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Recipe for Delicious Raw Vegan Tortillas (great Substitute for Corn!)

Tacos! which I served with my Delicious Raw Vegan Tortillas (by left hand) and clean crisp Romaine lettuce. You are going to love this recipe! Learn it by heart because it’s a great basic recipe for raw vegan bread, pizza crusts, or sammie bread made right in your home dehydrator. Make something like crepes, cookies, […]

PureJoy Comestibles: On set for ‘Ascend’ Trailer Shoot

Last week I provided Craft Services for a film shoot. The director of this Made You Look Films Production hopes to set a new standard of filmmaking with his debut feature film. The film is about personal and professional ‘Ascension,’ and the director’s goal is to create a true Ascension for all of the cast […]

Lunch BREAK!: Quick Easy Filling Vegan Lunch

Make this delicious and satisfying lunch in as little as 15 minutes! Buckwheat Soba with Quick Tahini Dressing Go ahead and soak (5 or 10 minutes) in a separate mug or small bowl… 2 tbsp dried Wakame SeaWeed (small pcs. – break down if you have the strips) 1 tbsp Cacao Nibs (optional, but adds […]

A replacement for Ramen… It’s Raw-Mon!!

This is such a simple and satisfying snack, sans high sodium, MSG, and fattening, denatured white flour pasta. 🙂 All you have to do is put about half a handful of Arame seaweed into a bowl. Cover it in pure water. Then season it with about a teaspoon (or to taste) or miso. You also […]


Holy Moly – this salad was so tasty for dinner this evening. Must admit that I’ve been naughty lately and eating a bit too much acidifying food like bread and coffee, so tonight I treated myself to an alkalizing, beautifying salad that was such a delight to eat! Here’s the delicious recipe… Black Velvet Salad […]

Chocolate Tropicale

Amazing discovery this Sunday… Black Sapote y Chocolate!! These Black Sapote I bought at Sevananda Co-Op in Little Five Points, Atlanta. They were actually grown at Glaser farms (near Miami, FL). This chocolaty fleshed fruit is F*ing incredible with Cacao! Like, duh! It looks just like it! Did the ancient Aztecs or Mayans breed a […]


We all become who we think we need to be to get what we feel we need to get. Human beings have very basic needs that we all share, but, if you can get the people to believe that their needs are very complex and vast in capacity, you can get them to “buy” into […]

Want a sandwich? Try a nori roll :)

If eating raw means lots of salad and dessert for you, remember your friendly sea veggies. It’s ideal to get some seaweed into your body everyday. Seaweeds provide you with… MINERALS: this is what you’re made of! POLYSACCHARIDES: highly complex sugars which are essential for longevity. Daniel Vitalis, the superfood elixir guru, calls them “computer […]

Cat makes dinner

Following my very first entry for this blog, I made a delicious dinner and decided I must share it with you. My philosophy on food is to do what feels good. I am an advocate for raw foods and living food, but I also like to create dishes that integrate these disciplines with some cook […]