What Will Happen After 2012?

By | August 22, 2011

Every time I peer into the future I sense not much will feel different after 2012. The reason the changes we’re currently most afraid of won’t be apparent is because of the humans’ amazing ability to adapt, no matter how traumatic or uneventful life is. And usually, life just is and it’s up to the ‘beholder’ to make an opinion, which can change any time he/she deems “things are different”. Even now, look at the widespread technology used for communication, and the heightened awareness on many topics like nutrition and spirituality, thanks to Oprah, Kris Carr and The Secret. Science and spiritual awareness used to only be for Scientists or Nerds; Gurus and their disciples; or the residents of Calcutta. Now these topics are openly discussed in any and all media channels, from talks shows to fashion magazines.

There are many people whom I admire and respect as honorable and intelligent, but they insist “the world will never change”… is it really that hard to see how much things have changed? Or do we take our ability for adaption for granted all too often?

Please watch at least 20 minutes, and the whole program when you can…

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