By | February 2, 2010

We all become who we think we need to be to get what we feel we need to get. Human beings have very basic needs that we all share, but, if you can get the people to believe that their needs are very complex and vast in capacity, you can get them to “buy” into many different representations of the basic needs and large, continuous quantities of those representations. This is the mechanism behind “consumerism.”

We’ve been taught many absurd and selectively beneficial ideas about nutrition, health, and the quality of life. Food is taken completely out of its natural context and moved to labs where it is destroyed for analysis and reduced to data charts that can’t possible tell us what the food truly is and what it is actually meant to do for us. We’re taught that the human body is a flawed and ailing machine. This machine either needs to be hard at work for some authority head to receive currency and gain footing in an economy of poorly constructed infantile “inventions,” or completely immersed in some brain-numbing pleasure activity created by the company that supplies the currency you think you are enjoying.


Forget Who You’ve Become to Remember Who You Are.

Initially, this may not be easy, but as we remember who we really are we will become more inspired and amazed by ourselves than we’ve ever been, either since childhood or in this lifetime. Who we really are is beyond our wildest and most exciting dreams in all aspects of experience, and it is completely within our power to create who we are to the fullest, over and over again.

Demand that the Emperor put some clothes on… or at least drink some green smoothies will ya??


If you ever feel that there’s no hope for this world or that you can’t make a difference, think again. Our potential for goodness and positivity is just as strong as our potential for negativity and greed. It’s all a matter of how well we express ourselves and work together. Working together includes learning from each other and teaching each other. And as you acquire the information, share it! Hiding is Hoarding. Don’t be discouraged if people do not accept what you say. The truth always penetrates and prevails.
The more we experience whole foods in their most natural and unadulterated form, the more we come to see how powerful food really is.

If you are what you eat, what would you say you are?

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