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I discovered the original “theduderinok” YouTube channel in 2007 (the channel started in 2006). The channel was a revolutionary learning forum for myself and many, many others, making it one of the top 50 most subscribed channels on YouTube. But, apparently nothing gold can stay and it was shut down in 2010, due to copyright infringement. The channel content mostly consisted of Coast to Coast AM, a late-night radio talk show featuring some of the top scientists, researchers, physicists, and investigators our there. Many of the guests are former government/military employees with insider information they don’t want you to know.

C2C is nationally syndicated by Premiere Networks (PRN), the largest syndication company in the U.S., and they expect people to pay for memberships to access their broadcasts. I believe this information has to be out in the open, especially for the people who desperately need it like I once did… and that’s why we do what we do. There’s lots of incredible, NEW, information and science being lived out right now… but yes, I have noticed that almost all of the most cutting-edge, new information is only available to the elite, ie. those who have the expendable income and/or credit for a card to make online purchases.

The world has to change now… this means that the most up-to-date science has to be made available to everyone, regardless of whether or not they can pay for it. Much of the new information deals with the science and application of consciousness… if people have this kind of power they’ll be able to manifest any amount of money, resources, relationships, and success… or come up with ideas to re-purpose old systems. Even if certain systems must come to an end, we threaten to harm the organism if we just rip it out. We have to learn morality and the true natural laws first, regardless of what we’re exchanging, then new systems will build themselves as happy people live free and share.

Now I have a Coast to Coast membership, that I paid for, since that’s the current game… but I discovered C2C and came to see how very important it was at a time when I could barely afford to live, much less afford a membership to a late-night radio show. I lived by my wits and had a laptop with free internet access which I could tap into thanks to the neighbors, and I had FREE access to the shows thanks to “dude.” Listening to this show helped me stay sharp. That proves to me that the majority of what we’ve heard on Coast to Coast AM is true. I know a lot of people out there can say this because 3 million listeners and counting would not be the case if all of these teachers were leading us astray all of these years.

I now have the honor and privilege of putting many of these amazing videos back up at the new channel:

Click the picture to visit the channel!

Here’s a sample of some of the amazing videos and playlists you’ll find at the channel!


This interview gives you hard, fast instructions on honing your own psychic/remote viewing abilities!
**CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PLAYLIST: Joseph McMoneagle Remote Viewing Targets**

One of the best interviews I’ve ever heard about secret science and government cover ups.
**CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PLAYLIST: David Wilcock The Paradigm Shift and Ascension After 2012**

“Edgar Cayce and the Cosmos”… This is one you can’t miss!
**CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PLAYLIST: James Mullaney Edgar Cayce & the Universe**

And, I’m honored to bring you a few Divine Feminines:

Lynne McTaggart, the author of “The Intention Experiment” – paints a truly compelling picture of the interconnected universe.
**CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PLAYLIST: Lynne McTaggart Interconnected Universe**

Dr. Robin Falkov… our future lies in each individual’s ability to control his/her own health. Educate yourself so you can experience the TRUE GIFT OF LIFE!
**CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PLAYLIST: Dr. Robin Falkov Natural Health**

…plants can sense human experience…
**CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PLAYLIST: Cleve Backster Biocommunication with Plants**

…advanced technologies like teleportation have been hidden from the public…
**CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PLAYLIST: Andrew Basiago Project Pegasus Truth Campaign**

…accelerating the healing for yourself and each other with a touch is a “basic human skill”…
**CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PLAYLIST: Richard Gordon – Quantum Touch**

…Are certain sacramental plants illegal because they inspire self-awareness?…
**CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PLAYLIST: Terence McKenna Extreme Truth**

…increasing the dialogue between science and religion by studying the psychedelic experience…
**CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PLAYLIST: William Henry and Dr. Rick Strassman DMT Awakening**

…hidden archaeology that indicates Humans have been on Earth much, much longer than we were told…
**CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PLAYLIST: Michael Cremo Origins of Human Existence**

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