You Are What You Eat

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You are what you eat…
Is the food you eat fresh, sustainable, and organic? Foods of these qualities are really the only foods worthy of us, because fresh and organic food has the most nutrition. If you do not already know the local co-ops and farmers markets around you, this is one of the first ventures you’ll want to conquer in your quest for greater health and freedom. There’s nothing better than a Saturday at the farmer’s market. Take in the sunshine and fresh air while experiencing the variety of gifts under each farmer’s tent. Meet the people who actually grow your food and talk to them to find out what you’re really eating.

Here are some links that will help you find the best foods your particular area has to offer…

Also note that all of the food you eat must be turned into a liquid.


So, a great way to get your nourishment is to liquify it. “Chew your juice and drink your food” as they say. I highly recommend the Vitamix blender for anyone who really wants to experience how smooth and delicious a green smoothie or a raw chocolate elixir can be. These blenders are expensive, but you get what you pay for! I say, if you really want to treat yourself (and you should!): buy this blender and vow to improve your health by regularly supplying yourself with fruits and vegetables to make the best smoothies. Replace a meal that you would have out and make this blender pay for itself! Refer to my article Green Life for the basics on Green Smoothies.
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You can’t really know how un-healthy you are until You Actually Are Healthy. It feels so good to love your body, have energy, and feel blissful. That’s really what life is all about. If you treat yourself well, nourish yourself, breathe, and enjoy; of course you’ll be beautiful and achieve your perfect weight or your fitness goals.

ROCK! and roll 🙂

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  5. Ray

    Awesome Information! I bought a Vitamix at Cats behest and have never looked back!

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