YouTube World Premiere! World Redress TV is Online

By | September 1, 2013

This episode of World Redress originally aired on People TV in January 2011. I’ve shortened it to about 12 minutes.

Here’s what we’ll discuss in this episode:
**What we see with our eyes vs. what we really are/what we are meant to do. (Eyes can only see what they are taught/conditioned to see.)
**The body is a “data recorder” and the Eternal Spirit, which leads us to the circumstances which create our physical bodies, guide us every step of the way with preferences or dislikes.
**The “thinking mind” can hold you back from your healing and true purpose if you don’t use reasoning, based on “Observable” Truths, especially those that come from your heart and emotions.”
**Everything in existence is on a common journey that is connected – there is one joint purpose on this planet and in the Universe.
**Realize that everything you encounter on your journey is thus for a reason, and it is most likely key for your expansion.
**Spirit and Addiction are related. Understand that the feeling is the healing and stay conscious, as opposed to being dragged to a vibration of discontedness or longing. Express your needs as an individual: do not join groups or activities in order to quell emotions. Emotions are natural and important in and of themselves!
**The “inspiration” of your own life, and dealing with it head on, makes you a Super-Being!

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