Praise the Mystery

By | October 21, 2013

It is essential that we put our faith in the unseen. If you are religious, you may consider the one who loves us as a particular entity… like Jesus. And if I were to say “a force greater than yourself,” it’s something of a misnomer because there is nothing greater than consciousness aware of itself. So I say, whatever works. Just remember that faith is the key to happiness, and the only moment is now…

Praise the Mystery. Work Your Magic

Yes. The Unseen Loves You. It is what is “not there” that supports you. Every step you take and every word you utter pushes into the environment and the ether. It’s just so, that every move and word is deemed so important that the space, which is not much different from what you are (, will unquestioningly bow to you. And why? Our “greatness” takes up no more space than the point on a pin, while the expanse of the Universe is unfathomable.

The answer is simple… Consciousness. It is our ability to be conscious that makes us Gods, and thus Rulers of this Wor(L)d.

If we live in a reality that bows to consciousness, and we awaken to this truth, IMAGINE what this could mean for you. Look at all the great accomplishments that took place by the utilization of consciousness: this includes the hypothesis tested in a lab, but the place where the hypothesis came from can never be evaluated or quantified. So take that chance and Praise the Mystery (not what is seen) above all else.

Like an infant who cannot tell you he needs to be held and adored, we care for him because, by an unknowable force we are led to, and it makes us feel good to do so. Even as the child grows older and can make his own decisions to disobey or make a mess, even then it still feels better to stay calm and smile, rather than react angrily/violently. Reactions are not conscious behavior (not to say they are wrong) and we should stand guard against these moments like Spartans on the battlefield, but with understanding and loving touch as our weapons.

Once you become conscious, even while something inspires a negative emotion, you give LIFE to what is FOREVER. Each person, and now we consider… “situation,” has it’s own intelligence and will fulfill it’s best and most high purpose by the light of our consciousness and subsequent recognition of those blessings.

Forgive any and all people who live unconsciously with their constant avoidance of the unseen, but let them walk away. Do not be fooled by their talk of gurus, even Jesus, or “Ascension” – it is how one lives that reveals everything. Notice generosity, responsibility, steadfastness, and intelligence in your fellow man… these are characteristics we can feel while we are in action for response to a situation… and ignore what you see and hear while not in action in order to accurately qualify someone to be your friend. The one who proclaims “I cannot give because I do not have enough for myself!” …Make no mistake – it is that very statement which keeps him in poverty. You will not be surprised to discover all the ways this person creates unimaginable filth and waste while they proclaim disempowerment and refuse to Seize the DAY.

Repent for all actions based on reactions, which you know are entangled with evil (ridicule, violence, thievery, pain for others or yourself, avoidance, ignorance). You can only learn about forgiveness from the Unseen, and you will learn it by experiencing the unending mercy Yourself by saying “I repent.” No action is unforgivable, and the distinction “forgiveness” is only made in the face of evil because of our usual experience of “giveness.”

We Are Blessed. Let’s reclaim our WORD and World so it may be rewoven into the beautiful flower of Existence !

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