/2 cups clean, filtered water
1/2 cup Pumpkin Seed, ground in food processor until a crumbly powder
Jazz up your tortillas with a little ground cumin or a couple tablespoons of cumin seeds, a couple teaspoons of paprika, fresh minced herbs like cilantro or basil, herbs de Provence, etc.

In a food processor, blend your veggies while slowly adding all the water so you end up with a veggie “soup.” In a waiting mixing bowl have your ground flax seed, pumpkin seed and seasoning of choice thoroughly combined. Pour in your “soup” and use your clean hands to work some love into your batter until all the ingredients are fully mixed. If any dry spots remain, add a little more water and mix completely.

Take your dehydrator trays and lay down your texflex sheets or wax paper and spread the batter out on each tray, in the shapes and sizes you desire. Spread them to about double the thickness of a regular tortilla (they’ll get thinner as they dehydrate). When making raw vegan tacos, I make the tortillas about the fourth of the size of a regular flour tortilla. Two or three of these little tacos make a good sized meal because raw food has the tendency to fill you up and satisfy your hunger more immediately.

Set your dehydrator to 100 degrees farenheit and dehydrate the tortillas for about 4 to 6 hours. Flip them over for the last hour using a very thin spatula and take them off the paper or texflex at this point (let them continue to dehydrate on the mesh sheets). If they tear a little when flipping, just patch them back together with your fingers. The seams will easily seal up as the tortilla dries.

They’re ready when they’re pliable and chewy. Dehydrate them a few more hours and you’ve got lavash, or crackers 🙂

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