Today is the 50th Anniversary…

By | November 22, 2013

Of a great man’s Ascension. He spoke the truth, when he didn’t have to.. because he could and because people would listen. He knew this, and called in higher forces to illuminate the public and inspire beauty in the world. The higher forces I speak of, we have access to all of the time, but this physical reality was born of a past that turned away from the truth. yes, in many cases, we were led to… and in others, we chose by our own free will, and became leaders of the illusion.

All generous hearts lament the leader killed,
The young chief with the smile, the radiant face,
The winning way that turned a wondrous race
Into sublimer pathways, leading on.

Grant us to Life that though the man be gone
The promise of his spirit be fulfilled.

-John Masefield
Poet Laureate of England, 1963

When poet John Masefield “cast the spell” that JFK live again through his spirit “fulfilled,” one must look to himself and ask:

Why must the passing [on] of such a great man create such sorrow? What was God saying when he allowed this to happen? So violently, so early in a man’s life… and more recently, to his brother and son as well? Why could his spirit not be fulfilled as he lived, safely and peacefully?

I will not dignify the conspiracy by mentioning it here… Death happens, and it happens proportionate to a person’s experience.

THE WAY JFK was killed says much more than some of us may have realized…

(Even if “the Lone gunman” theory was true… I’ll respect whatever anyone believes here…)

If a person’s experience, including the way they died, reveals that person’s inner truth, than I think we can say that JFK’s hidden struggle was far more frightening than he was allowed to say to us on TV… and he left the way he did because the truth will prevail beyond all odds. A violent death is so low vibration and crude… and this death in particular, reveals the truth of those aspects running a muck in our government.

THANK GOODNESS THAT IS OVER ! As I believe this, I invite the spirit John Masefield spoke of in his poem to come forth and gently influence our hearts and minds once again. WE ARE NOW READY TO RECEIVE YOU AND LET YOU LIVE AMONGST US IN PERFECT PEACE.

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