Television Finally Grows Up

By | September 10, 2011

Prince talks about Chemtrails on TV

Before the internet tranformed from particles of information to the living organism we now know, it was very easy for Network Television to help potentiate the polarization between people(s) that our government and mass media seems to love to foster and encourage. Celebrities were whatever major media outlets said they were, either demonized or adored at will, and we were told that being rich and famous meant being free of the common concerns of humanity. Maybe celebrities were able to divulge themselves, as Artist formerly known as Prince does in this interview, but this interview, solely confined to network television, wouldn’t have near the impact it does in our new world of YouTube and Google. There are two reasons why this is true: first, network television is not a “targeted” experience like watching a video on YouTube is. I clicked on the video because of the title (chemtrails caught my eye first, Prince was the clencher) so I had a completely open mind to the actual subject and content of this episode, whereas many people watching the interview on Network Television would be watching either because they happen to be flipping through channels at the that time of day, or to watch Tavis Smiley and not necessarily the interviewee. Or, they listen to the interviewee and hear something new, but in the past the information would usually have slipped away without a Google search to give further explanations.

The truth is that Network Television’s primary goal is to host sponsored advertising. The secondary goal is the entertain or educate (not to be confused with inform). Most people didn’t question the goals of these TV networks because there really wasn’t a forum to do so, but the medium is destined to evolve as anything in the Universe does when impacted by the Human Mind. Being talked down to, overgeneralized, and coddled was only going to amuse us for so long. Just as we were babies, children, and now adults with Network Television, the medium itself has evolved and grown up, no matter how much Networks treated it as a static medium. Yes, the content has changed and become more relevant (ie. Mister Ed vs. Mr. Wizard), but the commercial innundation stayed the same. And as long as Networks could hide behind the false belief that non-organic entities don’t evolve as organic ones do, it seemed that the television and all it’s potential was doomed to remain squandered… until the true mind of humanity broke free of Networks and traveled the Underground Railroad built within the Internet.

Many people say humanity is inherently lazy and greedy. This belief is underinformed, and was first perpetuated to enslave us within the “divide and conquer” mentality. I’ll reveal to the world now that the idea of the idiotic, helpless, dumbed-down mass of millions does not exist. People will listen, learn, and do what’s right when given the freedom and resources to do so. People act lazy and greedy in our society because this behavior is rewarded (conditioning) with a pretty picture of “security.” One underhanded way that laziness and greediness is perpetuated is all of this emphasis on “jobs, jobs, jobs;” like the American Jobs Act extravaganza that Obama was promoting on TV a few days ago. The discussion is extremely over-simplified: as if creating jobs, filling those jobs, and distributing paychecks is the magic formula to save America… but a “viral” number of people now know that the pipedream of “getting a job” is just that because the true concern in the heart of humanity is what am I doing and with/for whom am I doing it? It’s simply too late for Obama or any other people in power to lull us with job stimulus. We want freedom and basic human rights for available resources and systems that utilize the highest and most sustainable technologies so that we can create our own businesses, not to keep working for corporations who see these considerations as liabilities.

Ironically enough, completely uncensored and non-Network sponsored, “people-sponsored” YouTube is the perfect example of how people are not lazy and will actually spend countless hours sharing experience and searching for information. The masses settled for Network Television because that’s what we were served… Not because we ever wanted it.

YouTube wins the heart of humanity because it gives us the very thing Network Television never wanted us to have: a voice.

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