Remember Who You Are !

A New World Order is continuous and inevitable… and grows from Personal Freedom and Universal Consciousness. Each individual is meant to create a life of his/her own, free from judgement, arbitrary deadlines, and standards… and what is meant to be will always reign supreme. ~C.M.E.
a Poem by Pablo Neruda
a poem by Pablo Neruda

For RAIN… so GLAD I finally found you…
“Let’s follow each other’s ideas”
like the fortune cookie says! 😉

My name is Cat Moon Ericson. I’ve created the content of this site to inspire, inform and awaken. I hope the articles will show you how possible and accessible living your purpose really is.

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So happy to share with you! Peace and Blessings!
~ Cat
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What Do You Mean by World Redress?

If you want to understand yourself, look at children and aim to understand them. Children exhibit the clearest expressions of human emotion and motivation. We could improve our communication skills a great deal if we chose to honestly express ourselves to children while enrolling them in a particular course of action, rather than angrily telling them no and forcing them to adhere to our wishes and expectations.
Most everyone who has ever dealt with a child knows the average child’s reaction to the word “no.” “No” or “stop” often evokes the opposite affect, and can even spawn temper tantrums. Children are the most skeptical and questioning group of people we could ever encounter, and they are honest about it! In my experience with a number of different children of different cultures, the best way to get a child to “stop” is to bring their attention to something else, plain and simple.


This is what we must consider with ourselves if we ever want to break disempowered patterns of behavior, to redress ourselves first, then the World. We do this with our language… but, when we try to tell ourselves “no” to combat a craving, strong emotions reinforced over years and years of conditioning activate and begin to bubble up inside of us. We’re doomed to eventually give into the craving if we don’t stop turning away from the part of us that is attached to the craving. Face that part of yourself and do so with information about healing foods, internal cleansing, emotional transformation, and the trusting-knowing of OUR TRUE NATURE ON THIS PLANET, as opposed to what we’re taught to re-enact. YOU ARE A RARE TREASURE, AND IT IS NOW YOUR TIME TO MAKE YOUR MARK ON THIS WORLD. Congratulations! I Feel Your Presence! And together we remember: Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your health, well-being, and FREEDOM (in all its facets)!

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Health is the body’s natural state, and disease is simply any bodily condition outside of that. Start by becoming a fit and healthy person in your mind, by creating new default thinking and speech that truly serves you (affirmations, for example)! Realize that beautiful, privileged and healthy people do not criticize themselves about their appearance or render themselves helpless against negative thinking and limited information. They love the way they look, love themselves, and stay informed and active in a world of health, prosperity, and balance. Today; communication, information, and transportation are more expansive than ever before. Take advantage of the gift that is the present moment and live each day, not as if it’s the only one… but, as if there’s only one! Bring your destiny into the present moment and cherish the truth that miracles happen all the time… always feel free to dust yourself off and try again. 🙂

It is my sincere wish that you truly experience the most intriguing and beautiful person you’ll ever meet… YOU.

~ C.M.E.

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    Love your interview with Sophia Stewart, best one on YouTube hands down. Have u read her new book? Email me when u get a chance

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    Hi Cat,

    Just found your awesome blog and videos.

    suggested from a friend, he called you a young Oprah for the awakened. Seems right!

    Keep going we,re all with you!

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