The Falcon & the Falconer Are One: Encounter with the Mothman

By | August 23, 2011

The Mothman comes to visit, perhaps to send a message, but he does not communicate with language or sound.


He may be considered “tall” for a normal man (around 6 1/2 feet tall). When you see him, you know that if there are any other Mothmen they’re probably very similar to each other, as animals of the same species appear similar… but, in Mothman’s case, all inexplicably strange. He never fully appears, as if he’s between worlds/dimensions. Some describe his red glowing eyes, others recount them as dark or impossible to make out. He also has giant wings that fold in behind him. Some say Mothman does not possess a head separate from his body, while others say he looks quite like a man, head and all (except the wings, of course).

He’ll come and stand completely still like a statue, either near you, perhaps when you’re on the couch or bed. Or he’ll stand stoic and quiet in the corner. But his presence is unlike that of any other creature. Once you notice him (most people don’t and it’s hard to tell if he wants to be noticed), you know he meant to come and perhaps it was for you.

When you see him, you know he’s there for a reason, but you’re so consumed with terror you lose the ability to think.

You only know you will never be the same.

If you truly believe that all creatures are filled with divine light and you look for that, even with the terrifying Mothman, you will find it. But if terror is all that resonates from within you, the fear of witnessing him in person can cause the type of fright that’ll drain the blood from your body and give you deathly chills.

If you encounter the Mothman, it’s suggested you remember that all creatures are filled with divine light. This is the only way to cope with terror great enough to drive the average person mad.

Thankfully, Mothman doesn’t usually appear to the average person.

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It’s said that the Mothman was spoken of as the Birdman, or Thunderbird in Native American folklore.

If the mysterious man with wings came to visit you, you were inducted into a secret society of healers and artists. He’s also said to appear at an important crossroads in One’s life.

Or, he’s been described as a harbinger of doom… ie. when he was seen at Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West VA… a bridge that later collapsed and killed 46 people.

Mothman is also known as a fallen angel, a devil, an extraterrestrial… but he never hurts anyone, or even moves, except to fly or flitter away (as some reports describe). Generally, he simply disappears once he’s noticed.

He speaks only with his presence… and in coming to know the Mothman it seems one’s terror will only keep you from the valuable information he brings, whether good or bad: the time has come; a change must occur; be ready…

Or, in other words: “please, inspect this bridge…”

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