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By | August 15, 2011


Fear of death/disconnection (which can only be a fear of death of the physical body) puts one in a low vibratory, vulnerable place. The slower the vibration, the more likely that other energies of all types will be able to infiltrate your field. Yes some will be high, but they will get mixed into the sludge of the lower frequencies.

Spirits do not fear death because spirits do not know death. The spirit will always push for the highest level of manifestation ie. transmission from the “highest” tower. This tower, or physical manifestation is one of a solid core (can also be known as “HARD CORE!)

Fear of physical death causes the mind to be overly aware of sensations. When the body is not tapped into Consciousness, the body will come to identify with the sensations, especially pain. Pain is a warning sign that the body is in a suboptimal state, and yes, suboptimal is obviously not beneficial for bodily longevity. So, when we see pain as a sign that “death” is coming, as opposed to powerful information for the maintenance of bodily balance, we try to fight pain with an opposing sensation, such as gratification. Then we begin to try and serve the body.

We are the spirit though, and the body should be serving us.
This fear brings about the need for either gratification or numbness/dormancy. And here we see the Universal tendency toward entropy manifested in “human” form.

There is an antidote. It begins as Inspiration and manifests as Creation. The spirit is always protected from the physical World by the body temple, but it also serves the Spirit to protect the body. The spirit uses the localized perspective of the body for reconciliation. The body is not random – You chose it…

In Parallel/Higher realities we have attained/acheived all that we desire in this reality. This is precisely why we desire it… because a higher [vibratory] aspect of ourselves knows the pleasure in the attainment of this desire/goal. You really are your biggest fan.


If the Success or Failure of this Planet, and of Human Beings,
Depended on How I Am and What I Do;
How would I Be? What would I Do?

–R. Buckminster Fuller

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